Left 40 percent see that on the screen there I'm starting to get nervous again. Oh boy, Music, hey guys, thanks for tuning in here, we are at the park with the Mavic air 2 got a fully charged battery just boot. It up got my screen. Recording we're gon na go ahead and do a range test same place. I did the range test at the with the Mavic mini number. We got like three and a half miles so just had this on for, like 30 seconds I'm, not gon na waste any more time, we're gon na see. As far as we can get fully charged battery so let's launch. We got 18 satellites, 99 percent, so let's go ahead and do this thing so it both sticks down and in probably should open those propellers, but we're just gon na go up and go straight that way as soon as we can and I'm not gon na go Too high I'm just gon na kind of walk over here by the wall slightly. So just like my Mavic mini test we're at sunset. Here you can see the hat cam over there, the Sun setting on the West Maui mountains at about 15 minutes till sunset and we're. Just gon na see how far we can get I'm going to go up a little bit as I'm going out and just let you guys know I have all the sensors off and everything so whoops forgot to start recording.

I am gon na record in 4k. There we go so you'll just have seen my screen for a second there until I started. Recording I'll have that 4k come up now on the bottom right and in fullscreen also. So if you wanted to check that out, go ahead and look at the 4k now this is low, light and I'm, not using the HDR I'm, just using the 4k 30 frames per second, I probably used to just add a power, but you know what I'm, not Too worried about it because we want to kind of see I mean if you're going this far don't you want to like possibly get some video too. You know so anyway, that's some people, just don't, think you should record. But I like to record, because you kind of want to see like how much you can do out here too and then I'm also going to be moving the gimbal up and down during the flight and it's. A perfect example of what you can expect. And if you can actually control it, while you're going this far and not just actually be flying out for no reason, so this will give you a good idea of like how far you can go and what kind of controls you can do and what kind of Videos you can get so anyway. Do you have the map over there in the bottom left what you can do? Oh you know what I didn't do.

I want to pop this down here and I'm gon na put my phone into airplane mode. Almost forgot to do that, so you see how that turned everything off still going out pictures looking just great I'm gon na tilt the gimbal down again a little bit, and if you look in my hat cam here, there's actually a couple of telephone lines just like The Mavic mini when I did that range test there's all there is – is a couple of telephone lines in the way and we're just heading out towards Wailea. So let's just see how far we can go. Picking up the gimbal again to the horizon. Let'S, go all the way up and by the way, guys I'm, just in normal mode I'm, not going to do sport mode for this because sport mode, I mean you can go faster, but it eats a lot of power right. So for this first test, we're just gon na be in normal mode, I don't really see a reason to go into a sport mode for the first test. We are going. How fast are we going we're going about 25 24, 25 miles per hour I'm? Having a little bit of breeze coming from the front of me, where I'm standing so it's a couple miles per hour, so you should be doing really good let's rotate that gimbal down a little bit. Some people say the gimbal rotation uses too much power, but I mean the gimbal has to like stabilize itself anyway to be still so.

I really don't think it uses that much if you're just trying to slowly move it and check this out so we're I'm. A little bit lowered today, I'm, not going up super high I'm, only sixty two feet from my launch point and the mountain is dropping off around the Haleakala Mountain over here on Maui, Hawaii and I'm just trying to keep the controller. If you can see my controller here through my hat cam, this is the antenna up here: I'm, just trying to keep it pointed directly in the direction where the craft went for the best signal. So, looking good when we pass over this little gully we'll go ahead and bring the camera down, so you guys can see in there kind of neat. This is like just old pasture land there's vacant pasture land. This is basically a really dry side of Maui right here that we're flying over so not too much to look at, but let's see what our stats are. As we fly over this I'm going to tilt the camera down, so you can see the contrast on the stats on that's upper right of the screen. 82 power says we have 22 minutes of flight time left, but click on that flight time. Our battery voltage comes up battery temperature and how long we been flying exactly five minutes right now: click on the screen again that goes away. Let'S look down here in the gully, with the mini.

