com now here i have the new dji mavic 3 and i also have the autel evo, 2.. Now, of course, as you can see with the title, the main reason why i want to test these two drones out is because the autel has been a very good drone as far as flight time goes, being rated 40 minutes and ive talked about this in previous Videos before its actually a lot of time up in the air, of course, it doesnt really get 40 minutes as its rated. I normally will get around 30 32 33 minutes out of this drone and we do have the new mavic 3, which is rated for 46 minutes. So if you guys are familiar with my channel, i like to do these basic hover flight tests just to see exactly where they kind of sit as far as just a basic cover goes. The only way i can kind of get something thats a little bit more controlled. Of course, flight times are always going to be based on how far youre flying how hard youre flying how fast youre flying elevation a lot of different variables. A lot of different factors go into play when youre trying to determine how long youre actually up in the air. Now, even though these are rated for 40 minutes and 46 minutes, that is in ideal environments and also the drones are actually moving theyre, actually going at a really slow pace and its using that momentum to actually save a little bit of battery.

So hovering does take up a little bit more battery than you think so. Just want to do a little side by side comparison to see how well these two stack up against each other, the autel evo 2 and the mavic 3., and before we get into this flight test. A quick word from our sponsor adorama and for those arent familiar with adorama adorama is one of the most reputable online retail stores for all of your camera gear and electronics, and they just listed this right here. The brand new dji mavic 3 and they do have all of the combos available the base fly more as well as the cine combo or, if youre looking at this one, the autel evo 2. They also have this one in the base and the combo version. So if youre, looking at some of the best prices online, make sure you check out those adorama links down below in the video description and now back to the flight test and before i get these actually up in the air just for context, the mavic 3 has Five battery cycles on it, the autel evo ii. I borrowed this one from my buddy, who actually has the evo 2, 8k and hasnt really flown in a while. This one has 12 cycles on its 12 battery cycles on it, so it hasnt been flowing too much. Just a little bit older of a craft a little older of a battery, so just if you guys are wondering how many cycles thats, how many cycles before we do this hover test – and i got my little stopwatch going here – ill just put that down right in The middle and lets get both these up in the air about five feet or so up in the air on the autel right now were seeing 33 minutes remaining 96 on the battery.

Now, of course, i dont want to leave you guys back here, so lets uh get a little closer shot. Mavic 3 is actually really quiet all right. So, as far as my stopwatch goes, we are at seven minutes 15 seconds just want to show you this kind of cool site check this out. Look at that got hot air balloons right here, right behind me, isnt that cool all right, weve been up in the air now for 11 and a half minutes. I have 29 minutes remaining, but itll go back into return to home in about 22 minutes, itll be forced landing in 25 minutes 62 remaining and 20 minutes remaining on the battery, but, like i mentioned its um, its uh thats not return to home thats. Just the battery so lets see how long until return to home kicks in and landing. Fourth landing kicks in Music, 25 minutes right now and we have 27 battery on the evo 2 and on the mavic 3 we have 35 there you go critically low. It just went down just dropped right now, so were at 10 percent. Take it down to eight well, take it down to five. If we can, if it lets me ill, take it down to five percent. Okay, we got another percent to go. Okay, 32 minutes at five percent, its gon na force land in one minute 21 seconds, but we are still at 12, so im gon na see if i can hold this thing up in the air just like i did on the evo and see if i can Hold it up in the air uh until five percent left, i am not going to do it area under aircraft is unsuitable for landing control aircraft to landing safe.

Okay, we should be at 36 minutes very little were at five here. It comes okay, 3604. So just a basic cover test: this is rated for 40.. I got 32 and a hov how to hover. This is rated for 46 minutes. I just got 36 minutes at hover, so four extra minutes of flight time is actually a pretty big deal. This is one thats been rated for a long time to have the longest flight time 40 minutes, which is still really really good and, like you guys saw i just got a hover test about 32 minutes rated for 46 minutes. I just got 36 minutes of hover time on here and, like i said, hover time is actually still pretty hard to do when youre out there flying if youre just cruising around, it actually saves a little bit of battery life. So you know if you can get 35 36. 37 38 minutes out of this thing, while youre flying just kind of cruising around. That is a lot of time in the air, as you guys can see during sunset right now, im went all the way down until the sun is down. Having additional time is always a huge deal and if you have two or three battery packs, just your flight time, youll be up in the air for an hour and a half which is a long time. And i want to give a huge shout out to our sponsor of this video adorama, make sure you guys check out those links down below and, of course, dont forget to check out my full playlist on all the videos on the dji mavic 3 itll be down Below in the video description, this is ultra stacio with flightpath.

com, see you guys out there with the mavic 3 or hotel evo 2..