I have to give you a little bit of a rundown for this drone before we get started. Checking out some of the footage, I have to say that right out of the gate it impressed me because the video is way better than the originals. You know Pro. They worked out a lot of kinks inside the drone itself, the processing power and the speed they've upped the bitrate to around 60 Mbps, which is super great in comparison to something like the DJI Mavic mini that one has 40 Mbps for its bitrate. So this hasn't even faster bit rate, this one does have less of a flight time, but it is a bigger quad and it can handle more wind. So, if you're looking for something that you can really get out there and send it if I was gon na go on a trip, and I had my choice between the xeno Pro and the Mavic many, I would definitely pick this one up and take it with Me because it fits in the small bag that it came with and it still can fit underneath in my travel luggage as my under seat bag. We call it just slides under the airplane seat in front of you for travel and it's, pretty pretty small. So it will fit in my laptop bag, which is awesome but what's great about it is. I think that number one upgraded video looks a lot better. The battery time is, it is around 20 minutes, but for around 380 I get basically kind of like the fly.

More combo, I get three batteries along with these r3s 3000 milliamp batteries, these charged up in about two hours time – and you can see they slide right in the back right here and we have the 4k gimbal in the front, which is also a 3 axis gimbal. What I like about this version of it also is that they did include the gimbal cover just kind of nice and if you remember watching my original Hub Sam's, you know video. It got a lot of views and I had a lot of fun with that drone. But what worried me about that? One versus something like the Femi x8, which I review, which got great reviews. This had some gimbal stutter I'm just gon na move these arms. So you can see what I'm talking about it kind of shudders back and forth there a little bit when I shake the drone, and sometimes if you have a firmer setup, dampening from the top down to the camera, when the wind blows it's not going to get As much jello in the end, the video and that's that's kind of a big issue with some of these toy drones that have super lightweight gimbal. Since they get that shutter. And this one worried me again and because I had that same type of gimbal on there of the originals you know and very similar to the Mavic mini they both have that sort of tall almost toy like looking gimbal, not that worried me.

But in this review I have to say that the footage looks pretty damn good and it looks very, very acceptable. I would take this along with me again. I would take this on a trip over top of the Maverick mini just because I've heard some issues with the Wi Fi, all nomadic mini it's, just the transmission. Once you get super far out there. It is questionable what I like the best about this drone is that when I sent it, the previous xeno didn't have a very far range. I only had a thousand meters. This one has four thousand meters that's going to get me out there about two and a half close to two and a half miles 2.4 miles and around four kilometers and a 20 minute flight time. 4K. Video, the transmission on this one is a million times better than the originals. You know I didn't have hardly any breakup. I flew way way way out there and I had no lag as well. I had a full line of sight. Most of the time there was some breakup when I was behind a house. Obviously, but if you fly anything behind a house, sometimes you will get breakup, but let's go ahead now and let's get this one out there. I think you're gon na, like the footage that you see with this, is also full and pretty portable, but one of the other big I have to say is that you should buy this one over top of something like the Mavic mini.

Is that this one also flies in windier conditions and if you're looking to take one of these out to a coastal place, where you have a lot of wind and most of the time on the Oregon coast for sure and North Carolina coast, we have a ton Of wind out there on Hawaii too, if you're, taking any trips to any type of place where you're gon na go to the beach you're gon na, need a little bit heavier quad to really send it out there and get some nice video without really really draining Your battery, because a little bit extra weight goes a long way when it's windy, so let's go ahead and put up the xeno Pro and I'll. Show you some of the footage and we'll talk about the characteristics of this one. It is looking like a 5 star. Quad right out of the box, a very very nice quad, so let's go ahead and fly now. Here we go okay, so here we go let's get it up in the air and I'm telling you guys I'm flying in an area where there is a bit of wind today and the the weather's really not the greatest for getting a quad up in the air. It'S overcast – and these are the conditions that I generally don't like to fly and I like to fly on those you know Beautiful's cloudless, sunny days, but this is actually a really good test for this camera.

