Hey guys, thanks for tuning in check it out its the mavic 3 range test. So remember i got the flamware combo, so i got all this stuff in the backpack bag and all that couldnt really get a place at the park tonight, but uh this, as you can see its the evening here on maui, just kind of in a super dry Pasture over here up in kula and uh, were gon na test. The mavic 3 see how far it just goes straight out, im gon na probably head towards molokini, and just do the you know kind of like the infamous range test. I do this time with the new mavic 3 lets see how far it can go Music shook. So i actually thought that might kind of happen. The i was trying to use the android phone because i didnt want to have to block some of the antenna with the ipad and also the android phone has its own 4g. This one doesnt have any data. So if i wanted the maps to kind of stream and ill have to enable the wi fi tether so anyway were going to use switch. Switching up a little bit using the ipad mini here. Im going to be recording guys in 4k, but i dont want to do 60 im going to go down to 30, maybe use a little bit less power, but well still get the clear pictures that we usually do. Sun is going down, lets, go ahead and start recording, launching holding to take off on the ipad and letting go.

Let that thing anyway were going to go straight out here kind of as far as we can so im full stick forward and im just kind of pointing the controller right at the uh the craft there, and i dont want to go too high. As you can see its pretty flat land here, just gon na head straight to molokini, this place actually might be even a little bit better than the park just because theres no trees and theres no houses in the way. You know so im, just slowly, climbing. Just a tad, and i did turn off the obstacle avoidance sensors to save power. It looks like they may have turned back on nope theyre still off okay, so i just did that just because it doesnt need to be using power kind of always scanning its surroundings. You know what i mean, so this might be a good test guys to see if uh just clicking on the middle of the screen, so we can focus in on molokini. This might be a great test to see how the low light is. You know what i mean all that stuffs working out yeah, so just tap it on the screen as were going forward. Remember this one has the ability to zoom, and you can also slightly move the camera left and right by holding on the screen and im going to push my finger. If you look in my hat cam as well im still holding forward on the drone but im pushing my finger over to the right and you can see how i can kind of incorporate that sunset just a little bit – and i mean just so – we can see Whats going on there, if i hold the screen again with my finger again, i can bring it back over to the left or even farther left.

If i wanted to looks like thats about the maximum for the camera, then if you wanted to recenter your camera, remember you can just hit that function twice. I believe so function on the controller, one two that centers it and puts it all the way straight down. As you can see thats what were going over vacant land, this is uh. You wouldnt believe this is hawaii. Would you crazy drought, and usually this area like above kihei in between kihei and kula, is so dry double pressing that function controller again and there we go it brings it right back to um to level and center, so thats a little trick. You can do anyway. What are we at were at 92 percent um. I didnt even realize uh how far weve gone weve gone over a mile about a mile and a half now ill. Have those significant thresholds popping up as we get over Music? You know those those mileages and dont. Really see myself over here on the left on a little compass down there, i cant really see which orientation im pointing my ipad in unfortunately, theres, usually a blue dot, where i am but um doesnt really seem to be working perfectly. Lets go into the map and see yeah. This is what i was afraid of uh. If i had no connection, wouldnt really be able to pull it in at certain levels, but it looks like it saved. You see how its saved partially and thats our route.

So i think i tilted the controller a little bit to the right oops. I just basically plopped a little um icon down there, thats just by me touching the screen, but there you go up there on the top thats my home position and you can kind of see which way youre pointing and see how the theres a little triangle pointing It looks like im pointing perfectly towards the craft, so just want to kind of keep the controller in this orientation thats. Why? I kind of didnt want to use the ipad because it hangs over that antenna just a tad, but it seems like this things going to be doing. Good were already at just about two miles and we still have 89 percent left just over here kind of on the side of the road, and you can see the mini map kind of uh switches from the view the fpv view to the mini map. But of course we cant pull in that level of zoom lets go back to our compass yeah. So all its showing is like my home point down there on the bottom left. You can see a little h in that orange circle or yellow circle, and then you can see the craft, but i really know which way to point the controller, because i can visually see where its going and where it should be. And i can kind of see the island in my line of sight, which im going straight at so no problem to really know where to hold the controller in this situation on the top right, you can see.

Weve got 24 satellites so a great evening for satellites. Just like to move the gimbal a little bit just to see what our signal strength is now, if you miss the unboxing guys ill go ahead and have that pop up on the top right and as well as the flight test, the whole series ive done for This mavic 3 and man just the fluidity, because its 60 frames per second in, if you do have it recording in 50 frames per second as well, but i think, even if you dont, you still get that live view at 60 frames per second. So hopefully it is in 60 frames per second, i remember when i was uh fooling around with it on the table. When we were unboxing it, you see the cow trails there. When i was flowing around the table unboxing, it was just so incredibly fluid at that 60 frame per second high definition. Image transmission, which this uh drone is just so incredibly good at it seems um still, unfortunately, no advanced tracking functions. None of that stuff up here is working yet this stuff up here guys unable to switch modes because im recording, but let me just show that to you im going to stop recording just really quick Music, okay, thats thats saving on the craft, also recording my ipad Screen so you can see what im doing if you look over here, if i click on master shots feature coming soon, quick shots feature coming soon, hyperlapse feature coming soon and panoramic features coming soon.

