Ive been using this drone now for nine months, its also a nice looking drone, you could say it has the look Music Music, Music, hey is my name, is sean and welcome to geeks of honor. Here you will find a range of drone and tech focused content. So if youre new here and enjoy the video, perhaps hit the subscribe button, my awesome regulars watching this. I see you please hit the like button, nice and early to wake up the youtube algorithm and help me pay for my drone addiction therapy today were looking at the dji mini 2 and giving you my thoughts on the drone. After what is about nine months from the november 2020, release date well be looking at how it has performed for me. Compare it to the first mini how it fits in the uk skies in terms of drone rules and much more, including looking at what the mini 3 might feature so stay tuned. So first up lets talk about the overall experience of the drone since purchasing it. As someone who has a youtube channel, where i focus on drones and tech, you can probably understand it when i say i own a few drones. However, 90 of the time i leave the house for a hobby flight or to capture some footage for the channel its. The mini 2, which ends up being flown this isnt because it has a better camera than say the air 2s, which does have a dreamy camera, its more the simplicity and ease of deployment coupled with the ease of transport and, of course, those favorable uk drone rules.

For sub 250 gram drones at the moment that might change once drones, like the air 2s, are released with the c label and i can get my air 2s within 5 meters of uninvolved people, but the overflight of people and zero separation that this drone has for An operation is a real winner, in fact, even when i take out larger drones, like my inspire or air 2s, to get shots for the channel clients or purely as a hobby flight, i still take the mini 2 as a backup. In case i cannot fly the others for some other reason, so the mini 2 is kind of my first choice and backup drone. The mini 2 is an extremely capable drone for its size and sits well with the sky unless the winds are really starting to pick up, it has proven to be very reliable in most conditions. It helps me to get the shots. I want without alerting too many onlookers. In the meantime, the wind resistance is decent, even if you factor into how light the drone actually is. There are obviously going to be limitations in terms of winter resistance, but when you are assessing your flights properly and using a weather, app, etc, you will find more than often you can fly with confidence. The controller is chunky and when it first came out for the air 2s, it split users. Certainly the original leaked pictures, which first showed us. This large controller made me wonder if it was actually a test bed and not the final release model as it seemed to fly in the face of the smaller form factor controllers which were used to seeing with dji.

However, despite my initial skepticism, the controller fits well in my largest hands and ive got use the form factor. If anything, it helps that both the air, 2s and mini 2 use the same type of controller. As the muscle memory is now synced. You can, of course, pair the same controller to work with both drones, which can help if packing space or battery life becomes an issue. In fact, when i flew my mavic mini recently, the mini one, the small controller kind of felt a little bit fiddly in my hand, so kudos to dji on this one. In fact, let me know in the comments below which size controller you prefer the smaller mavic star one or this new larger controller that the air 2s and mini 2 has had in their bundles id, be interested to know your thoughts occasion 2.0 is fantastic and including It on such a small drone is a master stroke from dji, taking the mini 2 into some formidable territory and simply blowing away comparable sized drones from other brands. Why should this matter? I fly my drone within the drone code and have no reason to fly at miles from a takeoff point, its all about penetration. The strong signal means you can navigate around treetops and buildings in congested areas without concern that the rc signal is about to drop out on you again beating out many of the competitors. For me now i still miss my parrot and a few drone, but the signal in congested areas did not give me the confidence to fly so sadly, it had to go up next battery life, which of course, is important.

Finding the balance between added weight and performance is key for any small drone maker. A lot of the time were promised long flight times which, when you hold them up to scrutiny, just do not happen in the real world im. Looking at you dj, fpv drone, i see you there with your 20 minute claims, no, its okay. I still love you. I know its because i fly you so hard all right. Sorry, thats a bit embarrassing. My experience of flight time is solid and i get close to the 31 minutes maximum claimed by dji a lot of the time. Now my flight style is slow and gentle to get the shots and footage. I want, and i rarely even engage sports mode. This will obviously have an impact. Let me know in the comments below what your flying style is with the mini 2 and what kind of flight times youre already getting with this battery. It would be interesting to know and would help other mini 2 users to plan their flights. Also with the combo package, the mini 2 fly more combo, you do get the three batteries and this handy little charging station, which of course also is a very useful. If you press the side button there, it shows you how much power you have left in each battery thats in there, which is pretty handy the batteries themselves again. The build quality is good theyre, solid um. I havent had any issues with them whatsoever.