So, looking back at the village right here, this is Hatteras. Village, on an overcast day and with no ND filter on here, no other filters, just a raw stock footage 4k downsampled to 1080p for YouTube. Of course, it might look a little bit not quite as good on YouTube, but what I see here on my screen looks really really nice. The details are high and it almost looks like I could take it still from a lot of these shots and use it as a photograph really really nice. But what I noticed right away was that the camera gimbal is so smooth it's, really really smooth doing. My slow reveal right here and one other thing that I really have to show you is how well the panning works with this camera it's a really slow moving. Gimbal, so when you move the wheel on the camera, when you pan down it's, really really slow in it and it's not jerky, it doesn't have any kind of weird twitch. When you let go of the gimbal wheel, like some of the other drones out there. Do you can tell that the the user let go of the gimbal now we're just going to get a little down shot right here and I didn't see a lot of props in view. Only when I made really hard turns. Did the sort of props come into the view right here? I'M, just gon na turn around back that other direction right here, checking out all these canals and streams through here – and this is the area where I grew up folks.

I grew up playing around on these shores: fishing, crabbing and just living the good life out here about 30 miles out to sea, where I'm from small fishing community very touristy, very, very seasonal and man. Look at that view. That is absolutely gorgeous really really nice. Now, I'm out over the water over the Pamlico Sound – and this is a little sketchy, because if I have any failure right here, it's going in the drink, no chance of recovery, I've actually lost RC aircraft out here before and it's almost impossible to find, especially a Quad or a drone, they just sink to the bottom immediately and all that seaweed down there. You see all that black stuff way down there and look at this pan. This is what I'm talking about that that gimble movement right there is so smooth. I love that what was so cool is that the transmission from my phone worked perfectly, and I was worried about that. You can see the little tiniest seagull down there in the bottom right hand, corner of the screen. Look at that isn't that cool just following him. Along about the same speed man, that guy has a really nice lot there on the left. He has the the perfect playground right on the water. But again the the lag didn't exist with this drone and I did get it past its range and it automatically got into failsafe and turned around and came back until I had transmission again and you're able to get the Z no pro out there way further, and So much more of a playground than you have with the originals.

You know I wouldn't being able to get half of these shots with the original Z know, it would have lagged out well about a half mile out, not even a half mile. I would have been lagging out there's a little bit of stutter right here. This is the only time that I saw stuttered when I was flying sideways for this side wave pan, but I love this. It shows the boat docks down there. Then we have the entrance to Hatteras Harbor right here, where all the charter boats come in. They come in about 4 p.m. and unload all the fish and catch of the day. Super nice, especially if you've had a charter before you come back with so much fish. It'S really worth the money, but this is what I'm talking about. As far as you know, you can see that there is some chopped down there's a little bit of ripples on the outside the outside of the bulkhead right there and that'll tell you that it's about a 15 to 16 mile per hour wind today, we don't have Whitecaps Whitecaps would be above 25, of course, but I grew up out here, kite boarding and watching this water to know when I could go kite and generally I wouldn't fly any type of aircraft in between houses like this I'm sort of a lower shot like this. If I didn't feel like, I had a good real time view for my phone and I've tested a lot of drones, you guys and I've had some that I wouldn't even get out a quarter mile before I had lag.

I just come coming down this street right here. We called this – the yellow brick road sort of my little runway right here, coming right back up to myself and my car here and check this check this out, it's that awesome. That was a really really fun flight and I had quite a few flights with the quad, and I didn't have a lot of issues and right here, I'm, really at about 20 percent battery, and this is where you should bring it back in. I really wanted to chase that boat and get a nice shot of him bring in. He looks like he has a bunch of crab pots there, but I didn't want a risk and try to avoid falling in the water. So I came back to land but absolutely wonderful experience and it handles quite a bit of wind and brings you back some really beautiful video I'm, actually quite impressed with this quad let's go back to the studio. All right guys welcome back into the studio. This is the transmitter worth having finally they've released this transmitter and really upgraded the range on the xeno pro making it well worth a purchase. Finally, the original xeno comes in around 299 and this one being around 389. I believe it is on the banggood website. It just makes it so much better value, plus you get the three batteries along with it. I have had quite a few 4k drones into review lately and I like these batteries because they do charge in a couple hours time, there's another one recently that I had one of the eachine quads.

