This is the first in a series of videos to show you the dji mavic air 2, a brand new drone that will be officially released today here were unboxing the drone just showing you quickly, whats inside the box. We have, of course, the drone, the remote control, some booklets, the manual instructions and then another box with additional propellers, a charger extra sticks and, of course, as you can see, these bags are labeled so that you know exactly what propeller is supposed to go. Where now, with all modern dji drones, you see theres a lot of stickers that you need to take off before you can start flying theres. Also, a gimbal cover included that slightly better design than before. On the back, you find the battery that attaches and detaches like any other dji mavic, at least the larger ones and as well. The props are marked so theres, no doubt as to what prop is supposed to go on which arm. The controller itself is a completely new design. It is somewhat similar to the dji smart controller, theyve tucked the cable neatly inside, so you wont lose cables as easily as before. The sticks themselves are stored at the bottom of the controller you just take them out, screw them in, and then your phone still attaches with a cable and then fits into the holder. The holder is way more sturdy than before, and i think its a much more natural design compared to the original dji mavic controllers.

This is just a lot more natural and easier to use. On the back side, you find one scroll wheel to tilt the gimbal, as well as a on and off record button. You fire up the drone, just like you do with any other dji mavic and after a quick firmware update, you are ready to fly. I did just a quick test flight from my desk to see if the props were attached properly and if everything was working, the way its supposed to it all looks good, so were going to take it outside and test it in some other conditions.