Keep in mind that this is not the full sized mavic in terms of size, feature functions and price, it does not have obstacle avoidance or some of the other autonomous modes as well as richer set of camera, photo video features of the larger mavics, phantoms, etc. Is it stable indoors and outdoors, even in moderate winds yup? Does it have decent performance range endurance for a drone of its size and weight? What about the camera for photos and video? I would put it on par with about that of my phantom 3 with two 7k video, however lacking in the various photo modes, controls and settings, can it take good photos and videos? Can it do autonomous panoramic photos not on its own? However, you can manually shoot a pano, then stitch it together with post processing software, see attached image kind of old school drone mode. Smile. Video is good at two 7k nice and stable granted without all the settings for modes. A complaint i have is not with a package or aircraft per se, its the early version of the dji fly app, which needs more development and features added Music. Hopefully, dji will add some new feature functions via firmware and app software, as well as clean things up to make this a five star aircraft. For now its a nice companion to my mavic pro platinum, p4p, updated 11 22 19. Originally i gave this a 4 star and after having for over a week getting more time with it now well give it a five star.

The dji fly app is still a two to three star out of five that, hopefully, will improve over time. Something i have noticed is for video fly as slow as possible and leverage the quick video features, including a variation of point of interest, circle and other modes have flown it at sunset, at night added firehouse lights, using 107 29 waiver and pleased with what it can Capture the firehouse lights, while bumping the drones weight up, are useful during the day to be able to maintain glows further, as for sunset, slash, night images, the brighter the subject, the better, the still and video images, since it does not have the video controls of the Larger dji models night video of low light are not good, however, for brighter lights. They are good word of caution, besides needing to add firehouse or other strobes for three mile this and other nighttime considerations. The aircraft can move around a bit even without wind, as it tries to hold its position.