I don’t know if this video is airing in the year 2020 or in the year 2021, if it’s in the year 2021. Let me just say year: 2020 i’m, not gon na miss you too much but let’s. Hope 2021. Is much better all right, let’s get on with the master air screw stealth props for the mavic air 2.. So you can see. I have a set here, the blue ones, and i also have the orange one, so master air screw sent me blue and orange, and if you want to see what they look like on the mavic air too, let me show you that right now so i’m showing You some video footage of me filming the mavic air too, with the blue props, on and also with the orange props on my personal favorite, i kind of like the blue ones a little bit better because it goes nice with the the gray now. This is the little box that contains your master air, screw, foldable, props and inside. Of course, you get. Four props and those four props are in a bag, and you also get a safety guideline instruction sheet, as well as master air screw stickers. So now you’re asking yourself or probably asking me, but i really can’t hear you through the camera, so you have to type a comment why in the world, would i buy these props over just the dji ones? That came with my drone? Well, let me tell you, as a guy me, who has been using master airscrew props on all of my drones, that they make them for for several years now i will say: hey i, like the colors b, the performance in my tiny little brain, the performance seems To be better than the oem ones, you know the dji branded ones, they seem to be better, so i kind of like them and whenever master airscrew sends me props for one of my drones and i have all the dji drones i put them on and i Leave them on the drone and yeah i’m, usually quite happy.

So let me tell you what master airscrew says about these props here i’ll put what they say right up here, so they say if you buy our props and put them on your mavic air, too you’re gon na get an increase of eight percent longer flight time. You’Re gon na get a minus two db in sound noise. Sound uh, you’re gon na get an increase speed of two miles per hour. The props weigh less for some reason they are 2.9 lighter than the oem ones. It says. If you are in sport mode, you will actually uh do better. If you put this thing in sport mode, you’ll see an improved performance. What else do they have? They say improve safety because it makes your drone more visible because it’s bright, while they’re spinning you can see the colors when they’re spinning i’ll show you that in a second uh and improved durability, better materials than the dji ones. So you can whack and hack these things and they should last and of course they say, they’re 100 compatible. They are the normal. Just like the dji props. You know you just put them on the motor and spin the motor and they lock in place. And besides the two colors i have here, they also come in red and black. So if you’re wondering about you know the 2db less noise, i can tell you this with master air screw props. They also make props for rc airplanes too, but with master air screw props the sound differences in the pitch.

So as a human standing here listening to a drone, we hate it when the pitch is high because it’s annoying and it makes us turn our head and go. What the heck is that. But when the pitch is low lower pitch, we don’t turn our heads because it just sounds like all the background noise that you hear in everyday life, so when they make the pitch on these things lower, you know maybe you’ll get away flying your drone without attracting, As much attention here, don’t take my word for it here. Let me let me let me show you a little test. I did so. What i do is, i have this boom mic up here: it’s a rode boom mic a very good quality one, and this is what my voice is coming through right now, the audio is recorded on it. So i took this drone and i put the dji props on it. I flew it right here with this background and then i put on the master air screw props and flew it as well and recorded the sound. The mic was very, very close, so you’re gon na hear a difference in pitch check this out Applause. So Applause did you hear it? You should have heard that the dji props sound a little higher pitch than the master air screw props, which sound a little lower pitch less annoying. If you will now you’re, probably wondering okay, so you know master air screw and me captain drone.

I say these give you a little bit more performance. Well, at least i think they do. I will say they don’t, give you anything less that’s for sure and uh. I took it outside in my backyard because it’s really cold out and i didn’t want to go out to the field today and i flew it around and any drone if you want to see if props are really good. First thing you look, for is vibrations. There was no vibrations, and i was out in like sub zero temperatures with these props on flying it around my backyard and flying it up in the air and yeah. It did well here’s the video of that check this out right i’m out here on a dull, cold winter day. Checking out the props i put the blue ones on let’s, see let’s see if my little mavic air 2 here flops all over. Oh pretty stable, pretty stable, very nice. Very nice let’s bring it up. Oh yeah, very nice, Music Applause, Music. There we go take it forward, looks really good, looks really good. Take it over that my backyard quite stable if it was wonky or anything like that, it would be flopping all over the place and smashing into my fence and everything else. Let’S bring it back past this tree. The obstacle avoidance will stop it if it gets close to anything but yeah. It looks really good. Take it up and look at my chimney.

There we go. The video is smooth. No vibrations looks really good check out my neighborhood here. Wow winter is here and it’s cold. All right, let’s, bring it on back down Applause, and there we go, looks good, looks good, take it over the landing pad Applause and pop it on down nice really good. So there you have it the master air screw props. If you’d like to get a set for your mavic air 2, so it doesn’t look like everybody else’s like get different colors. Obviously i guess something that works out well for you. Well then, the links are below taking you right to where the props are, and you can check them out. They are not super super cheap because you know master airscrew has to make a living selling props, so their props are high quality and because they’re high quality and all the r d that goes into it, they have to charge. You know a premium price, so that’s. Why not? Everybody has really good props like this, but if you get the colored ones, then everybody’s gon na know you have the high premium props. All right, guys! Hope you enjoyed this video. If you have questions on the props or anything like that, i’ve been using them for years on all the drones. So then, just post your questions below and, as i said, the links are below to the master airscrew website. Alright guys, thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and have a happy 2021 bye.