It took like five hours to charge each individual battery that's. Quite a long time to wait. So, if you're trying to get all your batteries charged up before the next day and that's going to make it a challenge, if you have more than a couple batteries, um two batteries would be ten hours with the charger, which is crazy, be six hours with the Charge and to get all these charged up but let's look at the transmitter. We have returned the home button here, power buttons in the middle and you have something called normal and sport mode. So if you want to make this baby go around 40 miles per hour, you can switch over into sport mode, which is great. It does handle quite a big phone on here. It handled my iPhone with an otterbox which was really nice. Some of the other transmitters won't do that you got a photo button here. This is your gimbal wheel and you have your video start and stop button right there and again they have the same type of gimbals on here, and I don't think these are like super great as far as feeling like kind of like a toy, they do feel A little bit tight but the way that they respond now with the the upgraded system. It flies a lot better than it did before. So these aren't bothering me as quite as much as they did before when the first xeno came around, but I think it's a pretty compact transmitter and I do like the fact that does have an internal battery as well.

You can charge it on the side right here. It give you three different cables in the Box. You get one for iPhone Android and you have to plug that into your phone and into the side of the transmitter to get this working, and I believe these might actually be real antennas, because I do see a wire inside here so I'm just going to zoom Right into that it's, not a fake transmitter antenna which is really nice, and it also has an LED display here for the amount of battery inside your transmitter. So right now, it's looking for the drone and I'll just go ahead and turn it on, for you guys and watch that initialize and it's on we've got red in the back blue in the front, pretty cool. You can hear that fan working hard here and we do have ultrasonic sensors on the bottom and we also have altitude hold GPS return to home. We have something called panorama mode, it'll, do sort of a panorama, a slow turn and reveal the whole environment right to left. You can set the direction in the app which is kind of nice. We go ahead and turn this back off and let me show you what comes in the back, so this is the bag that comes along with it. It does kind of have like sort of a faux leather type of feel on the outside. What I thought was nice is that it does have a pocket in the front right here, four propellers or anything else I want to put in here.

It also has a zipper there with another string on the zipper, which is nice with a little pool. You can pull that and close it up and same thing for the top open this up, and there is your xeno inside resting on that top compartment. It has two compartments inside here. If you look inside you'll, see the directions here and just below here is where all of your batteries accessories charge, cables and other items can be stowed. Underneath the quad here, I'll just take everything out and show you guys, it's nice. They do give you three different phone connector cables, which I like a lot and last but not least, on the bag. You also get two mesh pockets on the side, which is cool. You can stuff some extra stuff in there and I got like three pairs of propellers might even be four pairs of extra props and the right screwdriver to take those on and off, which is kind of nice it's a looks like a flat head. Actually, I take those on and off really nice and one two where's, my other one. This looks like we're, we have the iPhone here and the Android, and I believe there was one more in the box, and this is the charger it's, the balanced charger that takes two hours you'll see these turn green they'll be red to begin with, all three across Counting all three cells: if one of these goes out, you might have a bad cell in your battery and what's.

Also extra nice is they do give you a car charger. So if you're driving somewhere, you know you're going to the beach, you can use that to charge on the way and you get a charged lead which this just plugs into the balance port on this side of the charger. And then this little guy right here plugs right into the battery, and here is your AC adapter or plug it into the wall and last but not least, are my three batteries that came along with this bundle that 389 bundle I'm getting about. 20 minutes real time flight with this battery. It says 23 minutes on the specs, but I think in average conditions like a 15 mile an hour wind, you're, you're gon na respectively, get about 20 minutes flight time out of each of those batteries. But again, I think the big positive of these is that they do charge quite quick on the charger that comes along with the xeno pro so that's. Everything there is in the bundle, and hopefully you guys got something out of this review and – and you learn a little bit more about those you know pro, then you knew before there are some other reviews out there that you can check out too and not just Take my word for it, of course, but in my opinion I think it's, probably one of the best releases that hubsan has come out with, and it should be because now we're at about the third generation of this drone and version one.

Two and three here we go so this is a really really nice update and I'm glad they fixed and worked out a lot of the kinks in the bugs in the the transmission, the range they added. That was triple the range on this drone so and the video looks actually better than the way better than the original. A little more crisp, not quite as fuzzy and you're gon na have you're gon na have usable Stills, which is really nice and I'm, really impressed. What I'm most impressed by is the fact that when I'm, with a gimbal wheel, it's a really nice slow, cinematic move it's, not a real jerky, quick, stopping gimbal like we've had in the past. When you let go of the thumb wheel, you could always tell that the gimbal has stopped and it was really hard to get your speed right on some of those slow down up and down pans. So they've kind of fixed that with this new one, which is really cool so again, I got ta, say probably probably a five star drone guys.