So, stick around to figure out how you can be entered in to win a free case. Music. Have you uh looked at the case, yet no i’m, just unboxing it? Oh, i hope it’s good yeah. I do too. I think that’d be like the best case scenario. All right, so this is the case here. First impressions, definitely a nice quality material, it’s, actually pretty pretty stiff, like i didn’t think that this would have the kind of support that it does so that’s that’s kind of cool. So, first and foremost, the price. This case comes in at 49, u.s just looking over, so you got your handle on the top here. This is like a thick rubber and it’s really nicely fastened on the side. So like this isn’t going to tear out of the case anytime soon, you’ve got a zipper here with rubber. Oh, these are like yeah they’re like rubber, and it has a tsa lock on it. So you can fly with this as well and put a tsa lock on there. I do like that these zippers are shielded inside the fabric, so, as you open them up, it kind of exposes the zipper and that’s really nice, because you do get a nice solid seal on this all right sweet. So it comes with a little warranty card. Some gels and then we have the shoulder strap. This is like a really nice thick seat belt material like there’s. No give to that it’s good quality clasps feel pretty good as well.

Clasps clasps there’s like a little metal clip to go on the outside. I have to say: i’ve never really used these. I have a little drawer in my closet up here, full of shoulder straps, something about the shape of my shoulders, maybe that these never really stay on. So i usually just go with the handle, and i also hate when you put this in the trunk and you have a bunch of straps kind of dangling off i’m, just not a huge fan of those but nice to have in the bottom. We have this thing and i’m pretty sure this is yeah it’s removable. This is pretty sweet. So why i like this is you can actually put things underneath here that aren’t very important like papers? I know in canada we have to carry our our pilot’s license with us all the time um, but you never take it out unless you get stopped by authorities or something like that. So this would be something i put in the bottom there and then it’s kind of out of sight out of mind. You could also put your um. What is it called your maintenance, log and stuff like that? All these things you’re supposed to keep with your drone. Take the drone that obviously pops right in here – okay, yeah that’s, a good snug fit yeah nice cool and we do have room for the entire fly more kit, so you can actually store up to three batteries in here.

Got the controller and one thing that’s. Nice is you, don’t have to take off your uh, the thumb toggles you can actually just leave them on, so it just goes in there like this, and the velcro goes on pretty sweet holds it nice and snug, and i carry a whole bunch of other things With me, usually so, i’ve got my power. Brick that’ll also fit in this side section here, so so that’s pretty much it for the bottom section. You really have your power, your batteries, your controller and the drone itself. Then you flip up this top section. We’Ve got some little stretchy elastic sections here to fit. Basically anything you want like cables or your um sd cards, your sd card readers. Anything like that, so i’m gon na go ahead and start filling this up. So you got these sd card adapters that you can just slide in here. You’Ve got your little controller adapters for your cell phone. Those fill up, pretty sweet, they’re, nice and snug, so things aren’t really gon na come out of there, and then we have this additional section here with the zipper and this for context, i don’t know if you can see but it’s about an inch deep. You can kind of tell by the shape of the lid there, so this will fit things like this. I carry my additional feet. These are like the extension feet that will prop your drone up if you’re trying to take off in tall grass or that kind of thing, i’ve got some nd filters.

These are my newer nd filters and i carry one of these um sun visors for the controller. Just to kind of block out the sun thumb grips i’m gon na put those in one of these little pouches and i can even fit an ipad air in here. Let’S see, i think i can. I think this should work, looks like it’s gon na work. Okay, sweet, so i probably wouldn’t bring that much stuff with me, but it’s definitely nice to see sort of a proof of concept that you can fit this much stuff. So, like an ipad charger, an ipad, the whole fly more kit if you wanted to alright. So what are the pros and cons of this case so pros? Definitely the form factor. It is significantly smaller than one of these cases like if i put these side by side here, you can see this fits more and it’s like would you say, like 70 70 of the size of this case? If i put them this way, you can kind of see here they’re about the same width, but i mean like you’re getting that much extra height. One thing that i like about this: is you can’t pinch your hand in this, whereas with this every time i put this in my car, i seem to lose a finger, so this is a little bit a little bit safer. I just think a little bit more practical for, like the day to day um carry with the drone like if i was taking this to a beach for a weekend trip or something like that.

This would honestly be more than enough support, but also it’s, not gon. Na slide around, like i find one of the issues with the hard case, is that i put it in the trunk and because it’s like plastic on carpet it just slides around and smashes inside of my trunk, whereas i feel like this will just sit a little Bit better and some of the cons here, i found that the zipper is a little bit less quality than i would like like it’s. You can see it wobbles a little bit here and these um, sometimes i close it and they actually close on the wrong side of how they sort of interlock with each other. So that’s a little bit annoying this isn’t a huge deal i’m, not going to be putting a tsa lock on it anytime soon, i’m. Actually quite happy with this. I feel like this meets my needs a lot better than the hard case. I think the hard case is a bit overkill for what i need, of course, it’s like it’s, better protection like i could probably stand on that, whereas this would take like you know, maybe 50 60 pounds of pressure, like i yeah it’s, pretty good, i mean unless, Like luggage was falling on this it’s, probably gon na hold up pretty well, of course, in a backpack or something like that. This is plenty of protection, and i mean that’s about it. Now i did mention we’re doing a giveaway if you guys want to be entered into the giveaway to win your own mavic air 2 case.

All you have to do is comment down below and make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and at the end of the month february 28th i’m going to draw a winner and arnol soko has agreed to send out a new mavic air 2 case for that lucky Winner, so big, thank you to rossogo for sponsoring this video and helping out with this giveaway, and i hope that this video was immensely helpful for you. We’Ll see you guys in the next one Music. I just got back from the grocery store and they gave me this look at this. Look at that i’m.