I just got a mini two in the middle of february uh in the middle of wisconsin, so can’t just sit this on snow. So i got this Music isn’t that not hella sweet. I mean looking at it now. I probably could use like my camera shade, but it’s got a big h on it for for a drone that starts with a d. I guess it needs a d on it. Music, this thing’s a bit unruly, but i think it was like 12 dollars got some highly reflective tape, Music and uh lawn darts. So we can secure it into the ground. Guess that doesn’t fly away, if it sucks i’m, just gon na grab a piece of plywood and just throw that on the ground. That might be so that one blow away, especially if you get like three quarter inch stuff yeah supposed to be one degree today and hopefully i’ll get some fly time on the second Music Music. All right, we’re gon na go uh i’m gon na go fly a drone today, i’m, all dressed, for it too got ta fire. My wife’s scarf Music, your liver, Music uh. It was cold, it was cold. You see that damn thing chipped right off Music! You get three sets of propellers another set of joysticks, a cute little screwdriver um dongles for hooking up all kinds of stuff, even with the micro usb and the usbc, and obviously on the controller. Well, not obviously, if you don’t know but um.

I know this now. So it’s obvious to me, but it came with the lightning port for my phone, so that’s pretty cool good thing. I got that after a couple sets. I wonder if it’s from it being so cold and making the plastic too brittle or when i flew into the side of my house the first time i flew it, i don’t recommend that so today i went out to a huge park. Um i’d seem to just gravitate towards obstacles anyways because um it was uh, pretty dicey a couple times today, but it’s like there’s there’s like three or four um soccer fields out there and a tennis court with like a couple tennis courts on there Music. I should probably focus on what what i’m doing here, i’m kind of surprised. How well it held up. I mean it flew, got so cold that my phone uh turned off. While i was flying it, remote control still worked and the drone still works. So i was able to safely land it. Luckily it was, you know, i think, only like 40 feet up or something like that, so it wasn’t super high when that happened. Um, Music, baby, Music, now i’m ready to fly again when it warms up a little bit.