So ive had this drone out for 10 months. Can you believe it 10 months flying this drone and you guys have been with me through the whole time and ive flown this in so many different areas and captured some amazing footage and everything ive put this drone through its survived and performed brilliantly, but its been 10 months – and that means a new version, no matter what its going to be a dj mini 3 or a 2s or a dji mini 2. Pro theres going to be a new version of this coming soon, weve seen leaks in rumors, but we havent had any actual concrete proof. But what we do know is is that dji update this product line in the winter months, so we had the d drive, mavic mini the first of this series and that was released in october 2019, just over a year later, in 2020 of november. We had this. The dji mini 2., so that says, on a timeline perspective from october or november this year. We should see the successor of this now. Yes, we have got massive worldwide shortages and chips problems, so that could have an effect on the release dates. But you know companies these massive companies are still releasing their products, so it is high likely that within four to eight weeks were going to see a new version of this. So this is what the video is about today and whether i would recommend to you guys about whether you should still go out now onto dji or amazon and buy this today now.

For me, this is a real, tough one, because i love this drone. This drone is really close to me and because its always with me all the time i fly this drone more than any other drone, because its just so portable – and i can fly this in areas where i still cant – fly – that dji air 2s. I love the a2s and that camera quality now on it is superb and if i can fly in those areas, i will pick that over this drone, but like weve just been to combo recently for certain areas. This is better and for majority of you out there, this dji mini 2 line is spot on the only drone you need, but if you can wait and im, not the most patient of people at all. So, for me this is hard to recommend, but i would say to you: if you didnt own, a dji mini 2, i wouldnt buy it right now. I would hold off until november see what this dji mini. 3. If it comes out see what the spec is, what were expected to see and then get that, rather than pave the money for this right now and then maybe in four to eight weeks, this is going to be outdated. Now the mini three, we dont know what its going to be weve seen all these rumors, we havent got a clue what its going to have and how its going to be different to this drone, its going to have a spec bump 100, so that camera is Going to get better 4k 60 isnt a massive increase, but its going to be good.

Its going to allow you to get really high quality 4k footage and be able to slow it down by 50 were also expected to see a front sensor. This should give obstacle avoidance and also some degree of tracking from the front. Those are pretty much a given those two updates and then because its quite small updates, then it could be the mini 2s or it could just go to the mini 3, but either way. I know its got a huge increase of different specs and features like everybody wants its not going to happen its still going to be better than what we have now. The mini 2 mini 2 is awesome, so we put the mini 2 up here. That mini 3 is going to be slightly better, so why would you buy this right now when you can have the latest product? Hopefully in not too long time now you could say why not wait for the dji mini 4 or the mini 5. Why you know theres never a perfect time to buy and thats correct? Yes, but what i always recommend to you is if you can youre always best getting that product as soon as when its been released as possible, usually about a month afterwards. That gives you time. Then, to check out the reviews on youtube: do some research on this and make sure its right for you and its not just an impulse purchase. We see hundreds of these reviews all released at the same time after this non disclosure agreement is released and then theyre all on youtube and theyre all great and youre, like oh, my god, thats brilliant and you go out and buy it.

And then sometimes you get buyers remorse because its not as brilliant as what it first appears thats when a couple of days later, a week later, you see these other reviews, and these will give you good and bad points and thats what we try and do on This channel as well and then you can make a split decision and then click right im going to buy this. I dont care im, getting it or im just going to stick to the mini two or i might just wait and wait for the next run and thats. What gives you that choice, rather than buying on impulse so doing that will allow you to then have the latest product be pretty close to that release date and youre gon na have that product and that technology for at least a year before it gets updated again? Dji seem to refresh their product line excited from a couple of products every year, so every year a new product comes out. You dont have to update all the time. Certainly not, but if youve not got this drone at the moment, then i would probably hold off until that mini three comes out and then well see what its like and then make that decision. Now, if youve already got the mini, 2 dont be thinking, oh god, im going to be left with this really old technology and its going to be worthless now and its rubbish, absolutely not. Im still keeping mine youve still got a fantastic, capable and portable drone, and these features you might not even need for majority of people.

