Drones are an integral part of countless video creators and its hard to picture life without them. This is the mavic 3., its not the cindy version, and i will explain why i did not get cindy version, but uh its still, the mavic 3 and its still pretty amazing lets go through all the things that i like and some things that i dislike about. It and lets just get into this review. First. Things first lets talk about the control. The non cine version comes with the regular controller, which is totally fine with me. I can control the drone with confidence and yeah its totally fine. Also, the drone itself controls really well dji drones. Usually control really well, but this one is fast precise and is just an amazing flying camera to be flying with. It does not have the tripod mode and i doubt that they will add it in an update, because on the controller we have cine normal and sport so because they cannot change the text here with an update. I think they wont add it, although they could improve the cine mode by adding changeable speeds, so you can be slower faster with it. That would be great. The battery life for this drone is insane im, usually done in 10 minutes 10 to 15 minutes to capture all the things i need. This thing can fly up to well. Dji says its 46 minutes, but in real life, its more about more, like 35 to 40 minutes, but still its a lot of time in air.

I was able to do two constant flow videos and one flight where i was just capturing shots of architecture in the quiet center in riga, and i did all that with just one battery its incredible how well the battery holds up in air its just its great And then there are these smart features like hyperlapse master shots and active track. But for me the most useful of those is hyperlapse thats, the only feature i would see myself using active track. If you want the drone that tracks you, then i would suggest you to just get the skydio2 thats. The drone meant for that type of capturing. I wouldnt buy this drone for those features. There are other drones that do those things really good and dont cost an arm and a leg, but hyperlapse that thing is very useful. I love it. It works its just and the image quality out of this thing is insane. The main camera can output video in 5.1 k up to 60 frames per second, which is incredible, and it also has a lot bigger sensor than previously seen in these foldable type drones, and it does allow you to get stunning looking shots. Capturing in d log will allow you to manipulate the footage, as you wish. The image is very, very flexible. Also, it can capture in 4k 120 frames per second, which is insane this 4k slow mo looks excellent, and this thing also can capture excellent, looking photos overall image.

Quality of this main camera is just insane. I really really like it so why i did not get the cindy version im. Rarely in a situation where the client needs prores footage, plus, i think they kind of messed up with the cine version by not adding a removable ssd, because now, whenever you have to give the footage to the person who deals with it, uh you have to give The whole drone and the battery has to be charged as well, because the drone is on. While you are transferring the files and because those prores files take a lot of space, it will take a while to transfer, and you have to give your drone to them. And who wants that? You would probably, rather just take out the ssd and give it give that to them, so that would be way easier to handle the footage and also before buying this. I checked out some of the comparisons with prores and h.265 and personally i took those shots uh i color graded them. They looked really similar to me. I did not see the need to pay more just to get slightly better, looking footage the h265 works well. For me, i have a pretty beefy computer that handles that footage really well, and also the new macbook pro handles issue 6.5 really. Well, i havent had the need to make proxies. I also did a comparison, video, where i compare the mavic 2 pro the mini 2 and the air 2s and the mavic 3, the image quality of those drones.

If you want to see that go check the video, but now lets talk about the thing that i was hoping is going to be excellent, but its just okay, its the seven times zoom camera. First of all, you shouldnt use seven times, zoom camera more than seven times zoomed in only if you just need to take a look at something, but for capturing it dont do that its just. It looks bad, but the seven times, zoom camera in perfect light conditions and in just in the perfect scenario, is, is okay, its good, but whenever it gets darker or if its cloudy, it gets mushy its very hard for it to focus it just becomes unusable. Also in windy conditions, it does shake a bit its only usable in very perfect conditions, but it can look good in perfect conditions check it out: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. These are my thoughts about the mavic 3. overall, i think its a great drone. I really enjoy it. I enjoy flying it. I love the battery life. I love the main camera its excellent. It works really well its fast its precise. You can get insane images out of it and its all in all, just an excellent capturing tool to get the shots you need. If you want to get your own mavic 3 go check the link in the description you, you might find it there and if you get it through there youre supporting my channel – and that is always very much appreciated.

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