? The mavic mini is my first drone, and one of her first impression was how good is the quality and how easy is it to use it? I started flying with mavic mini the day after christmas, and i was really impressed about the photo and video quality you can use the mavic mini for a lot of things like like travel videos in your vacations, like landscape videos and, of course, for youtube videos whatever It is you want to capture, even if you want to film something what you could film with the phone or camera thanks to the gimbal. The mavic mini is a good choice. To give you steady footage, so lets talk about the pros and cons. Well, like i mentioned before, one of the really great thing is: how easy is it to use how beginner friendly is the mavic mini you get really fast into it and can make good footage and how light and small cinematic muniz is really cool and the great Price is really awesome, i think right now you can buy the fly more combo approx, 400 euros or 440 dollars, thats a really fair price, and the flight time is really amazing, with one battery im approx 25 minutes in the air. What is negative in it yeah? What i really is missing here is the active track function and the camera dont have 4k resolution, but for me, its really okay, im happy to receive 2.7k resolution as well theres.

One last thing what i dont like so much is the range it could be. A little bit better, but all in all the pros definitely outright the cons, even in 2022, its still worth some money and if youre a beginner its a really good deal to get into the drone world. For this price is really the best you can get. You can use this mavic mini for gain experience and later on, upgrade on a bigger version.