So while we are on vacation, i have decided to buy this dji mini 2. This is around 600, so i’ve decided to make an unboxing video to show you guys what is inside the dji mini tool. This is the fly more combo package due to pandemic, so we cannot do much of going out to some tourist spots here in the philippines. So i’ve decided to buy a new toy, which i think will be a good past time. While we are on vacation, so let’s start opening this one. I have the first dji the mini, so this will be my second drone, but the first one i sold it already with the fellow swifferer. I like this mini too, because it’s a 4k resolution and the range is a little bit uh longer than the other one. So i didn’t use that one much since the all the ports that we’re having last time they all have the restriction flight restriction. So so this is the fly more combo let’s see what is inside the actual one. So it comes with the box with the bug. It’S, a slick bug, looks elegant, it’s, a good one, no see what let’s see what is inside the box. So this is the drone itself. Okay, so it’s a small drone. So this is my smartphone look. How tiny this drone is. My smartphone is even bigger than this one and it weighs around 249 grams, and now they use this propeller guard.

I think it’s a good one that they have included on to this drone, then so Music. This is the drone itself. This is how tiny it is. Let’S remove the stickers and it has it – comes with a profi uh protection for the for the gimbal and for the camera. So this is the unit, then Music, we have the controller. So this is a new design for mini because before you need to open it down on the downside, but this one is like an easy to put in for your smartphone and then all the joysticks are at the bottom, where you can easily plug in onto the Controller and the grip – this is also okay. This is a nice one. Actually, the controller is even bigger than the than the Music drone itself and it’s even heavier. I think, to the unit itself, so that’s, the remote and then there’s the accessories. You have the charger. The cables for the remote – this is the charging cable and then we have the batteries. So i think the batteries is already included. You see that one inside the unit and then since this is apply more combo that’s. Why you have? We have the two extra battery here so later on. We will make a test flight on. How long will the battery takes if they are fully charged? This is this can also be used as a power bank. It can charge your phone also.

I used to do it before on the mavic mini. This is just the manual, so i think i think it’s the manual all the manuals included for the mini 12 mini 2 let’s, not open that one let’s just read it later, and then we have this mini props, which they are now separated with charger. Okay and they said that this unit, this minitool, can fly up to 10 kilometers um connection connected to your phone. The range is 10 kilometers, so we’ll have a test flight onto this one, and this is a good uh drone for the beginners, as it were in 249 grams, so you don’t have to register it to the authority. This is a 4k video with 3 axis gimbal camera 4k video with a wind resistance of 8.5 to 10.5 meter per second, the ocusync 2.0 hd video transmission can reach up to 10 kilometers with 31 minutes maximum flight time for each batteries um. This is a little bit longer from the previous one. I think only one minute, if i’m not mistaken, we will see we will try after this, if what is included or how it is gon na be or how good this small drone is because it’s just a small drone, and just like what i have said it’s Just for the beginners – and this is good one as if you’re like me – to put it on the bag and then just put it on my hand, carry luggage.

We need to review the restriction rules in each and every countries, especially even if you it is only 249 grams. There is still responsibility. There is still some rules which we need to follow and i hope i will be a good pilot for this mini too. So that’s it guys thank you for watching this video and for the next video i will do a test flight and um. I hope i can make a cinematic shot and some good aerial shots from this small drone. So thank you for watching and see you on.