What were going to be talking about today before i do, i just thought id, let you know if you watch right to the end of the video, i can tell you exactly how you could win one of these. Its the hawaii m3 8 inch tablet thats coming at the end of the video, so stick around to the end and ill show you how i can win one of those okay lets get on with todays video and see what its all about Music, okay, the dji Mini 2 long term review, the mini 2 has been out now for what just over 12 months – and this is probably the best drone on the market today. Well at present, theres been a few contenders like the hubsan, the fema, but they havent really delivered well. In my opinion, the latest contenua is on the market soon and thats the auto nano series, and that is available soon and you can see the video i did up there about that. There are a few different types of people that have commented on this channel. As far as the mini 2 is concerned, and the people that are looking for cheaper drone people that want a 250 sub drone and possible lightweight hikers walkers that dont want to carry huge backpacks rucksacks, the mini 2 is compact, so are the batteries and there they Are very very small ideal for traveling packing away and the lightweight too. This is a perfect choice for someone that likes to travel abroad and are subject to weight restrictions.

A lot of countries around the world only allow a certain amount of weight so theyre ideal. For that, and not only that, but countries around the world have a lot of restrictions as far as the larger drones are concerned, so the mini 2 is quiet. If youre looking for a drone that doesnt attract attention – and you can barely hear the drone once its up at about 30 feet – and it like – i say – doesnt – draw too much attention to you, not like the air to s which happens to be my favorite drone. But thats another video. So what do i like about the mini 2? It can record in 4k, 30 frames a second or 60 frames, a second at 2.7 k for slow motion in post. It has occusync 2.0 and, if youre new to the channel or youre a beginner looking to buy the drone for the first time occasion is the transmission system between the controller and the drone, and also the video feed to the device screen. Whether that be an iphone. An ipad android device. This system replaces the out of date based system that was on the old mavic mini drone. So the range and the signal strength on the mavic mini was pretty poor without adding range extenders. That kind of thing, but the occasion 2.0, has a range of 10 kilometers and not that youll actually get that for and certainly here in the uk youre governed with the visual line of sight.

But it does mean that you are going to get a good, strong signal. Having said all that about the signal, there is times that you can run into difficulties, but the dji fail. Safe features like return to home are second to none and are extremely reliable. If you want to see a video i did earlier about the different safety features, then you can see the video up there somewhere and therell be a link in the description too. So, on top of all this, the mini 2 as intelligent flight batteries, as i just said that will warn you when you need to return to home. So theres no need to panic. But if you check that video out there youll see why, as it will always come back to you, whilst on the subject of the batteries theres the ability to charge the batteries directly in the drone itself, using the power bank theres a usb connection just here, and If you get uh one of the power banks, you can charge that on the way to your next flight. That kind of thing the amount of charges from the power bank will actually depend on the quality and the power of the power bank itself. The mini 2 is equipped with intelligent flight modes, quick shots that can enable you to get some really professional. Looking shots and professional looking footage if youre a beginner. These are autonomous flights, circle dronies rockets, and you can see a video i did earlier up there.

If you want to check that out and theyre pretty easy to execute with a fly up, the remote controller is comfortable. It can take a multitude of devices. I did cover this in another video, where you can actually connect an ipad to this uh, an iphone android device that type of thing eight inch tablets mounting clips like these. I usually fly with the ipad mini 5 and find that the screen is perfect for the aging eyes because were getting no younger. The mini 2 has the ability to resist the window so up to 25 mile an hour with ease, but i wouldnt push it myself. Any further than that, you have to remember the wind gusts at altitudes are much stronger. The mini 2 had an upgrade of better propellers and power of the lipo batteries, which made the stronger drone when dealing with the winds. So, in summary, its lightweight 238 grams on laden and in two strobes, like the ones that you see now take it to 249 grams. You can see a video about the strobes here. Its portable has the best wind resistant quality, best camera quality up to 4k. Best connection quality occasion: 2.0, no restrictions with the exception of flying over crowds, so pay your 9 pound registration fee complete your flyer id. If you want to its not a requirement, but i suggest that you do take that course and take you about 20 minutes, but its well worth doing for the information alone.

You can then fly it wherever you want from your gardens, parks, etc, but obviously, not in any flight restriction zones or no fly zones. Would i buy it again? Would i recommend it absolutely 100? This is still, in my opinion, the flagship of the 250 sub drones at the present moment in time. So its not been all about roses, i will admit that, like i said in the in the title, the good, the bad and the ugly theres nothing ugly about this little guy and he absolutely flies absolutely superb. However, i did have my fair share of problems where it just went absolutely haywire. Now you can see a video i did up here where i went through the whole process of sending it back to dgi it wouldnt fly it kept returning them. We kept losing signal, but what did they do? They sent me a new drone so check that video out up there. All the videos that ive mentioned earlier will be also in the description and dont forget if you want to buy a cheat ill, say cheap drone because for the cost, i think its just over 500 quid for the fly more combo for the mini 2. Like i say its, not my favorite drone, but its my favorite drone for getting the shot when youre in a sticky situation. So there we go thanks for watching hope, youve enjoyed the video hope you got something out of it. As i said, the mini 2.

Probably the best 250 sub drone on the market today at present, so did you want to win uh the hawaii 8 inch tablet theres a competition. If you like check this video out just here, youll see how to win it. All you got to do check the video out, leave a comment im in it to win. It watch the video its only a couple of minutes long and you get your chance to win that tablet.