. I got this as a gift and today im going to be unboxing, this dji mini 2.. This is the fly more combo that looks like this. You can see on the box and if you just get the normal version, then it will look like this, so the fly more combo definitely includes a little bit more. So this video is not going to be a review of flying the drone or the app its just going to be unboxing. The fly more combo of the dji mini 2 and looking at the different accessories that we get in the box and explaining a little bit about those accessories. So just remember, depending on where you stay around the world, if you get a dji mini 2 drone, then youll probably have to register it with the appropriate authorities. If you want to be able to fly it so on the front of the box, it gives us a little bit of a view of what you get inside the box, but theres a couple of things: thats not on the outside of the box, so lets open. It up and see what we get inside. So when we open up the box. The first thing that we get inside is the dji shoulder bag, its a black bag, and it has a little label on that explains a little bit about the bag that its made in shenzhen, china and its 100 polyester fabric. And it also gives you the information of the company that made this bag.

I guess, if you really like the bag, and you would like to buy some more things from them, so the build quality of the bag seems quite okay on the outside. It just has this one pocket here in front which you can probably use to put a passport or something like that at the moment it seems really really tight, probably because theres some boxes and things on the inside so probably when we take all of the accessories Out of the packaging, its probably gon na feel a little bit more comfortable, but it looks okay, its a shoulder bag, so it comes over the shoulder like that. So ill probably see how much i end up actually using it. So definitely this only comes in the fly more combo, so this strap obviously is adjustable so lets open up the bag and see what we get on the inside. This is what it looks like on the inside, so we have another zip back here. On top with some accessories there inside, we have the actual drone. Here we have the controller and then we have two more boxes with accessories here and then theres also another small little sleeve here in front where you can slide in something maybe some extra nd filters or paperwork or maybe a landing gear. So when we take out the first little box, we can see it has a documentation icon there, probably what we can expect inside this one and yes inside we find the dji mini 2 quick start guide.

We find dji support contact information. We find product information about the two way charging hub. We have some more information in french, which i cant read and understand, and then we have the disclaimer and safety guide as well. So its definitely worth your time to just go through those things. I spent some time going through the product manual which you can find online and looking at the different functions of all the accessories and things like that, then you find the controller nicely wrapped in plastic. We open up the controller of the dji drone on the controller itself. We find a couple of buttons. We have the power on button which will be activated by a press and a long press. We have a return home and a pause button. We have a slider to choose between the three different modes, which is normal mode, cine mode and sport mode. We have a function button which you can customize for a couple of things, and we also have a quick button to switch between video and photo mode at the bottom. We have a usbc port to charge the battery of the controller. The battery of the controller apparently lasts for about six to six and a half hours depending on your use, and we also have the joystick holders here at the bottom and then you just screw it into the controller. So that is nice holding spots for the joystick. So that you dont lose them, then, here in front, we have a scroll wheel, which you can use to adjust the rotation and things like that of the gimbal, and we also have like a kind of like a shutter button where you can take a photo or Start video recording on the top.

You have the antenna that pulls out and thats where you enter your smartphone for different sizes, where it will hold your smartphone. So when you are flying, your smartphone is the screen and it comes with a cable on the inside, which you can connect to your smartphone automatically. It looks like it ships with a lightning port for iphone, but you can easily swap out this cable for another cable. While you use the remote and flying your drone, that cable that connects to your phone will also charge your phone, especially if you have an android and you connect it, and it asks you what mode you want to connect in. You just choose charging mode automatically and if you have an iphone, i think theres a setting inside the app where you can just say, charge your phone. It will be charging your phone while you are flying from the battery inside the controller, so the dji mini 2 has a new controller compared to the mini one. It uses the new connection technology and not the wi fi, like the mini one. So connection is much more stable and you can fly much further range with your drone, so people are really excited about that new sync connection technology and also the new remote. Next, we have our drone, our dji mini couple of stickers that were just going to peel off. First, the dji mini 2 ships with this propeller holder, which is very useful.

If you are traveling after youve been flying, you can just clip it on and that will help to keep your propellers in place so that you dont have any problems with breaking your propellers by accident. When you package it or anything like that, you keep it in your bag. So here we have the propellers. The propellers are actually quite sharp. So how do we unfold the drone? First, we take the arms in front out and then we take the legs at the back and they flip out like that. And here we have our drone at about 249 grams in front where we have the gimbal, the camera theres a little gimbal protector which just clips off pretty easily, and then we have our camera. So the drone has a three axis: gimbal that shoots: 4k video at 30 frames per second, and also 2.7 k at 60 frames a second. If you need some slow motion at the bottom of the drone, we have some sensors. We have the power on button which works by click and a long press. Just a simple click will tell you how much battery is left in the battery thats inside the drone. Then we have a usbc port for charging the drone and also connecting it. If you want to download some images and things like that – and we have a sd card slot for this drone because it shoots 4k video, i would recommend a sandisk extreme or even better, a sandisk extreme pro for even faster downloading speeds.

