One of their drivers decided to lets, say, borrow it before my several complaints and then they did return it and then it was delayed. And then it was supposed to be delivered to me and then they delivered it to the wrong place and i had to go and collect it myself, so uh good on you tol, very good anyway. This is an upgrade of a drone. Thats well weve been using a drone on the channel, but the drone that i originally had had no tech in it whatsoever. It was literally fly by mark and it could have crashed at any time because there was no safety sensors or anything in that particular drone, and it didnt have very good range or coverage either. Weve seen that in the singapore videos i i couldnt fly out very far until i lost coverage with the drone. So this is an upgrade well im hoping it is im hoping thats whats in this box. Now this drone is brand new and i dont just mean brand new in this box. I mean brand new, as in it has just been released to the public, and it is as rare as hens teeth to wait in australia. For one of these drones, you will be waiting over two months at the moment, how i managed to score one. I i really dont know it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time, and this drone is much more expensive than the drone we originally used on the channel, and you wouldnt think that in such a small little box, would you But anyway, i did do even a good deal with jb hifi thats, where i bought it from.

They gave me a 128 gigabyte, professional, extreme plus memory card for free, which was very nice of them. They did give me the postage for free, but hey they needed to. We saw the way that went and inside here. This is what uh approximately one thousand five hundred dollars gets you. It was a little bit cheaper, but uh with insurance and that, on the top, its gon na be over one thousand five hundred dollars and thats only with one battery. So i will still need to buy additional batteries, uh and bits and pieces to go with this. Particular drone, so this drone is going to end up costing like two grand in total uh ill, give you some close ups of the box, so you can see each side of it whats on the box on the outside. Nothing too impressive. On the outside of the box, as you see there, i must say usually when i get a product, um and usually a cheaper product, when i open it up, i go geez. This packaging is really elaborate and they spend a lot of money in packaging and you know did it did they need to spend that much? Surely you would bring the cost down if they had cheaper packaging um, but this goes to the other extreme. This is like a really expensive product and i think that its in the cheapest nastiest packaging they could possibly think of. I actually feel a little ripped off that the packaging.

The thing im going to throw away is so cheap and nasty, but anyway thats my two cents worth im, not in a happy mood. People im not in a happy mood because of this korea company, so im going to complain about everything but im not going to complain about this drone ive been very excited to get my hands on it. I still dont know where im going to fly it yet within australia, thats a big, tough decision. I really want to use this to the best of its capabilities. The area im in at the moment im not really going to be able to so i might have to do some day trips or something though it is the middle of winter anyway. Uh to the unboxing weve got a little tab down here on there. So if we uh casually pull the tab away, it didnt make any exciting noise. So im not too excited about that. That should literally open the box and and thats it thats thats opening the box. It looks as impressive inside as what it does outside. Weve got a little qr code there, which i dont actually need and youre going to see why in a minute, but this is the first time ive looked at this drone. Normally, when a drone or something uh is released, and you want to go by, you can go to the shop and touch it and play with it, but these are literally so rare you cant even go to the shop to see.

One of these lets touch it. So this is the first time and comes in a throwaway plastic bag, as you would expect in the cheap packaging. I know, look look im picking on the packaging, but i know the drone has the quality in there for the money ive spent. In fact, i think that this has more stuff on this drone than what the cost of it is. So you know thats, obviously why theyve cheaped out on the packaging, but there it is there its called the mavic mini 3 pro um and uh its got like. I had a mavic mini before thats what we had before, but this is very different to the other one for a lot of reasons which well go into um, as i do a number of videos about this drone, but it is a little bit bigger. For a start than what the other one was, though, it still weighs the same, which is 249 grams, which means i can fly this anywhere in the world and i do not need a license thats the important thing if its 250 grams, so one gram more, you Could have a license and a lot of countries wont let you fly it. How much is a license? Well, you would need one for every country you go to and in australia, for example, its 600 a year plus you have to go through a training course. The other beautiful thing about this drone and im, saying beautiful, but i havent tried it out yet, is that this has sensors on it, which the other one didnt its got front, facing: sensors rear facing sensors and sensors underneath.

So if this was flying towards a building or a tree or something rather than mark having to try to figure out where i am and try steer around it and hope ive got coverage, this will actually either stop. If i program it to stop or it will fly around the object and were going to test that im going to go walking through the bush or around some trees in the coming days and im going to just literally let this drone follow me and see if It crashes its got no avoidance on the side, so literally you do have to fly forward or backwards to get that kind of protection going with it and thats. Why the other drone i kept saying its? It was causing a bit of a problem, because i could never see what i was doing with the mobile phone. It kept losing signal and the drone was still flying. I mentioned that many times, but i couldnt see if it was going to crash into a building the other drone. I had to literally stop from crashing into the building this one. If i did lose coverage with it and it was going straight to a building. It has the built in tech now for it to go around and avoid it without crashing into it. I did notice so somebody on youtube, flew it into a power line, but it was a single power line, so it does have its limitations, so anything big its fine with anything little uh, maybe not so its got the battery in there already another good feature about This, i think, is the battery, if i can figure out how to take it out, like that, the other one had it like a flap, a door on the back, and it was a bit of a pain.