I was slightly concerned, i will admit, when the drone first came out, that you have to load the batteries in the back here kind of when i, when i saw the initial photos, the initial mini one model. I i thought that was a little bit toyish feeling, but again, obviously this is all focused on keeping the weight down to a minimum, and this does actually now work very, very well. So, as i said, the combo fly more pack comes with three batteries, so that gives you around one and a half hours combined flight time, thats a lot. When was the last time you flew three 30 minute batteries. In fact, let me know in the comments below how many batteries you tend to fly with when youre out i mean camera drone flies here. As i know you, fpv flyers will burn many packs in a visit. One advantage of having a few batteries is, of course, that im able to visit multiple locations in the same trip without needing to charge as i go that helps as well for anyone in the uk looking to use the new rules to work with the mini 2. For property pictures, roof surveys etc, because youre not constantly having to charge batteries talking about trips out to fly is a great time to talk about how portable this tiny little drone is. One of the first things i tend to invest in is a hard case for the drone and that wasnt the case with the mini 2 as youre able to fit it in any bag and not need an additional bag or case.

It also means you have the drone on hand for impromptu flights. I often have it with me. Whatever the reason im going out for the day, you really can just throw it in any bag and just go in terms of how the mini 2 stacks up against the first mini. Well, it really is a different drone. It feels different and it flies different. Dont get me wrong: the mavic mini or mini one, as you might now call. It is a great little drone, which still holds up very well against a lot of other small drones out there. However, the wind resistance and transmission quality on the mini 2, combined with the full 4k capabilities, really does make it a cut above and, in my opinion, a worthy upgrade without losing the benefits of the uk drone regulations, but again the first mini and now the mini Se is still a decent drone, with 2.7 k capabilities and with a reliable gimbal. It could be argued that there is a need for something cheaper below the mini one and mini 2, which of course, could now be the mini se, which has so far had releases across a number of countries across the world. For me, with the price around the 299 mark, i still think the mini one, and then the mini 2, of course, is worth that extra amount to save for back to the mini 2 itself and a quick mention of how this drone is taking over the uk Skies, apparently in the uk, you can fly the mini 2 in more places than any other large drone, without the need for any formal training, simply register for an operator id.

Stick that on the drone and then read the manual fully thats it. Although i would personally recommend you also take the flyer id test on the caa website, its free and being able to show a flyer id to others helps them understand. You have a good grasp of the drone rules, but thats just my opinion. The mini 2 can be flown over people and in congested areas here in the uk. In fact, you have zero separation distance to people. So this really is a king of the uk sky right now for anyone looking to enjoy this as a hobby, you still need to follow all of the drone rules and stick to the drone code. Theres, a link in the description to our uk drone rule series, which will explain more, including videos, focused on where you can fly the mini 2, specifically here in the uk. This little drone is just as mighty over in the us, with the faa. Currently, not requiring hobby flies to register their sub 250 gram drones, but you do need to gain a trust certificate, which is essentially the same as the uk flyer id interesting that the us requires this. Where currently, the uk does not in terms of build quality, the dji mini 2 is well built, and i cannot really fault it too much. You need to be careful. This drone was built to get under the 250 gram magic limit, so some of the parts are made of quality but lightweight materials, meaning it will not take too much abuse.

