The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin, i was able to take the dji mavic 3 for its second flight and during the second flight i went ahead and tested the zoom feature. In an item of note, there were some significant winds during this. So i was able to test to see how it would handle the wind as well, so without any further ado lets go ahead and roll that clip okay were going to go ahead and test. The zoom feature on the dji mavic 3. So lets go ahead and get the show on the road here now it is a moderately windy day were having winds of about 15 to 20 miles an hour lets, get it up a little bit past 100 feet here. I head down here in this direction, hitting right around 31 32 miles an hour 126 feet im going to take it out to about 1500 feet and then were going to turn around everything. Looking really good here, coming up on 1500, okay hit 1600 thats, okay, im gon na go ahead and turn around here. Okay, now lets see if we can try to find where im flying from so we need to probably drop the gimbal here. A little bit bring it back up its where the crosshairs come in real handy on using on the screen here on the fly app bring.

It over tad – okay, i think, were good here, so lets go ahead and start zooming theres a two zoom theres, a four zoom theres, a 7 zoom 14 zoom and a 28 zoom okay, i think, were kind of blocked where the view where im at so lets Go ahead and see if we can adjust the mavic 3 to go ahead and find where im at along with the car get the gimbal pointed up a little bit. Lets scoot over here lets just adjust the drone there. We go bring it over just a little more okay lets get adjusted here, bring it up a little bit. Okay looks good lets, go ahead and zoom theres a two theres four theres, seven theres 14. You can see me standing by the light ball and theres the car or 28 zoom thats, pretty good. Of course, youre not going to get sharp detail and clarity at the 28 zoom in the 14 zoom, but its nice to be able to have this feature. Because could come in helpful in search and rescue looking for lost pets and things of that nature. Okay were gon na back out. Here it is overcast today and, as i said, we got winds. Probably around 15 20 miles an hour aloft, uav app said it was safe to fly today and flying overhead, and you can hear it just a little bit. I head past the entrance to our development there and theres the entrance and, where theyre doing more construction in our development right over here, getting ready to lay a road over there.

Pretty soon all right were going to take it down to where we meet the highway. Here and then were going to stop and turn around, and i keep fat fingering this and not pointing the joystick straight like i should okay coming up on the intersection here and were going to go ahead and stop and now were going to turn around. Okay were going gon na focus in on the clubhouse here, so two zoom, four zoom, seven zoom thats, pretty good detail on the seven zoom 14 is when it starts to lose some clarity and 28 is when it it. It loses. All clarity. Excuse me thats. The entrance to the development over there, its not our clubhouse im, sorry its the guard shack. If you want to call it something. Okay, lets go ahead and go up were going to do some zooming in on the entrance to the development itself here again shooting in 4k 30. Today, all right now were going to go ahead and get set up for this next shot here. This is something professional drone photographers photographers do all the time is getting set up for that shot and its really important uh. You have good flying skills to be able to do that. It also comes in handy to have a 360 sensor and thats nice having that backward sensor. Here, okay were going to go ahead and do some zooming in on the guard, shack and on the signs here at the entrance.

So lets go ahead and get started here. Its a two zoom, a four zoom, a seven zoom. I love the detail on the seven zoom 14 zoom and a 28 zoom all right. That was, that was really good. Okay lets go ahead and get this sign signage at the entrance. Theres a nice waterfall over there, so we can see that when we go ahead and do the zoom here lets adjust it here just a little bit. Okay were two four. It looks really good here and theres. A seven and a detail is incredible. On the seven zoom you can see the water fountains, the wreath on there, the waterfall theres, a 14 zoom and then theres a 28 zoom, still fairly good detail, even at 28 zoom on this back that off to one zoom here and were going to go ahead And do the other side here: okay, were there lets thats a two zoom four zoom a7 zoom, a 14 zoom and a 28 zoom very nice. The zoom feature works really well with the mavic 3.. Okay lets see if we can go ahead and zoom where i am, and the car from the other direction here lets get that gimbal adjusted. Okay, i think, were there so lets, go ahead and get started its a 2 zoom, a 4 zoom, seven zoom. You could see me neck standing by the light pole over there, so 14 zoom, you can see the wind.

You see my shirt flapping in the breeze there and a 28 zoom again. You dont have the detail of the 28 zoom, but still its enough, where you can discern where objects are and theyre theyre, fair, theyre, fairly crisp, not not too bad. All right. Adjusting that picture that gimbal here were going to do is take it out to about 1500 feet and were also going to test, because its a windy day were going to test the new advanced return to home and see how it handles the wind here today right Around 33 miles an hour right, 1500 feet. Okay lets go ahead and do a return to home its interesting to note the speed here it slowly climbs up to about 31 miles an hour here and then, as it gets closer, it starts to slow down, started slowing down when it got within 500 feet. Now. Also notice too, before it gets there, it drops in altitude. It just is descending in altitude to about um 40 feet here 38 feet before it goes ahead and lands its like going to be spot on with the landing here. All right. That was a successful test of the zoom for the dji mavic 3.. Now, as you can see in this clip, this is a screen recording and unfortunately i forgot to hit the record button. So i went ahead, duplicated the flight and and duplicated the zoom, so were going to go ahead and take a look at the video of the zoom.

All in all, im very impressed with the zoom feature and also how the mavic 3 handled some moderate to high winds of 15 to 20 miles an hour today, question of the day. What do you think of the dgi mavic 3 zoom feature.