Just call me i’m, just one call away i’ll post my number as well for uh, Music, foreign Laughter, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, so good for your Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, oh Music, Music. So guys, as you can see, Music very long and the third one is the accessories and then another one is the man wall. I believe i strongly believe, as you can see, with um qr code for tracing tracing and kobe joe, so oh Music, Music, oh there’s, another another propeller. So one two three three sets reset and then we have the uh what’s this screwdriver and then another one. Is the spare i know yeah? This is the uh joystick yup joystick yeah extra joystick, hello, Music. This is a dji mini 2 quick, start guide, Music, um Laughter, Music; first, getting charging up a lot Music; okay, great! This is the all right: okay and then another is the the charging Music 240 volt 60 hertz, 18 Music, okay, fast charging and then the last one is the chord inside okay, so usb type and then type uh type c: basanakitakusa, video, Music, Music, okay, Music, Music, Laughter Music um memory card slot now for uh reader. This is the screwdriver and it’s the joystick charger. Okay, let’s open up Music. My tongue, please use the propeller holder to protect the propellers when storing Music um Music. Thank you so much Music, Music, perfect Music, guys, Music, Music, Music, Laughter, Music Laughter, so let’s let’s get it on.

This is the joystick Music Music cell phone Music Applause, let’s uh let’s, put let’s insert the cell phone Music download gain um apps, you download your apps dji fly Music, the Music foreign Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, let’s, get started Music let’s on this one right now: Music, finally, on the remote control and press push once Music up for five seconds, putting the lights on. It means that uh it’s already on so right in a push up Music using the remote control you press, take off, as you can see: Music, Music, um, Music, Music. This is great, guys, really really great: Music, Music, okay, Music, Music. Oh at this Music.