So im very excited to do so again today and just have a look around to see. Whats changed with the drone. Theres been a few app updates and firmware updates, since i last did fly and many of those update, notes, included stability improvements and what have you but theres also been a couple of new features. I want to have a look at as well and if you are new to the channel, please do consider subscribing for future drone content without any further ado lets take off right here. We go then its nice to be back up in the air yeah last year. I did hear some horror stories about the batteries for the dji mini 2, just going completely to put once the drone hasnt been used and everythings been stuck in storage. Well, my batteries have been in storage for a long time and im glad to say that everything seems to be okay, ive checked them out, theres no swelling, they all seem to be functioning correctly and well go to about 25 meters, as we just start to have A look at some of the functions here that have been updated, since i have in fact last flown lets just angle across a little bit, so we can see the country okay right. So if we open the options, then theres a couple of things that i do want to address. First of all, if we head over to the control and then just scroll down here to advanced gimbal settings, no not advanced gimbal settings, i beg your pardon its actually right down here to advanced thats it.

One of the features that has been added is the ability to adjust the exp. Now when i first read about this, i thought exp had something to do with exposure. I mean it makes sense right, but in fact it doesnt. What it does have to do with are the control sticks on the rc and effectively how sensitive they are, or rather how sensitive the drone is. When you move these now, you can see that the current default values are set there to throttle down rudder, left and backward left and theres, actually a warning message which, for some reason i cant quite scroll, the page down to show you it wont. Let me do that, but effectively that warning message says: dont touch these settings unless you really need to – or you know what youre doing and i dont theres actually some videos up on youtube, not by me but of folks that have you know fiddled about with these Settings and that has led to having accidents with their drone now. The reason this feature was actually implemented, as far as i understand was that the mavic 3, which was recently released out of the box, was very very sensitive with this controller, and some people were unfortunately crashing their drones because the sensitivity was so much higher on that Particular model than it was, for example, on the mini 2.. So dj i put this update out so that those settings can be modified but thats.

The setting i wanted to talk about, i dont want to change it because well, it is my first flight. In six months i dont really know what im doing with it and to be honest with you, its not really a feature i feel like i need, but it is there. It is a new feature, so i did want to mention it for you guys, as i can feel a little bit of a breeze im only going to be flying over the fields today. So id rather not lose my drone on the first flight back Music Music. So i did manage to take the drone to about 110 meters there and i wasnt getting any wind warnings which is encouraging but ill drop that down now, as we dont need to be that high Music. That was more of a test than anything else now, as you can see, were looking a little bit exposed right now in our image, and that gives me another opportunity to explain how an already existing feature has somewhat been adjusted in the last update just to clarify When i last flew, i think we were on 1.4.1 or 0.2 if i remember correctly might have been a bit more than that, but weve since upgraded to 1.5.4, and on top of that, the firmware for the aircraft itself has been updated, along with the firmware for The controller as well, so quite a bit, has changed since ive last flown.

If we head back over to the control menu, then what you can do is customize the function button on your controller, a little more than you could before now. Ive never really changed these settings so im not 100 sure what is new here, but you can see theres a whole bunch of new functions here that have been updated in the recent updates. Now the android app was very lacking in comparison to the ios app in this particular area, so its nice to see that everythings been brought uniform across the board for both versions of the app ios and android. So, for example, since were a little bit overexposed. One thing i could do is actually increase. The ev apply that to the function and also decrease the ev, okay, and so now by simply tapping the function or double tapping. In this case, oh, i accidentally singled, i tell you what my hands are so cold here. You can see at the bottom right. The ev has been increased by plus 0.3, but if i can try and double tap here with a cold thumb, there, you go its been reduced by 0.3 and again and now what this is. The ev value is the exposure value and this only works when your exposure settings are in auto mode, but it effectively allows you to make a little bit of an adjustment, a manual adjustment when youre in an over or underexposed shot. So if i double tapped it again, it goes down to minus 0.

7, its not a huge adjustment, but you can do this as many times as you need its just one of the things. One of the options that you can set to that function. Button yeah. We have a little national forest close to this location, woodland trust, very popular for dog walkers, as you can imagine, but its open to all and one other new development since ive last flown the dji mini 2 thats come to fruition, something that i was even hoping For back in the day, but has only happened recently is the fact that the sdk pack for the mini 2 has now been released. Now. This is currently only for the android devices, but i believe, and a release of the sdk pack for the iphone or for the ios devices is coming around march time now. Heres the thing the sdk pack effectively allows third party app developers to develop their own software. For the dji mini 2. – and this is an exciting development, because theres a lot of features that people have been hoping for with the mini 2 that have never been made available in the official dji fly. App, for example, active tracking amongst other features as well. And what that means is then for flying is that, rather than flying with the dji fly, app youll be flying with another unofficial piece of software, but with some of those additional features. Maybe we can check some of those out and maybe you guys have done already.

If so, let us know down below so i have brought the drone back now were down to 33 battery life, and it is a little bit chilly today were at about one degree, which is certainly cold for me, im feeling the effects im sure the mini 2 Is as well but as i said, it has been nice to get the mini 2 back into the air and im looking forward to really pushing it through its paces over the coming weeks, and i do have quite a bit of content planned going forward. Music. Almost the perfect landing just before i pack up for the day, then i do want to mention the fact that the dji mini 3 is almost certainly going to be announced in the coming weeks were at that stage. Now, where the leaks and the rumors have been present, as they have been for all the other previous drones by dji, just before the initial announcements or the official announcements by them. So i would expect that relatively soon and im definitely intrigued to see just how the dji mini 3 is going to improve upon this fantastic little drone. The mini 2 has been out now for over a year and its still one of the best consumer drones. In my opinion, and of course the mini 3 is also going to want to pack whatever features it can under 250 grams. But i hope you guys have enjoyed this little first flight back from me here on the channel.

If you have maybe consider dropping a like that, does support the youtube channel, so i appreciate those of you who do so and if you are new dont forget to subscribe for future content. Take care.