Stay tuned lets get to it. Hey! Welcome back to another episode of your review channel! Yes, im doing another unboxing on an awesome drone. The first one i did was uh. If you didnt see that video as the ascend asc, 2400 check that out down below ill leave a link for that drone, thats, really cool beginners uh drone. Fifty dollars awesome awesome, but i wanted to get to the next level, and i really i mean i really like drones uh, something thats something new for me. So this is a drone by dji its the mini 2 um. Awesome drone comes with the bundle theres a bundle pack here comes with the extra battery comes with the case, ultra light 249 grams, so its legal to fly pretty much in pretty much most countries, but definitely check your local country, make sure it is legal. It is legal here in the united states, and this is a bundle um. So what this is here is a 249 gram. Ultralight, buildable, compact uh drone uh 31 minutes of fly time, um theres, a 10 kilometer range, which is pretty far out. You wont even see the drone, so 10 kilometers really far ultra clear 4k camera, which is really really important. I mean thats like in five level of wind resistance, so level, five, wind resistance, im, not really sure what that means i get. I am new with droning. So please dont hate me im just learning and i just want to do an unboxing to show you what it looks like when you receive this.

Intelligent also has intelligent modes um and quick shots, so you can do 4k, video, which is really awesome, which i really love. The other camera was horrible. If you saw the video you saw, it was awful awful awful. It was 720. It was awful. I think the frame rate i dont know about the frame rate might have been 30. I dont know 20, whatever it was, it was terrible um, so that was horrible, but this here is 4k awesome, awesome and thats. What i was looking for – and this is the bundle lets, do the unboxing and take a look at the camera dont forget to like share and subscribe to any questions. Any comments leave down below um and, let me know uh what kind of drone you fly and let me know in comments below um if you like flying drones, because i said im fairly new with this, so im just starting out and i just wanted to continue Growing in with my drones – and i think its kind of cool all right lets get to the unboxing okay, so lets um get into opening up the drone and see whats in the package here, um whats cool about this, like i said, the 4k camera is really Really nice, i like that as well um, three access gimbal with 4k camera, like i said, 31 minute flight time, its got a four time: digital um, zoom uh with quick modes and all that stuff extra battery 32 gig, sd, uh micro card included.

All that kind of stuff, which is all important, especially when you want to fly, i mean basically the bottom line is like you just want to fly right. Thats thats the cool part about droning that when you want to get it and drive so lets see whats in the box here lets see how they package it and theres a lot of these unboxings online as well, but im really new at droning. So i want to do myself and have the experience so lets just pull it out of the package here and see what we have so the box is empty there. You go and ill just put this to the back here like this, so here it is right here. Let me just get a better shot of that, for you put the extra light on, so you can see better and lets see everything thats included in the package. So it comes in a nice small case which i do like its not huge, so this is great for traveling got a nice little strap lets. Take this pick this off a little piece of paper here, thats holding the strap down get rid of the house back in the box. Lets get rid of that so cool strap whats in here. This is a little uh, take a little tag or something its like. A tag for the bag out of this put that back in there theres, really nothing in there. Here is the drone in here, so you can see its in a little classic see through case, so you can see the drone uh some people complaining about it.

Not you know protection, but honestly, i think if youre traveling, i think it should be fine. My first impression this is my first time getting more of a a semi professional drone. I would call this. I think you know its right up there we get small. Oh, my god id say, and the reviews dont do it justice. I have to tell you. This is really tiny and i mean tiny. Let me get my ruler. I want you to see, because you know a lot of people dont its very difficult to see comparison. Okay, heres the ruler. Okay, this thing here is approximately five inches across okay, thats five and a half inches across just you know, and two and a half inches across this way. This thing is tiny and thickness is two inches. So this thing is very, very small of my hand. Here you go um, so lets take a look at him, so you always on the fold. It tells you here you get the one okay unfold it this way and i love the way it unfolds. Okay, its nice, its got a nice smooth, you can tell the build, is really good, so you can really tell also has the gimbal protector lets see that take me up. Take that off before you fly it come on, lets go and these flip okay, so i didnt realize that i thought they would just open, so these flip just so you know again.