Are you really do you want 4k 60? Do you record in 4k? 60? Normally. Do you even need that? Maybe not so you dont really need to upgrade that front sensor. Are you a beginner? Do you need obstacle avoidance, or can you fly quite comfortably from all the videos weve done over this last year with this drone? Hopefully its taught you that youre going to be a great manual flyer, we dont need obstacle avoidance yo. This drone allows you to be a better pilot because youre not relying on obstacle avoidance technology. What would be good and thats going to be a good upgrade? Is this sensor will hopefully allow for the technology of active track, so a front active track system will just allow you to get some tracking capabilities its not going to be perfect because its not going to have full sensors around it. But just one sensor on the front will then allow you to have some tracking, which a lot of people out there want so dont, be afraid. You know, wait, dont be selling this at the moment. Keep it wait till that mini 3 is officially released. We can see these official specs and then you can decide whether you should sell this and upgrade, or you might think, actually its, not really a massive upgrade that its just a spec update ill keep this for another year and then ill upgrade when the next drone Comes out in winter next year so be that friend who, when theyre wanting to buy the latest phone, and they want to get the next iphone on the next samsung phone and like im.

Gon na buy this new phone okay and they want the latest iphone and they got right. Im gon na go buy the iphone 12 and you know mid september. The iphone 13 is going to be coming out, youre going to say to mario just hold off a couple of weeks and get the iphone 13. Yes, the 12 still great, but that 13 is going to be better its going to have better technology and its going to be better for value in the long run same with this all right. So this drone is still perfect to call it the iphone 12. The iphone 13, the djamin e3 – is coming out. Hopefully in four to eight weeks. You would recommend that, albeit this is still fantastic. You would recommend to your mates or your friends that just hold off a little bit and get the latest one and thats what im doing to you. Yes, you in that black t shirt there im recommending if you dont, have this drone at the moment. If you can hold off four to eight weeks and thats coming from someone whos super impatient and climb away a day, i would 100 recommend it to you and then make that decision. If youve got the original, mavic mini one, then what i recommend to you is if youre not flying daily – and you know its just on your shelf – now would probably be a good time to sell this.

Even if this drone doesnt come out, because when that drone is officially released, the mavic mini one will plummet because they will not hold good resale values. So at the moment, its still a decent drone for beginners. So i would recommend to get it advertised and sell the mavic mini one for everyone you can get with that. You can put it towards the drive mini 3 and if the mini 3 doesnt come out for some reason, you could still then buy dji mini 2. If its going to be delayed for a decent amount of time, but as soon as its released, the mavic mini, one original will drop and the value wont be as good now, dji might stop, selling it all together. Once this new drone comes out, they might just have the mini s e, which is that budget friendly, beginner drone and then the dji mini 3 and the mini 2 might be stopped being sold. This wont be a massive problem to you. Youll still get firmer, updates and updates, which you can use on this, but on other drones, weve seen when a new line comes out, the older drones kind of get forgotten about and they arent as often with them, firmer updates. So i hope that doesnt happen, but its a potential option there as well, and that is the downside to technology its great if youre into technology and all these products coming out. If you know you like buying the latest things, but its not also great for a consumer, because you could buy something and in six months time its now outdated and theres a new product out its obviously drones its like this with cameras, phones, everything so its entirely.

Your choice, what you do, but for me what i would do if i was recommending to any of you i recommended all year long, the dji mini 2 is a perfect drone. It still is a perfect drone, but just hold off now in september 2021. Four to eight weeks and see if that new drone comes out and buy that if you dont already have this, if you have this hold off dont be selling it yet see where that drone comes out. Is it good, then maybe sell this and upgrade? If you want to so that wraps up guys, so let me know: are you looking forward to this dji mini 3? Have you got the mini 2? Would you upgrade, would you sell it and what features are you hoping for on that mini 3.