The skies and get professional quality footage thanks to its focus track features be intelligent tracking modal loads for active tracking spot weight and point of interest shots. Dji mavic air 2 amps the game in terms of camera and video quality among its competitors, its 4k 60 frames per second video gives you majestic aerial shots smoother than anything youve ever seen before. This drone also gives you high performance, hdr video, with the help of its wild bear image, sensors allowing you to take photos and videos with accurate lighting and color details, creating more balanced, dynamic and eye catching images not only learn to mavic air to blows away the Competition with this 48 megapixel photos supporting high megapixel count and vivid picture, even when you zoom in on an image mavic air 2, also takes it a notch higher in terms of smart computing. Its smartphone features, integrate scene, recognition, hyper lanes and hdr into one mode, allowing you to automatically optimize camera parameters based on five categories: sunset, sky grass, snow and trees. These features optimize the best parameters, for whatever condition you are taking your photos in concrete time and space with mavic air to its eight key hyper laser feature gives you the most stunning warping of time and space in each key without complex post processing through the dji Fly app features aside: mavic air 2 does an impeccable job of flight safety without sacrificing video quality. Akka sync 2.0 allows for up to 10 kilometer video transmission, while delivering 10 app fhd resolution live stream directly from your drones.

Camera its battery makes the drone stay up in the air for a whole 34 minutes at a maximum speed of 68 kilometers per hour in sports mode. Its vision, sensors allow it to fly safer, mid air void, obstacles forward backwards and downwards at a certain distance.