This is my first time having a drone of this quality, so these flip out, when you put it away, put this back in like this here, okay and then you just these fold backwards again. This is my first time and whoa all right whatever that is thats. Nothing, okay, uh, so that flies backwards so again, flip out flip out and these push back. Okay, so now were all clear i get. This is my first time having this type of drone and thats my first time. Okay, so lets take this off here. This protects the the camera lets, pull this off the gimbal. Take that off. Okay, like that ill, take a look at that and heres the camera under here Music. So lets open that up. This comes right up it snaps right off, thats good! Even when you travel, you should really protect that this is, you know, very sensitive, so you want to make sure you take that off and keep it on whatever you want to do, but ill leave it off for now im continuing the unboxing. Let me just snap that back in here cool all right, so here it is right here you can see. This thing is super small, so lets put that down. Lets see what else we have in the package here and just like all the other videos. I saw theres nothing in here, but this is storage, okay, and that here is the remote control.

Okay, so lets take that out again. This is my first time dealing with this type of quality. This is the next level quality um going up to the i would say, the professional semi professional um, with drones, usb seat charger, silicone gel manuals; okay, so you have the manual here: okay, so the quick start guide, uh, some more information, the booklet here thats very Hard to see its very small, so thats great, and also here, is the qr code, where you scan the download. The software register, your drone and you have to do that before you fly and thats all in there lets, take a look at the controller. Okay, its beefy – this is heavy. I mean its, not its, not huge, but its its its beefy, its a lot of definitely good good quality, build compared to the cheap 50. What i had last time, if you didnt see that video, please do. I think it was. It was a great drone for 50, but i want to get to the next level. Lets take a feel of the quality of this. This is for the phone and this pops up here. I believe yeah that should fit pretty much any phone, which is really cool. Okay, take a look at that theres, the battery, so thats three quarters charged okay, thats. What that says so well have to just give that a quick call to charge that up here are the joysticks on the bottom here.

So these joysticks here you just screw these in, like that there and thats fairly easy thats kind of nice, its compact. It makes it small and portable and i like to feel the joysticks just so you know yeah. I do like the feel of these kind of cool. I do like that. I dont know what any of these things do. This is big photos here, theres a camera and a record button on top of here. I guess thats taking photos again. This is my first time im, not sure what this is about. I have to check that out fm the home, which is kind of cool. I saw that online normal sport, uh, so different modes. You got cinematography, which is more uh lets, go slower, the drone its more that really smooth kind of oblique uh cinematic view so thats. What thats, for i have normal, which is normal, and then you have support for faster, so the drone acts quicker, its more responsive and that kind of stuff, so so thats what that does, and also just to let you know it does come with different adapters for Android phones as well, and also it does have the uh apple, uh, lightning, cable, already here installed, so you can hold this up right to your phone here: okay, thats, what transmits the information from the drone right to your phone uh with the software – and this is Adjustable, i would say i would say pretty much if its any phone.

This is a nice design. I like that so thats already included its already in the bottom here. Just so you know its already attached, so they are definitely towards the apple friendly morsel to get started with and um. So i just wanted to show you that as well and also when you turn the power on one is check the battery level like that. If you want to turn it on, you hit it twice once twice it beeps up there you go thats and now its blinking telling you three quarter power um. It is on and activated, and i shut it down for that twice again once twice, and it goes right down and thats how you power it up and power it down the same thing for the drone. It did twice to power. It up hit his pipe twice to power it down um and thats, really a great design. I love it really simple, and this is i, like this design this this controller, its actually a nice, feel to it not a lot to it. But honestly, it feels really good in the hands and thats, not too big either as well. Let me just give you a quick measurement of this controller just so we know what were talking about here, so this is approximately six inches across and four inches uh. So six by four, so not too big, not too small, i think um men and women will really enjoy the feel of the controller, and i like the back of the rubber grip behind it, so it doesnt slip out of hands.