When I move the camera all the way down, it seemed to want to slow down let's see if that happens with the Mavic air wow that's, pretty neat in there isn't it I'm just trying to keep roading like rotating the gimbal down, slowly until it just completely Bottoms out still going down there, we go so that's maximum gimbal rotation down I'm going to click in the middle of that Valley nope. I don't have any exposure ability clicking on the screen. I guess when it's recording like this, but look at that isn't. That neat looks like there might be some water in there too, that's coming from Haleakala Mountain Lulu, Pollock, EULA and going on down might see some goats yeah our speed, didn't change really still going 25, so that's good to know I'm just gon na leave it down. For a little bit, so we can really just see in there wow. What is that down in there like a tent would be neat to have a zoom lens right now and I'm, seeing something white might be moving down in that Valley. You guys. Let me know what you think: that is, if you saw something I'm gon na slowly pull the camera up now and we're going to see what we can see. I minimize my little map here. I had that open I'm, just gon na minimize that for the time being and I'm just slowly pulling this gimbal up. This should just be like pasture land there's, another little gully we're gon na pass over so what's our distance.

We didn't even mention our distance we're at almost three miles. Oh my gosh, almost 15000 feet and there's. The little pooh see that on the left of the screen, a little red cinder, cone nice so anyway, that's with it all the way up. I'M gon na go down again to see this gully as we pass it by. This is the exact same path. I went with the Mavic mini pretty much the exact same time of day, maybe a little bit later, so I haven't seen one little hiccup man in the video on my phone. Yet I'll have had that up most of the time, so you guys can see what's happening and we're just gon na move down. Just like this let's see another little cool goalie here, and this is the exact same place I passed over, looks like we're still because I'm moving the gibble down as we're going forward. I think I'm, seeing some cows and some livestock down there, pretty cool just still going man. I have not seen one little glitch amazing, so yeah guys we're past three miles past three miles going on 18000 feet: 16. 7 power man. We this thing is amazing. This is the new occu sync, this lock, you think 2 or 3 boy, oh boy – and this remember this Mavic air 2 has the air scent, so maybe not so bad. If you're flying out of line of sight, because you'll get a notification that says aircraft returning the home fly with caution, did you see that on the screen I don't want it to return to home, but nothing popped up like it's gon na force me.

So I think I might for stop it if it tries to return. I am going down to 21 miles per hour again. A lot of people are gon na get aggravated because I keep moving the gimbal, but I want this to be entertaining and not just a range test with my screen up there. I want you guys to see how this video is doing. Okay, look at this canceling. Did you see that canceling and we're at 63? Remember? I went to like fifty or forty nine with the Mavic mini. I made it home at like 0, so this may be another. Zero percent range test check out our footage, guys 20600 feet over there on the bottom left, going at 21 miles per hour. Amazing turn off my camera. Save some battery a hat cam. You guys should still hear my voice, see the 4k up there on the screen and also my phone. So you guys can see all the stats up there on the phone, so okay, that so that was the first return to home and basically, what that does is it's just for safety reasons. It wants you to return to home with say about 20 20 or so power left, 20 percent, or so maybe even 30 percent. If you were just to let it return to home with these drones when it wants you to just for safety reasons like say your ear, fighting some wind that you don't know about still in good gimbal control, I'm rotating it up and down over there check that Out you can see Molokini to the bottom left of the screen or mid left that little tiny island, and then you see coho Alavi in the back of that and then over to the right.

I think that's, the West Maui mountains whoa the gimbal just went down on its own. That was interesting. I might have just hit like some wind gusts. Cuz look we're going like 27 miles per hour on a try. So I'm gon na hold my finger on the screen and I'm gon na push okay cool. Look at that I'm not moving the drone left and right I'm, just moving the camera by holding on the screen and moving my finger isn't that a cool feature look at that there's West Maui mountains. So you can be going in a straight line and do this that's really cool. I want to go back to our zero on that bottom. Little gauge there so I've had that up too. So you guys could see that 52 and basically five miles yeah. So we're five miles guys look at this I'm just going to go to 26000 feet and then we're gon na do return to home, and that should be five miles. Okay, so we can say we went to did a five mile trip there. We go turn it around 49 quickly holy smokes. Oh my gosh. We went to 49 mm hmm. I hope that doesn't knit knit me in the bud there so we're just gon na let it start coming back and then we're I'm gon na push forward. Actually, with the right stick so with my hand, I'm actually pushing forward, see how was only going about 25 when I let off the stick and let it come back, but now it's going 29.

