Everything is ready to go. I'Ve downloaded the latest dji fly application with all the updates needed to fly this guy and i'm all ready to go now. I haven't put it up in the air yet i'm out on a beautiful afternoon down in south jersey, one of my favorite places to fly down here over the marshlands and it's the first time i'm going to put the quad up. So let me spin up the rotors and we're going to take off man. This is the best part right here and i know i'm really close to the water i'll be okay. Don'T worry all right now before i fly this, i want to spend a little bit of time sort of getting my feel for it. Wow that's really responsive, oh that's, a beaut that's, a beaut down and up down and up a couple more times, all right now, i'm, going to be brave and i'm going to send it out over this marshland, because i trust the technology and i'm hoping everything's going To be fine, so let's see, are you all set i'm so nervous? But here we go and away. We go. Oh man, this is beautiful. This is absolutely beautiful and there's a lot of little like creeks out there and all kinds of cool stuff to to film. I better get up a little higher i'm, a little low i'm only 12 feet off the water. Oh boy, oh boy, all right! All right! All right i'm going to keep an eye on it here, all right i'm, not going to take it out too far, because again i just getting used to the area i've been out here in a little while, but i'll get some footage here.

I'M, recording 4k at 30 frames a second and i'll switch over to that sometime during this dialogue. Here all right, i think that's about far enough now i'm going to bring it back. I don't want to take my eyes off the craft, so let me just bring it back and then i'll i'll give you some impressions here, all right, all right. Coming back coming back. This is so cool Laughter, no man, oh man, the images i can't even speak. The images on this are so clear. I can't wait to see what this footage looks like, because it's a perfect day it's like a beautiful sunny day, you got clouds in the background. All right keep an eye on the quad rick quit talking all right. Let me just get it in safely, so close i can get with land in it all right, she's, coming in Laughter all right any second, now i'm gon na put her down nice and easy nice and easy all right. Bring her and i'm gon na bring her back over this way. Let'S see how close i get to the mat – and i know i'm close to the water i'm gon na. Be fine. Don'T worry, everybody worries you spin it around. So i have the orientation correct. All right come on down and then back a little bit a little to the left. No precision landing on this guy, so it's all pilot it's, all pilot landing this one here we go right in the middle of the h, come on come on boom, there's a perfect landing, all right, so i'm going to fly this thing like crazy today, i've got So many other locations i want to fly but i'm going to spend a lot more time here.

I'Ve got three full batteries i'm, going to be out over these marches and over that bay. Most of the afternoon i've got a lot of farmland i'm going away this weekend. Pennsylvania, so i've got a lot of fields out there and farms out there i'm going to film. So what i'll do is put together a montage to give you an idea what the 4k looks like versus the 1080p and then i'll come back at the end after i've flown it for a couple of days and really give you my impression of it, because i Want to compare it to the mavic mini and see if there's much of a difference between them. We know it's got occu sync 2 in it, and it's got a 4k camera. But beyond that, i want to see if the flight characteristics have changed at all. If the handling of it's better, if it's more responsive those kind of things and i'll, give you those conclusions at the end of this clip, so if you stay tuned, what i'll do now is put a montage together of all the flights that i'm going to do Over the next couple of days and then i'll come back with some conclusions at the end, so stay tuned, Music, so Music, so Music, Music. I hope you enjoyed that video footage and now i'd like to share a few of my thoughts about the brand new mini 2, because i've been flying. The quad for the last couple of weeks and i've had it out in a ton of different environments.

I'Ve been flying it over corn fields, i had it out over the bay, i flew it on windy days. I flew it on calm days, i've had it in really high elevations out in the mountains of pennsylvania, and the only word i can use to describe my impressions of this quad is astonished. I can't tell you how impressed i am with this tiny little quad and with the amount of technology that dji packed into this small little frame, it really is almost unbelievable. How well this thing handles different environments. Now one of the clips that i actually put in that last montage has this up over a lake out in pennsylvania, and if you look down at the water, you can see ripples on the water. That wind was whipping pretty good across the surface of that lake, and there was a moment where i was sitting there. Thinking do i really want to launch this, like i haven't flown it a lot yet, and i know with the mavic mini it's a bit of a slave to the wind, so the wind can bang it around i'm wondering if the mini 2 can handle that wind. A little bit better now again the specifications have it handling a level five win. So i thought i got ta give it a try so i'm on the edge of that lake and i actually launched it across the lake and i didn't get any warnings at all about wind conditions or anything.

It stayed rock solid where i left it. So i thought let me push it a little bit further, so i took it up to 100 feet then 200 feet now. Normally the mavic mini, because it's so light at 200 feet with a strong wind would have started to drift a little bit. This one stayed exactly where i put it, so it really does have incredibly good stability in the air and the other thing that's interesting is you're. Looking at this thinking rick, how can you get so excited about a tiny little quad like that, but that's? Really. The point is that all of the technology that dji has been able to cram into this quad fit into a frame that's less than 250 grams and that number wasn't picked out of thin air that's. A really important number, because 250 grams is sort of the international standard where a lot of countries don't require you to register the quad and they're a little bit more relaxed about the rules. When you fly that quad so building a quad under 250 grams that's. This sophisticated is still mind blowing to me now just to give you some perspective on that here's, the original mavic mini when i saw this quad come out to me. This looked like a bit of an experiment from dji where they actually said. Look if we can build a quad under 250 grams that frees up a lot of people to fly it in areas that they wouldn't normally be able to fly a larger quarter or heavier quad.