Nice design really well thought out. I like this quite a bit really nice and lets see what else i know it should have extra battery pack. I think its in here whats this here. This is a little piece of foam, and in here is the extra battery come on. Get out lets go. I, like the case. The case is really super nice, and here is the extra battery. You probably wont need it. Actually you get about 25 to 30 minutes in these runtime um and everythings in here. You can see extra cables in here extra propellers. If you need them, but the screwdriver itself to change it, which is cool on the fly, propellers and extra screws and extra batteries, so that is all in the kit as well. So lets just take a look at the back here and lets. Take this piece off in the back: if you guys have any questions or any comments at all, please leave down below um again. This is my first time having a definitely the next level up, which is really cool. So in here is the micro sd card. You can see in here 32 gigs, yep 32 gigs in here, uh usbc and the battery should be installed, which it is um just be careful. This is a little a little bit flimsy, but it is plasticky im just afraid this bill is going to break. So you probably dont access the door too much so thats, fine and the battery comes in it comes out, so it does have the battery lets.

Put that back in probably wont do too much with that and lets check the battery level on this thing. Okay, the battery is stone dead, um, sometimes they come charged so lets say these would be fully charged. This has a little bit of a charge in it. So my first impressions, okay, very, very cool. All right i like to build it. Look i like the quality. Um, its definitely nice im, definitely going to give you some x from what i understand. This is going to be fantastic. Its got a couple sensors on the bottom here. So what this gives you gps coordinates it kind of measures the grounds when it lands it doesnt have the obstacle avoidance. So it does not have that the next one up the s version, the mini 2 s does have off. I think, thats. The only thing i noticed really different um it does shoot. I think 5k 5.4 k something like that. Um honestly, i dont know i dont think it makes different when you get to when youre shooting stuff online 5k. 4K. I think everybodys really counting the pixels and also its a thousand dollars for that drone, its very expensive. This is only 500 bucks. So basically you can fly this drone. You can break this drone, you can lose the drone, buy another drone and it probably wont cost as much as buying the the newest model as well. So honestly, i think this is fine, its a great great model.

I love it so far. Thats just my opinion. Its up to you guys all right, so this is what it comes with im gon na charge. This all up. I gave you the measurements of the drone and one more. Let me just give you the total measurements with the props running um, so we got roughly without the propellers extended. We have a total of width, propellers eight inches approximately there and the back size is six. So this is a very compact and small drone all right. So im gon na put this back im gon na have to charge all this up. You guys have any questions or any comments. Please leave down below im gon na charge up the drone were gon na get a flight so subscribe to. The channel also hit the notification bells youll be notified when im out and about im gon na take this out. Uh fly in a couple of days. Its gon na charge it up um some nice weather is coming here and im gon na take this out and fly im gon na get some footage were gon na fly it around and i think its gon na be cool, so this is whats included. Im gon na leave a link down below also where you can pick up something similar to this. They have all different, dumb bundles. I got this bundle on at costco um. Also, you can go online and you just get the the mini one.

I just i think, its just a midi im, not sure and theres all kinds of drones ill leave a link down below um in the amazon affiliate link i have down below. That is something just being transparent. It is an affiliate link and it does help support. My channel, so if anything you buy on that, does help support my channel, so i can continue doing these awesome, unboxings and reviews for you, okay. So this is where you charge the port for the for the um controller. This is really heavy and i dont know if you can change these batteries or not. If you can, let me know, leave some comments down below. If you can change these batteries, if this thing dies, im not really sure i think its supposed to have extra joysticks too someone said: okay, it does so extra joysticks a little extra joysticks in case you break these. Hopefully these wont break these. These are metal. So i cant see that breaking maybe they wear out im, not sure, okay, guys thats it for me. I hope it wasnt too long. I just wanted to bring this unboxing to you and just keep really the real facts of the size. What it looks like and my first impression and the quality doesnt look awesome, look at lightsaber, so i cant wait to get this powered up and rock and roll and see how it goes all right, guys and ill see you at the next review.