DJI Mavic Air Review: The Best Drone I’ve Ever Crashed

Need an opportunity to snap up a DJI Mavic Air identical to this one, for as a lot as 60 p.c off? Play Gravy in your iPhone or iPad this coming Sunday (June 24th) at …


  1. Dude just stop buying drones, you seem to always lose them.

  2. 👍👍👍😳👍👍👍

  3. The bird eyes view video of the DJI Magic Air drone is wonderful. I hope they invent a battery for drone that last 1 hour.

  4. That video feed at @5:40 had something nice, like a dimensional distortion… But of course its better to create it on post instead of popping while flying 😛

  5. Losing a drone is part of the Hobby and don't let anybody else tell you differently. There is not a single RC pilot on this planet that has never crashed one of their aircraft for lost one as it comes with the territory of the hobby. And always remember altitude is your friend.

  6. you should do a mavic pro review and compare them. I still prefer the mavic over the air.

  7. i dont care i drones are illegal here in sweden, im gonna get one and have that thing chase away those FUCKING seagulls!

  8. I hope people appreciate how much work you put into your videos. They ooze with attention to detail. I've been following you since the Pocketnow days and I've been rooting for your new channel ever since I heard you were leaving to do your own thing. Congratulations building a wonderful and successful channel! (Not that I had any doubt you would)

  9. I'm surprised ur doing a drone video..(didn't know) follow u for the mobile knowledge on cell phones…and i must say your videos are the best!! gr8 work again!!

  10. Don’t review drones. If you are going to, try to review an Inspire. You’ll do your best to recover it since it costs 💵💵💵

  11. I had low battery on my mavic air about 1700 feet out in the ocean… threw it into sports mode and booked it back at 40mph😂 the drone is fine

  12. Geez. Don't trust this guy with drones, or Mobile Suits or Gundams.

  13. Angel of drone death is thy name

  14. Micheal, I can’t believe you lost another drone, especially The Mavic Air. It’s so easy to fly and to get those shots that a Phantom just can’t into because of its size. I should tell you even though you lost your first Spark, we ,my wife and me took a brand new Spark along with my Phantom 3SE on vacation. It was an absolute nightmare. Good thing Best Buy loves me so much, because I had and returned 6 of them all over the country. It was a nightmare. Same problem every single time , the WiFi kept just dropping out and if I didn’t do a quick RTH I would have lost all of them. The Phantom performed flawlessly but the Spark well I came home with an open box 1000.00 Brand new Samsung ultrabook that was perfect and marked all the way down to 550.00. If the Spark worked that well I would still have it but I’m done with that junk. Absolutely the worst product DJI has ever put out. Stay mobile Michael.

  15. Excellent use of an "Airplane" ref!

  16. You are dope, Michael… Period… The music, the cinematography, the editing, the review and yeah, ur voice…. Just everything fits so well and gives us a cool video…

    Keep it up… Lucky to have creators like u out there.. Peace..

  17. Crashing seems par for the course – no achieving drone piloting greatness without a wee trail of destruction behind 🤘😂 Love your style – should be in front of the camera more x ❤️

  18. expose for the highlights and bring back the shadows in post is gr8 at that ^^

  19. All your reviews are extra decent. Keepup this good works….

  20. you can fit everything into the fly more combo bag. two or three batteries and charger go in the bottom. the drone goes in the top compartment without the smaller case. the controller with the sticks unscrewed goes in the side. the small case is intended to be used seperately is you wanted to bring just the drone and no controller

  21. Here’s the thing. It costs twice as much as the Spark, and offers only marginal improvements. 4K vs 1080, 35 mph vs 31, slightly longer battery. I just got the Spark Fly More refurbished for $389 – I’m not sure the Air is worth the extra

  22. i am a spark owner and own an RC remote,i can confrim you can also using USB OTG to connect the remote and your phone for a much stable connection,just for remind~^^


  24. Fear of crashing or losing is why havent invested in a drone yet..maybe in the future when they are better at not getting lost or are much durable

  25. Mr mobile deserves 1,000,000

  26. professional drone crasher!

  27. Michael you need to get some ND Filters for that bad boy. Helps with the washed out highlights tremendously!

  28. Damn that shot at 7:18 was really cool.

  29. Beautifully made and edited… A treat to watch.

  30. Could you also test a drone that's transporting a pizzas? DJI Mavic S1000)

  31. Ok… So… I like you and your channel and all…. But please no more drone reviews…. My poor heart can't take any more…. Those poor drones..

  32. Just today had my dji phantom 3 standard flipped upside down and I panic trying to grab the drone while the blades cutting me. Unstead of killing the motors. I tried to power off the drone. Yeah that was not smart. Both of my arms got deep cuts. However I did hopefully learn to always kill the motor. It could have been so much worse. I will end with this always kill the motors.

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