This is the brand new dji, mavic, 3. and yeah lets talk about it, Music, okay. So before we get into all the amazing things that this drone can do, lets quickly talk about the body and right off the bat. I just want to mention that this is the standard dji mavic 3. This is not the cine version, and this is the one that were reviewing today, since this is the one that probably most people are going to be buying and right off the bat impossible to ignore. Dji now has this massive gimbal guard on the mavic 3. and honestly, it makes sense and its necessary and its a lot less intimidating than it looks its very easy to take off and put on is just one clip and it slides right off and honestly, i Think you need this thing because it houses these beautiful double cameras, which were obviously obviously going to talk about. Another subtle change on the drone is that they changed the color to this deep space gray. Now i know thats probably irrelevant to most people but hey. I think that this color looks pretty sick, theres, also a new props on this drone, and they are extremely quiet honestly, the first time i flew this thing, i was shocked at how solid it was, especially for its size, because this is a big boy. This drone weighs about 900 grams and youre also going to notice that theres a bunch of sensors around so on the front on both sides on the top and on the bottom, and this drone comes with djis latest technology, so apas 5.

0 and active track 5.0 and Were definitely going to talk about both of those um. Another new change is that the battery now goes in from the back, so you just double click. You pull it out, and this is honestly a really big battery but im a fan of this design um its a lot like the dji mini series, just without the flap and dji claims that the battery life is about 46 minutes 45 minutes in flight time. Without any wind, obviously, or anything like that and theres, also 8gb of internal onboard memory on this drone. Okay, so now lets talk about the main feature of the dji mavic, 3 and thats, obviously the double cameras and were going to talk about the bottom one. First, as thats the main hasselblad camera, so the big upgrade on this camera compared to the mavic 2 pro and the dji air 2s, is that it now features a much larger sensor. So the mavic 2 pro and the dji air 2s had a one inch sensor and the dji mavic 3 now has a four over three inch sensor, so its larger than one inch, and basically what this does is that it lets in way more light into your Camera when youre taking a photo or youre recording a video which obviously, as we know, increases the quality of our image. Also, this camera still takes 20 megapixel stills, both in jpeg and in raw and because the sensor size is now bigger.

The size of those megapixels will also be bigger, meaning that the detail and the quality and the clarity that youre going to get in each of your images is going to be significantly improved and honestly, as a photographer ive been flying. This drone for a couple of days now and im, absolutely in love with how crispy the images are, the dynamic range is to die for and im, not kidding guys. What im telling you im literally drooling over how good these photos look every time i pop them onto my computer, i open photoshop or lightroom and im editing the photos, the quality and the detail im just simply blown away. So if youre, a photographer and youve been waiting for a more upgraded pro drone, the dji mavic 3, more than delivers in the photography department. Okay lets talk about the video capabilities of this drone next, so it can record up to a resolution of 5k and it can do this in 50 frames per second, it can also record in 4k and now up to 120 frames per second, which is absolutely nuts And so revolutionary, for a drone of this size just available to regular consumers like us, dji has also included a new video mode called c4k, which is basically an agreed upon standard in the film industry for cinematic 4k. So for those of you that are looking to record a more cinematic, looking 4k type of footage, this is honestly the best drone for you and im super pumped about this mode that dji added, because ive been playing around with c4k a bunch.

Since i got the mavic 3 and honestly, i am totally in love with it. The main camera on the dji mavic 3 also has a variable aperture, ranging from f 2.8 all the way up to f 11.. So it gives users way more flexibility with their exposure and once again bringing back that variable aperture. It also has 10 bit color and d log color profiles for you to record, in which, obviously, as you know, gives you infinite options in post whenever you guys are color grading now that we have all those specs out of the way. The video on this drone is absolutely mind. Blowing the 5k is crispy. The dynamic range is amazing. The colors just look pro. I know that they ditched the pro name on the dji mavic 3 and its not called the mavic pro 3. But honestly, this is a pro device if ive ever seen. One next up lets talk about the new secondary, tele camera and im just gon na say this. Camera is not developed by hasselblad. This is not a hasselblad collaboration thats only for the main camera. The secondary tele camera is a half inch cmos sensor which is locked at an aperture of f 4.4, and this camera is very interesting and were going to talk about how it works, and i just want to clarify this and state this up front. The dji mavic 3 does not have optical zoom, so lets talk about how this top tele camera works.

Basically, what you do is you enter this mode, which dji calls explore mode, and this enables zoom capabilities on the dji mavic 3.. Now, right off the bat, something to note about explore mode is that you cant use any pro settings. That means your exposure is going to be completely automatic and you dont have any control over that now up to seven times, zoom youre actually still using the main hasselblad camera so youre, using that four over three inch sensor to zoom in now anything past 7x, meaning 14 or 28x, the camera will automatically switch to the tele lens and thats it thats how simply the tele lens works on the dji mavic 3.. Now i tested the zoom capabilities on this camera and up to 7x it still looks good, like its still usable. I personally wouldnt because im not really a zoom guy but anything past that using the 14 or the 28 zoom is honestly pretty unusable. Like the video has a ton of grain on it, i think its pretty cool at how far you can zoom in its a little creepy honestly, i could even see myself on my own balcony and i was flying pretty far away. I was also really far from the cn tower. At one point, i could zoom in all the way and sort of make out the cn tower. What my opinion is is that, since dji has called the mode which enables zoom explore mode their their uh thinking behind, it was probably that youll use this mode to look at something really far away that maybe youre interested in so literally to explore and then fly Over in that direction, but thats just my personal opinion and thats kind of what ive been using it for so for that its pretty cool, but in order to actually record video for this, i actually dont think its that usable, but again its a half inch sensor.

