I think were about two weeks out and i was thinking to myself. I said there could be a few of you guys that want to get into drones this year. So what i have in my hand, right here, is my dji mavic mini one, and what i want to do for you guys is help. You make a decision on what drone you should pick up for yourself by showing you what comes with the mavic mini one and showing you some of the footage that you can get with this drone right here now, keep in mind. There are other drones out there. More advanced ones, this is the mavic mini one. There is a mavic mini se, as well as a mavic mini 2, but were going to take a look at this. One were going to dive into the box, see what comes with this fly more combo and, like i said, if you stay to the end of the video ill, show you guys some footage that i put together today, so that it can help you make a decision On what drone you should get lets get to it, alright guys. So this is the mavic mini one. So earlier in the video i said there was a mavic mini one, a mavic mini sc and a mavic mini two um. So, just to kind of give you guys a little bit of a difference between those three drones. This is the mavic mini one, the mavic mini one and the mini se are kind of the same drone, its kind of weird because they came out with the mavic mini one.

First, then, they came out with the mavic mini 2 and then they came out with the mavic mini se, but the mavic mini sc sits in the middle because it is a hybrid between the one and the two. However, it is more in a sense the same as the one, its very very weird, so i would just kind of scratch out the sc. If youre gon na get any one of these drones, i would go with the one or the two. I would just completely get scratched the sc, so the difference between the one and the two is uh. The controls. Um two has a different controller. The two also has like occu sync and things like that, and the two overall shoots at 4k and the one which is what i have here shoots at 2.7 k and, like i said they do have different controllers and things like that. The mavic mini 2 also has um just a little bit of a better signal um so that it doesnt lose connection, not saying that the one always loses connection but um. They did update that as far as the two is concerned, all right. So what i have here is my mavic mini one. This is the fly more combo, but i do want to let you guys know uh that i am missing my propeller guards. I misplaced them somewhere in the house, and i cant find them, but just know that, with the fly more combo, you do get propeller guards so that you can fly around in the house and things like that um or, if youre flying outside and youre a little Nervous, you can put the propeller guards on so in case you crash.

You dont damage your propeller, so with the mavic mini one uh youre gon na get this hard. Shell case right here with the mavic mini two youre gon na get a soft case. So just keep that in mind too so youre gon na get this hard case. Youre gon na get two propeller guards and uh once you open it up. Youre gon na have uh your charging cable right here, youre going to have your actual controller right here with your antennas and once you open up the controller youre gon na. Have your uh knobs right here. So you would just screw these in uh just like that. As you can see, and the other one is here just screw it in and then youre gon na have all your cables and stuff down here. You have your uh iphone cord here and they do come with uh multiple cords for different phones. I just have the iphone so thats the one i plugged in but keep in mind in these little boxes. Uh. There are other accessories that allow you to use other uh cell phones as well, so youre gon na get your controller. Let me put this back. Youre gon na get your controller, remove that off then youre gon na get uh three batteries. One comes with the uh mavic mini in general, but youre gon na get two extra batteries with this actual battery charging case and right here on the side of this battery charging case, you can uh plug it in and charge it and if you want to plug In like your phone or something uh, this acts as a charging hub as well, so you can plug in your phone in here and charge up your phone, but youre gon na get three batteries and i think you get about 30 minutes of flight time between 20 To 30 minutes of flight time off each battery, so just keep that in mind as well.

Uh, then down in here youre gon na get your little spare parts. Other youre gon na get your propellers spare parts and other little cables and stuff to plug into your actual uh controller right. Here then, after that, youre going to have your actual drone right here, while looking at it from the bottom youre going to have a little cover for your actual um camera. As far as the gimbal is concerned, uh youll open it up just like this. Do this real, quick im going to open this bad boy up like this, and it is very, very small, its very, very light and very, very compact right here in the back open this up. This is where the battery is going to go. This is where your micro sd card is going to go right here, as you can see micro sd card, and this is where youre gon na plug it in to charge. If you have a battery in it, you can charge it on the go and you can plug it into a computer so that you can read whats on the actual sd card as well, so ill put a link in the description where you can get the uh Mega mini 1 and the mavic mini 2 as well, but just keep in mind. This is everything that youre going to get when it comes down to the dji mavic mini 1.. I have no complaints about this. Drone ive had this drone since it really honestly since it came out – and i really have nothing to complain about with this drone it has held up – i havent had any crashes.

I havent had any issues with it. Uh firmware updates are still coming out for this drone too so uh thats another thing uh to keep in mind, youre still getting your firmware updates with this drone. I just got one recently, probably on november 30th, if im not mistaken, we got a firmware update. So i love this drone. Its very, very small, very compact, and another big thing to note about this drone is that its 249 grams. So therefore it doesnt have to be registered currently right now, it doesnt have to be registered um, so keep that in mind. 249 grams – you dont have to register this, so if you want to fly, you should be able to go and fly recreational and things like that, so uh, real quick. What i want to do, for you guys, like i said earlier in the video, is that i want to show you guys some footage from this drone, and i want you to drop me a comment below and let me know what you guys. Think of the actual footage uh this video was was not intending to be was not intended to be a long. I just wanted to show you guys a drone and just give you other options in case youre on the fence about getting one in general. So lets go ahead. Take a look at that footage and then well come back and wrap this video up: Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, all right guys! So hopefully, this video has helped you decide on what drone you should get for yourself, whether that be an entry level drone an intermediate one or one of those advanced drones.

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