. I think these two are the goliaths from each company and i think they both best compare to one another. So if youre somebody whos considering an evo 2 or a mavic 3, hopefully this video will help. You were going to start this video off with some blind comparisons. Lets get started: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So whatd you guys think of that footage. The evo 2 pro versus the mavic 3. I know its not a super scientific comparison. None of these tests ever are theres too many things that will change. We tried to fly each of these drones pretty much the same. I dont, i dont think like okay, you can probably tell because something that we didnt think about was the focal length of the micro four thirds sensor to the one inch sensor, its a big difference with the field of view and its probably really really easy to Pick it up, but what did you think of the quality 808 quality wise? Since i flew this for 8 500 miles, i like the sharpness to come straight out of the bird while ken here thought that it is over sharpen looking at it in post, though i can tune that down, but what i have an image. What i have it take five, but what i have a problem with on this whole thing is that i have too much magenta, which i have to process in post.

While i believe that the mavic 3 is not as sharp in the image which i have to also do in post, so pretty much, these birds come down to preference, personal preference yeah in general yeah. So what we found was and what you know when i was first looking at the images through the viewfinder. They looked pretty good. The mavic 3 colors looked like it popped off the iphone. Now the iphone uses an led screen and because its an led screen, it makes things. Look a little bit more saturated 808 was looking at it through the triple tack tablet, which tends to sometimes wash images out so its really hard to tell. But when we got it back and we put everything side by side, i think the colors are going to be super subjective. But one thing that was really apparent was there was a lot of magenta shift on the evo 2 pro, where there wasnt a magenta shift. The colors were a lot more natural on the mavic 3 using the hasselblad color science. However, the images were just a little bit softer, but as soon as we added a little bit of post sharpness, the image just seemed to pop and have a little bit more texture, which looked really super appealing. But again its going to boil down to which one is easier and which one youre going to have to do more work with. Personally, i rather just add sharpness than have to worry about the different shifts and colors and the hues.

But again some people may say: is it really worth the extra money for this over that this is 2100? This one is 16.99 its about a 500 swing. Looking at it that way that ive been owning this for the past two years, i would say its worth the money for the mavic 3. uh, simply because you have a bigger field of view. Uh, you dont have the problems that you have with this, usually with the horizon level, and that is a big. No, no, even though you have to work with it in post, youre still losing some of the resolution, while with the bigger field of view and no problems with the horizon level. The only difference between these two giants right here comes down to geo, fencing or not. I agree, and you know for me seeing that the fact that there is still a horizon shift issue with the evo 2 pro is a big problem. Now i know you can calibrate the horizon manually, but you have to do that each time it doesnt save that horizon and seemingly the horizon is always different when you take off so you will have to calibrate the horizon to not have to deal with that. So there is a way to compensate that when we compare the log footage. This is where i really think that dji wins. Dji offers a corrective lut that allows you to basically drop a lot and get your contrast and saturation back now for these clips.

I did manual color grading because i think that the the lut that autel provides is just not very good, its, not a great lut. It seems to really skew the blues. It was actually borrowed from sony the lut that they use for that its not its not designed necessarily for the evo as to where dji they made a lot specifically for the d log on the mavic 3 and it works really well. So i got to give the nod to the mavic 3 when it comes to the d log now, as far as 6k versus 5.1 k, its really sharp but theres a lot of over sharpening happening on the evo dont. You think yes, plus the magenta shift, plus the magenta shift is still present, and one thing that ive noticed is once my drone is dead like deactivated. My gimbal is like all over yours yeah. No, they have they have it where it locks the gimbal, which i think is pretty nice, its easy its like its like. When you you know, i dont i dont, i dont flop around its like boxers or something you know. Besides that, you have to remember now that in january or february, dji will come out with a firmware update, which will give you massive shot and a ton full of intelligent flight modes that probably going to blow the e2p out of the water yeah. I mean for the price i mean 1600 bucks for another 500.

You can probably get this just have better colors right out of the gate. The field of view is really noticeable and then, as were looking over, these clips, that over sharpening is really distracting. A lot of people have the perception that you need to have a sharp image right out of the gate and when youre dealing with things in cinema terms, a image that gives you a good canvas to expand on is what you want and thats, where adding that Sharpness back to the mavic 3 really gives you a super pleasing image that looks sort of filmic as to where the evo does not. Although it did hold its own, it did punch above its weight class to what i thought it would do its going to be personal preference. Besides that, i would say i hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Yeah well be back again with some more comparisons between the evo 2 pro and the mavic 3 in a future video and uh check out 808s channel. If you already havent hes going to be posting a bit more detailed version of this video on his channel. So be sure to check that out and as always guys stay original Music, i heard they checking for me. No one checking on me, so i had to go run up a check. I got the message: homie aint no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing. For me, my successors only made them envious.

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