Everything else was bumped up a bit as well: 4k camera improved top speed. Implementation of raw image format it’s, basically, what the mini one should have been purchased after owning the mavic mini first generation. For a couple months with the first generation, i always had issues with the range with the ocusync 2 0. You really get good signal quality without breakup Music haven’t flown it much since i just received it today, but i can already see a vast improvement to the original. Six hundred dollars is steep for what some think is a toy Music after buying all the cheaper drones. You may as well just splurge once and get something quality Music. This is my first impression having just received a drone, opened it up and busy charging everything up. It is a really well built product, but the company really misses out in the area of the phone tablet mount and cables Music for a drone of this quality. One would expect that users may want to use a small tablet, but my nine inches tablet is just a bit too big and the cables are too short. So i have to purchase a tablet holder and cables. Forty dollars more.