So let's build a 250 gram quad and see what kind of technology we can build into that. So can we do wi fi sure? Can we make it record 1080p yep? Can we keep it in the air for quite a bit of time? Sure we can give you 31 minutes with it or 30 minutes with it. Well, that's great. So that was their first project and when this came out, i i said to everybody that would listen. People are calling it a toy quad because there's a lot of cheap, inexpensive, quads out there that are small. That kind of look like this and they're, not that great people looked at this and said: okay isn't, that neat dj. I built a toy quad, but i said at the time it's, not a toy quad, all the brilliant engineering that goes into their larger, more sophisticated quads were crammed into that and it actually, i said it again: it's a small quad that flies like a big quad. It really is that sophisticated and in more than one eq occasion, i've called it. The perfect quad for travel they've, taken it up a notch with the mini 2 because same airframe, 250 grams, and the technology leap from here to here is amazing. Now, to give you a perspective on that here's, the mavic air too it's bigger brother. Now, if i'm designing a quad like this it's, not that hard for me as an engineer to build in 4k recording crash avoidance, long flight times really good stability in the wind, because just the nature of the quad being big like this means.

It'S got inertia built in so the wind's not going to bang it around. A small quad like this is going to get buffeted into the wind, but dji was able to improve the flight characteristics to have this handle a category 5 wind. This one handles a category 5 win. This is a level 4 win, so they've ramped up their performance in the field. They'Ve also increased the recording capabilities to 4k. This guy records at 4k. Now, okay, it's 30 frames. A second 60 frames, a second over here, but but again, it's a perfect match of the two they've also improved the transmission topology from wi fi, which is great i'm, not picking on the mavic mini the wi fi signal is well strong enough. Where you can fly this to the edge of visual line of sight, with no issues whatsoever, but to move to ocusync 2 means i'm going to get rock solid streaming back from the quad i'm going to be able to control it in environments. That are a little bit noisier than i can with a true wi fi signal, so i've got ocusync 2. If i got 4k recording i've got 31 minutes of flight time i'm, describing this quad in a lot of ways. So this conversation about which of these two makes sense, i'm doing a clip on it right now to compare these two, i think there's a lot of value in the mavic mini and i'm sure that dji is going to have that on sale compared to the release Price of whatever the mini 2 is going to be so you've got a decision to make.

If you want a small foldable quad, this is going to be a harder one for me and i've got a clip started on that as well, because there's so much similarity between these two 4k recording 31 minutes of flight time on the mini 2 versus 34 minutes. On the mavic air 2., but again, you're looking at a quad that's, twice the weight, 250 grams, 570 grams, so that's, incredibly different, um and and really that matters, because, when i'm, going out for the day and i'm going to bring a quad along with me. If i get into the larger quads, then it becomes a decision of like do. I really want to bring a quad today, we're just going to the park for a couple of hours. I got to take the quad. You may argue: okay, the mavic air 2 is not that much bigger you're making a big deal out of it, but it is bigger. It'S heavier. The batteries are bigger, the props are bigger the controller, the power supply. Everything is bigger with this, so it is a bigger deal to bring it along. These guys are so small when you fold them up that they're about the size of a soda. Can you can throw in your bag and even forget you have it with you, but if you're out there in the environment – and you find something beautiful, you want to photograph, maybe a sunset or your kids are playing near the lake.

You can unfold this thing in a couple of seconds: put it up in the air and capture some amazing footage with it. So i think the upgrade to here was a major improvement over what the original mavic mini was and if you think about it, it's sort of a goldilocks story where you've got one that's a little too small. Maybe you got one that's a little bit too big. This guy's right in the middle it's the perfect size. So this was the perfect travel quad. This is now an upgraded version of the perfect travel quad, so i'm blown away by this and again those brilliant engineers. The dji said: how do we take our game from here to the next level? People are asking for things like sync 2: can we build that in sure we can? Can we build in 4k yeah? We can do that. Can we have a fly a little bit longer that's going to be tricky because we've got to balance all those things and still keep it on 250 grams, so the engineering that went into this wasn't just a matter of slapping at a little better processor to handle The 4k footage, or maybe building in ocusync 2 technology which, by the way drinks a lot more electrons from the battery. So normally when you, when you have to pivot between features and flight time, you've got a delicate balance between the two. They were able to put all those features into it and actually extend the flight time by a full minute so to me, it's a miracle that they built this product now i'm, going to have a lot more clips.

Coming up. Where i talk about other features and functions, i've already started about a half a dozen clips, where i'm doing comparisons between this comparisons. Over here, noise characteristics, video comparisons between the two, so make sure you stop back to the channel over the next couple of weeks, because i'll be posting a ton of content on the mini 2 in comparisons to other quads on the market. I also have a lot of other clips on other technology that i'm going to post on the channel. So i say every time if you haven't, subscribed to the drone valley family, hit that icon down there and join the family, because you're not going to want to miss these clips. Also, we really appreciate the viewership and the feedback we get from you. So if you have questions on the new mini 2 or really any of these quads drop them in the comments below because i'm working on a clip where i answered the top 10 questions on the new mini 2, and i want to make sure i answer all The questions that are out there because i know a lot of people are in the market for a quad, perfect, first quads, perfect, first quad even better for a first quad. You don't have to know a lot about flying because the automated features built into it. You can power it up, put it up and have a whole lot of fun with it pretty much the day you buy it so wonderful quads, but if you've got questions, let me know and i'll get those answers to you.

The last thing i want to say is: i have a link below to this product. If you want to find out more about it, if you use that link to purchase the product, we get a little credit from dji. So if you want to support the channel hit that link and buy your mini too i've also got a link down there. If you need accessories, we have a ton of accessories that are coming out for the new mini 2 that once you start flying it you're going to want some of these things so check that link out as well and that's pretty much it for today. So thanks an awful lot for watching i'm having so much fun putting these clips together.