Just underneath the usb c port and memory card slot, we also have a button that is like for quick transfer and some status information, so very, very useful. I definitely like that can send photos directly to my phone from the drone, which will have wi fi signal and connect to my phone like that, then, at the back, just above the usb port, the memory card slot we have the battery and just with a simple Flick, we can remove the battery, so here we find our first battery already inside the drone it ships in hibernation mode. So as soon as you plug it into charge, then it will activate and apparently the battery from the mini one is also compatible with the mini 2 and it gives more or less the same amount of flight time. But i think its a little bit heavier and its going to put the weight of the drum over 250 grams if thats, something that you are concerned about so lets just put back the battery with a simple click there make sure that it clicks so it doesnt Fall out when youre flying and when we want to pack it away again, we take the legs or the wings at the back. We fold it in both sides and then we take the wings on in front or the legs in front, whatever you prefer to call it. Those two things that looks like legs in front is actually the antenna that connects something useful to know, and then we can just use our propeller protector to safely store those propellers again so that theyre safe when we pack it back into our bag and there we Go nice and small fits into your pocket pretty easily, and then we have our gimbal protector, which we definitely want to put on when we store this away.

So we dont have any issues with that there we go then also inside our bag in the top. The back we find some interesting extra accessories, so we have three sets of extra propellers, which is definitely useful, especially if youre going to crash or something like that and youll need some extras. You find a screwdriver that is used only for replacing the propellers, so thats very useful, and then we also find some extra joysticks for the remote. So in case you lose those which are stuck at the bottom of the remote. If you lose them by accident, then we have some extras, which is also very very great, so im definitely going to put all of these extras back in that bag and definitely make sure that when i travel i take them with me, definitely not going to leave Those extra things at home so thats what the bag looks like on the inside. You can see the side where you put the drone theres. Actually, a nice foam there at the bottom, which is very useful in case you put down the bag, so it doesnt damage the drone. So, im very thankful for that, and even though the bag is empty now this little bag in front it still feels a little bit. You know a little bit too tight for me to really use it for something useful, maybe a passport or something like that might work. If you want to take that risk and then the final piece of equipment that we get in the bag.

Is this nice bulky box – and it says accessories here on top so lets see what we get inside so inside we get like i mentioned before we get some other cables for the controller, depending on the phone that you use. We have a usbc to usbc, which is definitely what i think majority of people going to be using if theyre not using iphone if its android and then we also have another cable, which is usbc to micro, usb and i think, im probably never ever going to Use that i think micro usb is kind of old now and not lots of phones are using that anymore. So this is definitely very useful, so ill swap that out soon before i start flying and then also part of the fly more combo, we get a power. Brick yay – this is very nice, especially since we know that lots of phones and things like that dont ship with this anymore, they just ship with the charging cable. So this is definitely very useful – has usbc a in. So this is very nice to have in the box and then obviously also in the box. We have that charging cable usb a in and then a usbc for charging the controller and for charging the drone. If you are going to charge the battery in the drone, so definitely a little bit odd that the power brick is white and the cable is black, but it is what it is then inside.

We also have the two way charging hub, which is probably what makes the fly more combo the fly more combo. Why? Because inside you get two more batteries, so we have one battery inside the drone already, and then we have these two extra batteries. So, with one battery giving you like 25 minutes to 30 minutes of flying time, thats gon na put you up in the sky for one hour: 15 minutes to one and a half hours, so thats very nice. So we have these intelligent batteries. And if you read the users manual youll find out that these really are intelligent batteries, the way they work and preserve energy and prolong their life so that they dont swell its just really really nice these batteries. So for the battery hub itself, it has the dji logo there in front. It has space for three batteries and then here on the side, it has three things that we should notice. It has a usbc out. That is, if you want to use these batteries as power bank in an emergency. So maybe your phone is out of battery. You can stick two batteries in if they have some battery power. You put in usb cable, usb c to your phone and you can actually charge your phone. It acts as a power bank. I dont think thats something that i will use. I have pretty good power banks very useful and very fast and lots of capacity, and i would like to save the battery power for when i actually fly, then the second one is usbc in, and that is how you provide power for this battery hub.

So in front, where you find the three batteries, there are also three sets of lights. So when you start to charge those lights will turn on, and this battery power hub does not charge all three batteries at once. It will only charge one battery at a time. So there are actually some other third party equipment that you can buy. That will allow you to charge all three batteries at once and thats, something that you might look for, but it is what it is. And then we have a power button and by a simple press of the power button, it will show you how much battery is left in each of these three batteries or two batteries or one battery, depending on how many you have inside the battery hub. So to activate these batteries, you need to plug it into charge, and then they will function so im definitely going to be plugging in them soon, so i can charge them up and start flying according to the lights, how the lights, flicker and things like that. If you read the users manual its going to explain to you exactly how the lights are used to indicate the different percentages of the battery, a flickering light, just a solid light and those things are very useful – and i suggest that you read through that and if I have to explain everything in the users manual about these batteries. I think this video is going to be very very long, but i really find that users manual useful, and i think that reading it will share some very nice tips, then definitely putting everything back into the bag is pretty simple.

Now that everything is unboxed definitely put the drone with the camera up and the power hub, and now it has a lot more space. Now that the box is out of all of the other extra things and the booklets and stuff like that, and not that heavy at all, very very nice. So i think now its time to fly this new child of mine, so definitely check out some drone footage that ill be uploading soon some photos and some videos and see what we can accomplish with this little drone, okay guys. So that is it for my unboxing of the dji mini 2.