I recently bought myself an uh, an upgraded drone uh this this little guy, the dji mavic mini 2 and uh. Yesterday we had some fantastic weather in the scottish borders. Went down. Did some flying uh down there down a little town called peebles, just this little thing, it’s, so dinky so delicate, so small and light it feels really flimsy um. I got the fly more pack, so you get the full three batteries um a fancy. Little handbag uh to to do uh to carry around with which uh, which is quite nice in total, once you had on the package, the postage was about 560 580 pounds somewhere around about that and um. It feels really delicate feels really like you’ve got to be super careful with it there’s a wii strap that you put around it to keep the propellers in and all that kind of stuff, and even just putting it on. Oh you’ve got to be very careful with it and even taking the the lens cap off the front is terrifying because it just feels like you’re gon na snap, the little thing but with oh, my goodness, oh my goodness is all i can see um astonishing, like Absolutely fantastic i’ve i’ve been shooting for years with the dji phantom 3 pro the bigger one, which needs a full rucksack to carry everywhere this one. Some people complain it doesn’t, have front sensors back sensors up sensors blah blah blah, but this has all the same abilities of the dji phantom 3 pro 4k video footage at 30 frames.

A second 2.7 k at 48 frames, a second and lots of other settings, um and 60 frames a second and 1080. All just all the video settings you need great. The controller is a beast. The connection to my to my mobile phone um i’ve, just got some kind of cheapy phone was fantastic. The dji fly app um was great. It saved cached footage on this. So one of the memory cards i had failed um a part shoot, but it saved the actual footage from the time of much lower quality um on my phone, so that brilliant i’ve still got so even when bits fail, because a memory card is corrupted in some Sort of way there was still backup going in here the little planet – things that can do the 360. The ultra wide angle, all that stuff um, is so good uh. I generally don’t upgrade my kit very often um, but when i do, i want to make sure i’m spending my money wisely and the this one not only also insurance is cheaper replacement is cheaper. The dji care refresh package for this is 45 pounds, instead of if you’re, the mavic it’s like 100 pounds, or you know, easily double them out, um and if you’re flying carefully and you’re flying cinematically, which is why you do so literally trying to get nice footage Or you’re going up done flying forward done, you know not, if you’re trying to do fpv flying with that or if you try to really dangerous flying, but if you’re trying to get good stable like that’s, what was surprising but stable footage, and also with this being So dinky it gets no attention.

So when i was in um in a place, you don’t see people kind of going what’s up there like well that’s, ruined that footage or dog going what’s that you’re, like oh dogs, are now chasing it. This literally people see it and think it’s a toy and you just get no hassle from anyone, uh or animals, and even the birds that’s a lot of things again. I took out the phantom uh a couple days ago: i’m, literally within about 10 meters of the ground, seagulls and pigeons and birds were going quack, quack, trying to attack it or say hello in a friendly way. This one birds haven’t been interested in it. They don’t hear it it’s, so silent, it’s, so good, very impressive. If any of you are thinking of getting a drone or if you’re, still using the phantom 3 and you’re looking for an upgrade this little thing in to this little rucksack with three batteries and uh, and this very very good controller. Just what a fantastic way to spend 600 pounds yeah highly recommend it here’s some footage that i got captured yesterday as well. There you go enjoy it um and uh yeah, some things i always try and find a criticism for and the only criticism is being it feels really delicate and it feels really like. Oh you could break it at any moment. I think that’s, just partly because i’m not used to something being so small um, but in terms of quality stability, um and uh.

Just how well it flew that’s, just how shake free. The footage was just what a good way to spend money buy that, if you’re new, to get something no recommendations where to buy it or how to buy it, but just if you’re looking for a drone Music, great investment update done just so. You need to restart the drone okay when they see it’s 250 grams, it’s uh. It feels so incredibly light and so frail so fragile, so let’s see how well this goes so it’s searching for the aircraft take off permitted. Okay, i like how it keeps you all on the right here: okay let’s see if it’s uh the same as it was in the previous drone, both props down that is nice and quiet, but let’s see let’s. Do the video nope not play go back? Video 30 frames, a second 1080 we’ll go for 48 frames. A second start: recording, okay, footage. Good propellers are good they’re, not causing any sort of vibration at all, let’s see how confident we feel Music i’ve seen somebody where they just grab it and twist it, and that turns it off. Let’S see if that works. Oh well that doesn’t work i’ll put my hand down Music, okay. First, two tests cool. If you try and grab it in the mid air, it automatically just goes up, and if you hold down with your hand down it, will gently land liking that i also saw somewhere where they just kind of like lift up and i’ll start, maybe not, maybe need It Music so it’s all learning again let’s see how well oh in normal mode, it’s, so nice and smooth and slow oh, this could be the drone that actually makes me enjoy flying drones again right, let’s go for a little fly, let’s point the other way.

Let’S head up: oh wow, i know it. I can’t hear it at all it’s that is so silent. Well, that footage is nice. Okay, point in the okay still always gon na be fearful of birds: okay, okay, first flight done Music! Oh i like it like. I like it like it, oh, that that was shockingly good. Oh so, as i say um it does feel so delicate and fragile um, but uh very impressed with that. First uh footage like even the propellers are so small and dinky like you really have to, or it feels like. I really need to be super careful uh with this, like. If i get the propellers wrong, while putting away is that good damage, it hope not and then the other bit, which i’m very nervous of is putting actually on the uh the camera protector, because it um it wasn’t. The easiest thing to put on because, like the camera slightly twists, when it’s inside stop twisting oh let’s, do there and then it’s in and then yeah that clicky sound, yeah, slightly nervous um, making that quick, sound there and then the next bit is there’s a there’s. A thing to strap around it to to look after all the propellers, but this is so tight, it’s, it’s, quite scary, putting this on as well again. I’M i’m, clearly, a very nervous person uh with stuff which costs five well. This was a the fly more pack which costs a good 500 pounds, 550 pounds, and then that goes in there and then this goes over and then it’s quite tight squeeze it all in.

So i think it’s just going to be a case of the more i use it. The more confident i’ll feel packing it up and moving all that kind of stuff, but in terms of just how small and how stable, granted there’s no wind whatsoever just now so it’s got an easy easy time.