So, oh boy, another risky one we're at 47 man, we went five miles out and I didn't even see a hiccup in the screen. Let'S see how it is coming back, not even a hiccup I'm moving the gimbal up and down a little bit. Oh, my goodness, amazing. So, even though the antenna is kind of weird on this man as long as you point it in the direction of the drone, we got five miles. I'Ve had the mileage up on the screen when I hit that turnaround spot, but that was basically 49 percent guys. So just really I'm gon na be hoping that this comes home. We are going faster at least member we're, going out at about 24 25 and it seemed like it hit a little wind, shear gust and started going like 27, when the gimbal got kind of weird. So at least this doesn't seem to be super loud that's, good. The other ones remember the mini and the other Maddox that beeping is like really loud, so I'm gon na keep rotating my gimbal just a little just off and on well. It uses a tiny bit of power and also recording uses a little bit of power, but, like I was saying in the beginning, I really like really like to see how far you can get. If you wanted to get some cool footage, you know what I mean. We haven't had one hiccup in control at all, or one goof on the stream.

No garble amazing five miles just fantastic 41 power and we're 20000 feet away. Geez were almost four miles away and we only got 41 power left 40, see that on the screen there now I'm starting to get nervous again, oh boy. I hope this isn't a loser, don't lose it very well could be, but, like you see on the top, it turned off all the e pass. All the sensors even turned off the auto light. I made sure it was off there's that LED light on the bottom. Just in case I'm, gon na pick up the gimbal again by the way, guys thanks for joining me on this stressful flight. I know these are kind of stressful, but but it really does let you know how far you can go with control and keep in mind that this is not really in any interference. Look at the screen here. Look at the countryside. Do you see any cities? No, so if you're using these drones in a city, you're gon na get less, usually you should get less some range in this because of interference, whether it be Wi, Fi, electromagnetic or structural interference. You know what I mean in between you and the controller like skyscrapers or tree, but here's what you can expect. With line of sight. I get five miles plus with just the battery. I mean we didn't even see any glitch in the range, so we could have definitely gone further, so I'm gon na have my friend Justin help me out with a battery mod on this, so we're gon na see if we can get farther.

If you want to check out his channel, he is the transplanter. Oh there's a fire over there see that thing down there kind of in the middle of the screen a little bit of a fire. I can actually see that with my naked eye in front of me, and I can also see it on the Mavic air to 33 and we're, just under three miles away: hmm and we're going faster. I still have that right. Stick pinned going 29 miles per hour. Okay now, would it return more efficiency? If I didn't have my right, stick pin I don't know, but that is a risk. I'M, not gon na take right now, because then we would only be coming back at like around 25 and if there is a little bit of wind, which it seems because, however, we can only get 24 25 going out. If there is a little wind behind it. And I'm pushing forward it's, probably being a little more efficient on the way back anyway, 31 percent power and we still got two miles to go mm. I don't know just tilting the camera down again, seeing some of this terrain really nothing to look at over. In this desert area, you can see how that cloud cloud line just goes up the mountain and I'm right underneath that cloud line – and I do have the air sense on so I haven't seen any aircraft warnings or anything but that's such a cool feature.

I mean, if you you know, do have that on and on aircraft is in the vicinity. I really don't know how far the aircraft can be. Is gon na be away from it for it to notify you, but it does another vacation pops up on the screen and it says something like air traffic land immediately. So you know you don't want to go over 400 feet anyway, but if, for some reason, a lot of helicopters, tour helicopters here on Maui and Hawaii in general, they like to fly under their required limit, which is, I think, about 500 feet and a lot of Them break that law and fly away under that. So even if that were to happen, you would still be warned even if you're under 400 feet as a drone pilot – and you can just you know, drop your craft down and avoid them so that's. Definitely too good a feature: okay, we're coming home 25 power: oh my gosh we're, just a mile and a half away 8000 feet. Yeah we're coming back quick and I think we're gon na be fine. 24 bill. I don't know we'll see we'll see it seems like it's, really a fishing on the way back, even though I'm pushing forward full stick. So I think we're going to be fine. We'Re, just passing over the smoke let's go monitor it out, while we're flying over Wow there's some police down there, that might be a legit house fire look at this guy's.

