Today i decided i want to do a little bit of a review on it. So this is the vcu tech, hard case for the mini 2 and all the gear that goes along with that. So its a waterproof case, its a hard bodied case and its supposed to be shock proof as well so were going to do today is were going to get it unboxed then well take a look around. It then well lay put all our gear inside it get the mini two and all the bits inside it well see how it all sits and how it looks any ill give you my opinion of it. So this is a shot of the front of the box. As you can see, its very well presented its almost like its been boxed in a sort of dgi branded way. Okay lets get it opened up. I can see ive not opened this as yet. So with my first look at this as well. Okay lets get it opened up here. Okay, lets just move the box to the side here and lets have a first look around. Okay, very sturdy handle decent weight to it, but not too heavy okay lets have a quick look at the latches, so they unlock were just pushing in pulling up pushing in and pulling up and when closed when closed again, you can hear they latch very firmly. Okay. Lets take a look at this in a little bit more detail on the top view.

Here we have a it all laid out with everything in it and then it takes you through the individual slots, but well work our way through that, as we start to load. My kit into the box you can see the layout is really good. Lets take a look at the padding itself. It is very, very stiff, padding its very hard now. This slot here is a square for putting all your accessories in so ill have to remove that. So ill get done now and then well. Take a look. Okay, ive now removed this block, as you can see, so we now have this space here that allows you to put your accessories in there. So yeah thats that out so lets say, have a look at the top. This is very soft sort of triangular sort of shapes, so that will come down and protect everything nicely. I think right now with a good look around the case. A like, say: latches, look! Very strong i dont have any problems with them. Hinges are good as well. It is a very hard bodied case. The foam and inside is its very tough. I think its going to be quite hard wearing a. I dont know any problems with that at all. So next thing lets get it loaded up with all the kit and see how it holds. Everything first up were going to load a little dji mini 2. This is ginger spice as i like to call her so lets get her put in a position so yeah.

Nothing wrong with that. It slides in properly next up well put the controller in so the controller. In this case, you can actually load with the sticks. Still on so thats pretty good. We dont have to worry about taking the sticks off every time, so that seems to sit quite nicely as well. Batteries youll see ive got mine sitting here. Well, just unload them one two three and then your charging unit slots just nicely there now youve got a choice. Now youve got spaces here to put cables and all sorts. So this is my holder. This is my holder when i use my tablet so lets see. If that fits, that sets quite quite nicely. I also have a my sunny life filters and i have a some memory. Memory cards extend range extenders and my strobe light there, so really its just a matter of working out what you want to carry in there. These are the pouches for my microphones and stuff and doing the recording some bits and bats in there. So, as you can see, you can put a mixture of things in there. It all seems to sit quite nicely. Okay lets do a quick summary. I think the case is very well built. It holds all the kit really well really snug im not really get any worries about it, getting damaged in there and theres theres a lot of money in there, so its important that the case is going to be durable and itll.

Last to last a decent amount of time, so im quite impressed with it when the weather improves, i plan to get out there and start using it, so i will give you more feedback if you have one of these already, please in the comments, let me know What you think im hoping its going to be a decent case, a like, i said, only picked up recently from amazon paid about 40 pounds for it. You know, i think, thats quite decent okay. So if you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe the channels growing nicely thanks to you guys taking time to watch these videos. So i hope you enjoyed this today and i hope you come back and watch some future videos when that weather improves and we can get back out there again.