This is the golden hours. The time is seven o’clock and it’s a very chilling morning. The temperature is around five degrees centigrade and i’m here to have my first flight of dji mini 2.. So the takeoff is permitted and we are ready to fly. Take off the home port has been updated. Please check it on the map Music, maximum flight altitude reached Music. This was such a beautiful morning and i am flying dji mini 2 over the riverbed, overlooking the Applause mountains, Music, bye, Music, happy flying Music. You i could realize that dji mini 2 would be a perfect companion for my personal aerial, photography, Music, so Music, too. Music Applause, Music do Music, so Music, Music, Music do Music. Coincidentally, my friend imran khan came there. Along with his friends on their ktm Music, bikes, Music. I decided to take a few drone shots of their adventure. Bikes, Music me uh, Music, Music, foreign Music, me, Music, Music. It was time to say goodbye to lovely friends. Music on this chilling winter morning, enjoying a hot cup of tea was a blessing in itself, and let me to do the photography job for Music me. Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, god, Music grinding Music, welcome home. Oh what a lovely morning. It was flying: dji, mini 2 in this environment, beautiful mountain river beds and the lovely mini 2.. I must say this is the best drone for personal aerial photography. You have seen. I have had such a fun flying dji mini 2 on the very first day.

This small little wonder is so amazing to fly its controls are so easy that i have had no difficulty flying on the very first day and the connection of dji mini 2 with the controller was rock solid, never lost any connection. The battery life is amazing. I have had 30 minutes flying time with each battery and i had the fly more combo three batteries with me. So for the last one and a half hour, i have had such a great fun Music friends. In the upcoming weeks, i shall be traveling to various places of interest across india, so i shall be carrying my dji mini 2. Along with me. If you wish to enjoy mountains, valleys lakes do consider, subscribing dj ride and track. Thank you for liking.