It would be nice if I could click the screen and change the exposure, but I can't do that. But yeah look at that. I think that's police cars, yeah firetruck they're, fighting that fire down there. Let'S use our gimbal cam holding the screen and let me rotate the gimbal over while we're still flying forward how about that that's pretty cool huh whoa. It got really dark. When I did that, I think my phone just went in to look at guys what the heck is, that a fire down there see all those lights when the earth had double tap the screen. No, I wanted to maybe get that gimbal back straight. I guess I got ta slide, it see what I'm doing this is just my pointer finger I'm doing with this. I want to get back to zero that's such a cool feature. I never did really explore that before I'm gon na need to brighten up my phone because it's starting to go dark with the auto sensor. By the way I use AZ screen recorder, let's just brighten my screen all the way up. There we go now. I can see it good, it probably wasn't darkening for you guys, but it was getting really dark because the sun's down okay, where the heck are, we yeah we're, almost home sixteen percent. Well, it turned around at forty nine and came home with fifteen percent. Almost definitely not a zero flight, but pretty darn close though so we didn't have to worry about anything on this one, unbelievable that was pretty cool.

You know what I want to do then have the gimbal all the way up. I'M gon na go ahead and let off the stick watch the speed will drop, see how it dropped there 222 miles per hour, I'm gon na see how close it's gon na land up to this cable table right here see what it does. Oh I've turned off all the sensors, so it probably won't let's just see what it does twelve percent power and that was awesome tilt the camera down. So you guys can see my area it's doing this on its own. All I'm doing is tilting the camera. Hey man, not pretty nice, 4k low light shot. The Sun has been set for about 10 minutes now, that's a pretty nice shot for 4k, so you can see with no sensors on there's, where I launched from I'm gon na pick. Her back up and I'm gon na cancel, cancel landing. Let'S cancel it cancel it's, not letting me cancel let's hit return to home again hold in return the home, so I'm Kent I'm tapping this screen. Oh wow, it just turned the light on check out that light, see this LED light, pretty cool huh. So if it's nighttime, when you're coming back, you can just go ahead and land I'm gon na go over this table. So you're hearing beeping tell you what we'll do we'll just let's turn this light off. Music and let's just fly it until it absolutely has to land.

Okay let's just fly it until it forces itself to land. Well turn the light on by itself again: it's, not letting me turn off that light. Okay, keep trying to press that so we're getting red, flashing and we're getting this beeping. I think that was the sensor is looking at me, even though I turned them off just gon na keep it up. Let'S just see how long we can fly. This will be in a 2 0 percent flight test anyway, lease with all these sensors off trying to get in the center of the table. That'S a pretty night little light pretty nice little light. It is wandering a bit because all the ground sensors are off and everything Music pretty neat. I keep canceling this landing. You'Re gon na see it up on the screen there let's see if we tilt the camera down how it like looks into its own light. If you ever want it to do like some night playing and stuff, you know that's kind of cool, so I just keep canceling it we'll pick this camera back up. Okay, all the way back up, so we don't damage it. For some reason, just going to keep flying 1 see what happens I'm just trying to Center it on the table over and over again. By the way guys, I did finally do an IMU. I didn't do an IMU for my initial flight test, but I did one at home, so we're gon na do another return to home.

Another video see if it got better cuz in that flight test. It was still like four or five feet away on its precision landing. I keep canceling this we're at 0. Okay, okay, oh thank you. Thank you. Okay. The park guy wants to leave pretty soon, so there we go guys, so he did went a little bit past under 0 and it turned itself off. So you don't have to worry about damaging the battery and just it just staying on pretty cool man Wow. We went 5 miles out there and we returned it like 15 power. That was pretty darn awesome. I just wanted to bring up my flight log. I think this is the flight right here. Today'S a 28th look at that 16 kilometers. You see my screen: I'm gon na have be recording this. That was 19 meter altitude and we did 27 minutes late, so I'm, just gon na click on that really quick and show you guys that so that was our flight that's. How far we went pretty amazing huh. This is just the map mode and your flight log. If you do all your flights, you can go back into this and then you can choose satellite. If you want to see the satellite imagery so remember this here, we went past that little cinder cone down there and that was pretty cool again I'll have had the video up. So you can see this video. You could see my phone during the whole flight and we didn't get much of the sunset.

There is still a little bit of nice sunset out there on the west mountain also going to do some time lapse, footage a little too dark now and then we're also going to see if we can get some really cool cinematic footage too. So stay tuned. For that, I hope you guys enjoyed that flight. Pretty awesome, Mavic, air, pretty awesome craft and thanks for joining me on this flight don't forget all the links to my gear and also the Mavic air.