This is another advantage of the folding design, which then protects the drone from damage. The gimbal is sturdy and ive personally had no issues with the camera performance. I do hear of more returns and faults from the community, but i think this might have more to do with the sheer numbers of mini 2s out there. This drone really did sell very well up next, and the mini 2 does not have obstacle avoidance, although i do not personally use this even on some of the larger drones i fly, it can be a useful tool when navigating around something and a confidence building tool For new flyers, but overall it really isnt an issue with the mini 2.. There is talk of obstacle avoidance on the mini 3, but well talk about that. A little bit later. First lets focus on the audience for the dji mini 2, which is broad. Not only has this drone been popular with the camera drone flyers already within the hobby, but i know quite a few fpv flyers who have made this their first camera drone too. More than any other type of drone, even the mini one, a new type of buyer, is snapping up the mini 2 more than ever before, with the advantages the drone has within the uk rules the relatively affordable nature of the drone, along with the sheer portability we Now have a lot of people owning mini 2s, who would not call themselves droners? It really has opened up the market to a more mainstream consumer.

So what next, for this drone type? Will we see a mini 3 on the horizon soon? Well, i would personally say yes and if it were not for the pandemic and the chippergeddon the tech world has experienced in 2020 and 2021, i would be very confident of seeing a mini 3 this side of christmas, whether this is still a manufacturing possibility, is a Question for dji, but i am certain well see a mini at some point: will the mini 3 break the mould set by the first two mini releases? I dont think so. If you look closely at dji and their recent release schedule, it seems to be coming more. Like an apple experience, for instance, you know pretty much that your next iphone is going to be an upgrade on the existing model, but probably will not revolutionize how you make calls and surf the web. The same can be said of the existing release schedule for dji. I would expect the mini 3 to be decent and probably have things like obstacle avoidance, but it will not change how you fly or the results you get in any meaningful way. So how about the competition anything else out there which might be worth your money? Well, this is a pretty quick answer for me: ive not seen another drone out there, which gives you the quality and reliability on offer with the mini 2. im not trying to slide the other brands out there.

But for me i just want to unbox the drone and fly it having to mess around with settings and wait for updates just to get it even close to the original promised. Specs doesnt really interest me. Although i know there are a lot of people in the hobby who are happy to pay less and then work on the drone to get the most out of it, so it really is horses for courses. There are a couple of mini drones, releasing which promise big things and im genuinely excited to see what theyre like when we get our hands on them. For now, though, from where i fly from the dji mini 2 is still the leader by some way. How about you, let me know in the comments below, if you have a non dji drone, which is sub 250 grams, and you would recommend it. I would be really interested to know. I might even try one a few tech specs. The field of view is 83 degrees, which is decent with an f stop of 2.8 and a decent iso range between 100 and 3200, and the effective pixel size is 12 megapixels. Video resolution is a marked improvement from the mini one, with the full 4k resolution possible at 24.25 and 30 frames. A second you get more choices up to 60 frames, a second once you go to 2.7k and below the other popular zoom. Is there with two times zoom at 4k and four times zoom at 1080p, although the zoom obviously causes the image to suffer, but it is still a cool function to have on an entry level drone in terms of professional use.

We see more and more operators adding the mini 2 to their fleet because of the excellent rules in the uk for sub 250 gram drones, but also because its capable of capturing decent images and footage which more than satisfy the client. So what dont i like about? The mini 2 there isnt a lot not to like. I suppose i would like it to withstand a little bit more wind, but then it wouldnt be under 250 grams and thats. Probably the biggest point about anything i can say in terms of negativity about the mini 2. i would like x, but then it wouldnt be under 250 gram. Drone theyve even released an update to work with the smart controller, something i didnt expect. We would see until the mini 3 and perhaps even a smart controller too, so with updates and time. This drone is growing from an already strong starting point in terms of the dji fly app its a similar story. Here i think there are improvements which could be made to help the average flyer but to their credit. Dji are making regular updates to the app and mini 2 firmware which have moved things along nicely. So would i buy this drone again? For me, the dji mini 2 is an excellent drone within its class and also starts to take on drones above its class as well. It really is the consumer drone. We all love to love. So yes, having flown this drone more than any other i own within the last nine months, i would certainly buy one again now there isnt an affiliate link in the description, because we dont really do those.

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