I have to say this. One literally is the back of the drone, but ive only got one battery there, isnt no more batteries in australia. None im gon na have to wait for a couple of months to get more batteries. So literally it is going to be a pain. I can only go out and fly for the length of the battery. They say its about 35 minutes in real world condition, its about 20 minutes and then its going to take like a couple of hours to charge im going to really have to stage my shots as best i can. It looks beautiful in real life. Ive seen this on videos and i didnt like the look of it, i thought it looks really crap i have to say, but in real life it looks pretty good, its even got built in lights, uh on the wings as well, which again well see in future Episodes but the other reason why i got this drone, not only because its better with this avoidance system, it has better resolution on it as well. This has 4k uh 30 frames per second, where the other one was only 2.7k, so were going to get a better image, but i dont need to use my mobile phone with this particular drone. These came in three different varieties. You could have just bought the drone by itself if you had a remote control from before, or if you were using your mobile phone.

You could have got a remote control like i had with the other drone, whereas you had to plug in your mobile phone and thats what was causing a problem or for the more expensive pack, which is this one. You get a beautiful. I like. I am so ex, like the drone yeah, whatever i am so excited about this particular uh controller and um its because it has you can get the bag off it. It has an inbuilt screen, oh yeah, so i dont need to use my mobile phone anymore. I dont have to try and get the apps working and connect one thing up with another up with another, now its all in the handheld device. How beautiful is that, if youre not into tech youre, most probably going to say, mark its just a bit of plastic but its, not its beautiful, so its got heaps of controls on it here to control your cameras to control the drones its programmable as well. So i can switch some of these buttons around and in future, videos were gon na, have a close up. Look at this and the setup process. The other good thing about it is this also records what is going on with the controller. So before every time you saw footage from me, it came from the drone. Now it can come from the drone, but i can also record whats on the screen with the controller. So when you see all those pretty numbers, the drone is this high or doing this out of the other.

I can now record that and then blend the two together, so that is uh spectacular. That feels quality. That feels really nice. I have to say i was thinking it was going to be a bit cheapish in the extent of you know the cost of it all and what the drones designed for, but that feels really good quality. I am super happy with that. I am so excited about this anyway. What else is in here? I can tell you that there is a oh, i can smell it already. I can smell it already. There is a dji instruction manual, and this is what im smelling already. I dont know what ink they use a dji honestly but like if youve never had a dji product just go, buy the cheapest thing you can, so you can smell the ink that they print their brushes with now weve got a quick start guide. I dont think you need to have them these days, because everybody on youtube sort of like does videos on them all. What have we got here? Something thats completely not in english, share the skies so just little information about drones, uh in australia. We deal with uh casa and that so its a little information sheet on there telling you the laws um another instruction manual uh. This has battery information and flight information in as in. If you go on a plane, okay, this type of batteries they are but thats, not in english, so thats not important.

Now that this is important. Okay, this is the important bit just you want to see an unboxing thats, what you get um, more useless rubbish, not in english, something else not in english and finally, whats this something else, not in english theres, a lot of not in english and theres. Nothing else. In that particular box in here, though, we have a set of spare blades. Now when i got the other drone, because it was the first drone i ever had the first professional or proper drone i ever got. I thought that i would go through so many blades and they gave you three sets. I think it was with the other one. You know i never needed to replace the blades once so, even when i sold the other drone, it had the blades with the spare blades with it still so, hopefully i wont need them, but you know if i do theyre there, which is great youve, got a Little screwdriver to change uh, the blades, if need be, and youve got a usbc to usbc plug, because i dont provide you with a power brick anymore. I am going to have to buy one of them because its 30 watt charging it can charge like off any power brick really, but if its under 30 watts its going to take forever to charge ill, buy a 30 watts uh plug for it um. I suppose they give you ive just thought about this.

The reason why they could potentially give you blades is not for you crashing and breaking the blades, but its when you are transporting the drone, because theres nothing to hold the blades down and they do flick around a bit in the bag, which is a bit of A pain so i dare say they can get damaged every now and again, so there you go um, i suppose ill take off the front of the gimbal just to show you. The camera weve got a lot of foam going on in there protecting everything so ill. Just have to be very careful with this: there we go so we have the gimbal here with thats a the little thing that moves. If you never knew what a gimbal was thats, what keeps things steady and youve got the camera on front of it um. This can go higher than what it could with the previous drone, because theres no plastic there, so you can shoot higher. You could do a whole lot, a bunch of wonderful stuff. The hardest thing is to get on the gimbal cover. He says doing a perfection perfectionately and thats. It thats my unboxing video of the dji mavic mini 3, pro drone 1500 worth here, going to need, potentially another uh, 300 or so for some additional batteries when they are available. So lets just say: the whole package, when it is complete, will cost you about 2 000 australian dollars. I think its worth it because of the remote.

If it wasnt with this particular remote, then i dont know. Potentially, it could still be worth that money because of these sensors. These sensors are just really interesting me. I really want to try them. I really want to see that a drone is so clever that its not going to smash into something, because these little sensors on the top and underneath so were going to be testing that anyway. The next video were going to see is setting up the drone. With that particular remote control and doing the firmware updates, there was a lot of updating to do with this drone. You cannot unpack it from this box and go flying. It is going to take hours to set up this drone. I i know that for a fact already hours to set up the drone uploading, the software here uploading the software here going through the registrations going through all the stuff you need to so this drone, even if i wanted to even if i got it this morning, Would not be flying today; it would take the rest of the day to set it up, so tomorrow is going to be its first flight anyway. That is it any questions you have about the mavic mini pro 3.. Do let me know in the comment box below, apart from that, wherever you are in this big wonderful world im going to go play with my toy, have a good morning afternoon evening. All night well see you you.