So hopefully you can tell by the title but um hold up. Let me just move it with my chin. Just a little bit, we’re gon na be doing a dji, mavic mini comprehensive review. I’Ve already used it a couple of times, just kind of like figuring it all out and all that kind of stuff, so kind of i’m. Just going to give you guys a little bit of a rundown i’m going to be giving you guys a review on this little drone right here. It’S got this nice little camera, not little. I mean it’s a little camera, but it’s really nice let’s go! Do a few flights and i’ll just like show you guys some footage and then let you guys know all the facts. Music, so you guys just barely saw some of that footage. I think it was pretty good okay, so that was the third time that i’ve actually flown the drone, and i think it’s it’s definitely super easy, there’s a little mode on the app when you first download it and you’re just barely learning how to fly it. Where, like, if, after you just barely created your account, you can choose you don’t have to be, you can choose to either go start in learning mode or in like baby mode. Learning mode is even like easier than than baby mode learning mode. Literally it. It will automatically go up like you press this button, you press and hold it, and the button automatically makes the drone start flying and it hovers at about like eye level, at least to me and i’m 510.

So it’s a few it’s like a few feet up in the air and then it tells you to go. This is the controller, so you open the little bottom pieces like this okay, so you put your phone in just like this. It won’t work because my case is on so let’s take the case off okay, so you take your phone and you just slide it in just like this see how easy i just slid in now, it’s just holding up like this and then right here. If you can see that you just plug this little piece in and then your phone pretty much just sits like this, and you can see the screen so then you go to your dji fly app and you open it up, and it looks pretty much just like This you have the little antennas out like this, and then you pretty much just see what your camera sees. So while i was flying it, i mean this is what i saw. This is exactly what i saw. I just barely took that, and this is how you control it. I think, personally, that the app is super easy to use. I think that i think the dji did a great job with this uh. It is a little annoying just because i live kind of close to an airport, so i do have to like fill out this form. That says i won’t fly it in the airport or anything like that, which i think keeps both of us safe.

I think it keeps dji safe and keeps me safe from getting in trouble and all that kind of stuff. So you know, i think that yeah it’s a little bit hard to do like it’s. Just like you go online, you like fill this form and all this kind of stuff, but i think that after that’s done other than that, i think it’s super clean, super nice um. The controller is super good, it’s super durable, i mean like i’ve. I don’t think i’ve dropped it, but i mean i think, it’s super nice. Now the drone, the actual drone piece. I think that it’s amazing it’s got the brushless motors it’s got you know all the bells and whistles everything that you could ever want, um and it pretty, i would say it would fit in maybe an adult sized hand. My hands are not that big but i’m. Trying to hold it up with one hand, this is the size of the drone it’s about like a little bit, bigger than my hand with the blades, and all you do. Is you just take this little piece off and then the drone is free to move like all the pictures and cameras, you have the little sd card and you have the charging port. The charging port is the same as the gopros, so that i mean that’s, pretty cool. You can just use one cord for everything and if you have a samsung, then you can use the same cord to charge your phone as well.

You only need one cord. If you have an apple well, then you might need six cords, um i’m, just kidding um, but yeah. I think the design is super. Nice i’d say it’s, pretty light it’s pretty durable um i mean these. Things are they’re not like loose but like they just make noise. So, like you know, if you go like this, it’s gon na make noise no matter what, but i think it’s super clean. I think it’s definitely 110. This bad boy is definitely worth the price you get. What you buy that’s, pretty much what i know that’s what a lot of people understand, but some people don’t understand that you buy what you get and when you’re buying with the ggi, you definitely get what what you buy. You definitely get the the good price. You definitely get a good product. It has a great battery life. It’S got like, i think. It’S got like 30, 45 minutes or 35 minutes. I don’t remember the exact amount, but if you mean, if you’re not like using like flying all around, if you’re just like hovering and getting a video, it lasts even longer, so i think it’s super clean super, easy to use and i’ll. I would say i’d give this about a nine out of ten um, just because you know you have to like fill out the forms and all this kind of stuff of like everything you had like set up in the app, and it was just like it, wasn’t Hard, but it just kind of like it was time consuming and i’ve had easier better.

Like app experiences, i don’t know i just kind of wanted to like get right into it, but i had to like do all these safety things and all this kind of stuff. So like that’s, just like my preference, even though the safety things keep us both safe, which is a good thing, it just kind of like, was a little bit hard so yeah. I would say that this is a definite yes from me. It’S, definitely i’d say it’s. A it’s a good drone this at this, this is not sponsored. I had one video that people won’t shut up in my house. I had a video do good that everybody’s like oh. This is sponsored. This is small, but i don’t know what’s going on with that. Video i’m, not even going to talk about it honestly, just because it doesn’t matter, but this video is not sponsored or affiliated with dgi in any way. If they did give me a deal or gave me like any kind of money or anything like that, then i would say that, and i would tell you guys that um i just thought you know i just barely bought this drone. I bought it with my own money, um. Well, actually me and my dad. We got it but still same thing, and you know i just thought i would show you guys uh like how, if i’m gon na, be able to make better clips and better content, and i think i will so yeah this video again is not sponsored by dji.

I wish it was, but it’s, not uh, that would be cool but it’s. Not so hope.