You cant really expect much out of it, especially when its zooming in 28 times, if you do zoom in past that 7x and you switch over to the tele lens, the tele lens is capable of still taking 12 megapixel stills if thats, something that youre interested in Okay, so i quickly wanted to mention that this video is sponsored, but its not sponsored by dji its sponsored by my friends at omniview tech and theyre. The whole reason that ive had this mavic 3 and ive gotten the opportunity to test it so huge shout out to the guys at omniview tech, thats literally, where i go for all of my dji stuff and im. Definitely gon na leave a link below in the description to their website. If you guys want to go and pick up one of these new dji mavic 3s also, i just want to mention that they didnt have any control over this content or any kind of bias or influence. So you guys are getting my unfiltered raw opinion on the dji mavic 3.. Okay, with that out of the way lets get back to the video okay. So next up lets talk about a pass 5.0 and, as you guys have already probably noticed, there are a ton of sensors on this drone and basically apas 5.0 is revolutionary. So the previous forward, sensing distance with the front sensors on the mavic 2 pro was 20 meters on the dji mavic 3, its 200 meters thats literally a 1 000 increase or upgrade over the mavic 2 pro in terms of obstacle avoidance, also according to dji, the Dji mavic 3 sort of 3d maps the environment that its in as it flies around.

So if it ever loses connection or if you ever hit return to home and it needs to come back, it remembers everything that it saw, meaning its kind of virtually impossible to crash this drone and honestly im. All for that. I love safety and everything being safe and avoiding crashes when youre flying and trust me when we get to the price section of this video youre not going to want to crash the dji mavic 3.. Next up lets talk about active track 5.0 and im not kidding when im saying that thats, probably djis coolest feature on this drone and honestly its much improved. But basically the main new feature is that you can now trace a subject from any angle and basically how that works. Like always, you drag your finger over your subject, you select it and then you select the trace feature, and now this d pad looking thing is going to pop up, basically allowing you to pick what angle that it can follow. You from and thats only possible because of all of the sensors on this drone. Now i tried it myself um i basically locked onto my car and drove through this road and honestly the footage looks awesome. It looks really good and i was really impressed at how well active track 5.0 was able to lock onto my car and stay locked on. Ive tried things like that previously with the air 2s and honestly at certain angles, its just impossible, and it just loses its subject whenever, following the mavic 2 pro with all of the sensors and active track, 5.

0 is a complete beast at following any subject, and basically Just taking a hunter them, especially having the flexibility of the new angles also just opens up so many more opportunities for filmmakers to pick new angles and have more dynamic, looking shots. It is important to mention, though, that the tracing feature only works with recognizable subjects such as people, boats or cars. It doesnt work with, like anything so its still, you still got ta use it within reason, but active track. 5.0 is way better than any tracking technology. That any previous dji products have had and im honestly super pumped on that the spotlight feature on this drone is also much improved. So i just had it hovering over a bunch of traffic, and i was just swiping my finger across the screen to see. If i could catch moving vehicles and see if active, track and spotlight would activate and start following those cars – and i was pretty surprised and honestly really shocked when the drone was able to pick up these moving cars. While i was just swiping my finger and it started tracking them and it kept track of them for much longer than i thought, because i wasnt moving my drone and the vehicles were getting further away and it was still able to keep them in frame and lock. On and like i said, i was pretty far so the spotlight feature and again active track 5.0, as a total on the mavic 3 are way, improved, really, really good.

Super accurate and im really excited to see what kind of shots people are going to be getting. Now, with this improved tracking technology on the dji mavic 3., the mavic 3 still sports ocusync 3.0. So you still have that indestructible signal and it still uses the controller that weve become pretty accustomed to now with the dji mini 2 and the air 2s. So no big changes there and also all the older modes make a return on this drone as well, such as master shots panel, quick shots, youre gon na have all this on the dji mavic 3, as well, so nothing new there. Okay! Now we cant do this. Video without talking about price and the dji mavic 3 standard combo is set to retail for 2700 canadian dollars, obviously in canada and the fly more combo is set to retail for 3 700 million dollars. So this drone is not cheap by any means. Dji is making it very clear that this is targeted at their prosumer market, so that whether you get this drone or not, will totally depend on your budget and whether this drone falls into your workflow. And if you really need it and thats something were going to talk about. I have a video coming up on my channel in a couple of days, thats going to be comparing the dji mavic 3 to the dji air 2s, which im still flying and its going to talk about. If you guys really need to upgrade or not, especially for how expensive this thing is, i mean its almost double the price of the air 2s.

So is it doubly better? Well, i guess youre gon na have to watch that video to find out. I think this is the best drone that dji has ever made and the pro version comes with or sorry i should say the cine version comes with apple prores and a onboard one terabyte ssd. If you need even more than this, even though i think the standard mavic 3 is more than enough, but this is by far the best drone that you can get on the market today and honestly, i think even dji is going to have a very very difficult Time topping this drone so very much like the mavic 2 pro for the next couple of years. Who knows how long the dji mavic 3 is going to be the king of the skies? I think this is literally the best drone ever and literally ever made by dji and even with that tough price tag thats so hard to swallow. I still think that this drone is worth every penny and thats it for this video guys. So hopefully you guys learned something new and you enjoyed that if you did hit that like button smash it, it really helps out the video. If you guys, are new to the channel and you enjoy drones, photography and all that stuff then definitely subscribe.