So none of this stuff works yet so guys if youre buying this. For christmas, just keep in mind: im gon na start recording again keep in mind that no tracking works yet, and none of those things i just went through work. Yet dji is saying possibly in january of next year, 2022.. So just keep that in mind. I mean theyre pretty good at getting stuff to work, but theyre also really good at releasing products before everything works. You know ambient light too low vision system. Sensing unavailable yeah. Well, i turned it all off anyway. Top right, you can see. Rc signal is in the orange down to three bars next to the flight time remaining and guys we are almost to it looks like were just passing about three miles almost going four and i might want to just get it a little bit, maybe go to 300 Feet just really slowly, just because um i dont want that mountain to be in its way. You know what i mean since im holding the controller like this, i dont want that to be in the way so heres an example of moving the camera up. You can move this thing up, like 35 degrees higher than level im, just rolling it with the left finger on the roller check that out actually 22 degrees when youre going forward. If its still on the table, you can go up to 30 or 35 degrees. So this is how the cameras, looking just flying into kind of the sunset im gon na, drag the camera again to the right holding until these um.

This grid pops up and then dragging my finger to the right. So the drone is still going forward, but the camera is just cocked a little bit to the right hand, side still holding my thumb completely forward as much as possible and were just in normal mode. This button, here, its just in the middle guys, didnt, want to do sport because you know that doesnt fly very efficiently and if youre trying to do a range test in sport, uh you get out there. You run into a connection problem. The drones gon na come back in normal speed, so you could get in trouble there. I mean it may go farther it may not, but your safety is really really limited, so approaching uh four miles guys 133 miles per hour, pretty much the whole way. It seems. Theres really no wind right now, where im standing theres a road behind me, so youre gon na hear some cars um driving by once in a while, but uh just a completely still evening right here, because the the mountain i think, since im on the back side Of the mountain, the south side, its the the trade winds, are being blocked. So you know, as we get further over there im sure that the the winds are going to change were getting that ambient light too low problem gon na tilt the camera down again. Just so, we can see how our signal is in real time.

Looking fantastic. Is there anything i can do here when i click on that? Okay, i just clicked on that ambient too low and it seemed to well just wants to keep popping up. So i guess thats just a warning you have to deal with, even though i have these settings off so ill, be having these things pop up guys as im going out here. Look at this were almost to wailea Music. Over on the left. There thats maui meadows, uh gosh, we might make it man can we get to molokini, maybe holy smokes guys. The mavic 3 is um claimed to fly 40 to 45 minutes by dji, but this is a new record for me. Okay, so 30 000 feet remember ill. Have each mile pop up and show you that in footage, mileage and kilometers for you guys over there in europe and other parts of the world, so you can see just how far im going tilting the camera down again phenomenal. Even with this ipad hanging over and interfering, possibly partially with the antennas, its still able to really uh do fantastic, and this is with recording guys. Okay, low battery came up im gon na cancel. It so were doing a little bit of risking here, but i am going to cancel it because it says we have 27 minutes of flight time left and were just hitting 69 percent on our power and theres. No wind, so unless theres some wind, a headwind on the way back were gon na be a okay, we should be able to get out to kihei again moving the gimbal down and theres no problem here, heres.

What i want to do this is fantastic. I cant switch to zoom mode until i turn off the recording. Hopefully my ipads still recording lets check on that yep. I want to click on the binoculars, so it changed camera. I want to continue recording and i believe we should be able to record this zooming in now, im going to zoom in a bit so im holding the function key and im right, rolling the left roller, just fantastic man. There was that little digital hiccup. So i can zoom in and then i can kind of move this thing around look at this, so this is this is definitely a record im actually farther away than the park. I usually do these uh tests on so look at this man lets zoom in even more zoom all the way in get the ocean out there thats all the way, zoomed in weak antenna signal. Okay, we got one bar, but im still able to move the gimbal up and down. This is unreal. Look at this a little bit of a delay while im zooming but theres kahaho lava and lets zoom out, while we have that in view so holding function and pulling the left roller to the left. Just look at that guys beautiful! Look at that and look where we are holy. Smokes were at kihei all right and we got 65 percent remaining so um. I guess im gon na have to fly over some stuff unless i go this way im.

Turning to the left – and i can still control this – no problem – rc signal on the top right, blinking red, getting very low um, but look at this distance guys screw it im just going to go straight out this way. There is the it looks like the kihei harbor boat ramp right there thats a little protection; oh my gosh, so leaps and bounds okay. So this is the best for range and connection. No doubt about it. My rc signal just got up to two bars um approaching 40 000 feet which is geez. I dont even know what the mileage is on, that this is the farthest ive ever gone, just fantastic, phenomenal im, probably gon na be returning home pretty soon. But look at this from kula, we went so 52 80 is a mile, so a few times 52 80 by one two, three, four, five, six, seven eight are we approaching like eight miles? Oh, my god were at the shoreline, were farther back than ive ever um started flying before see. If we can bring our map in there, we go hey it saved it. If uh look, how far we got guys i wan na, i just want you to know that heres the park that i normally fly at right here, im gon na put a little dot on it. Thats, where i normally fly. Look how much farther we away! We are over here. You see that my ipad is showing the wrong area where my ipad is, but where the h is is where i am at home, uh at the home point.

So again. This is where i normally fly right here at this park in kula. So you can see im even farther away and down the hill and were just reaching the shoreline forget about that. Lets. Go look down here at the shoreline. Look at this. We made it guys. We made it to the hotel, thats, the monaco. I think on the right over there somewhere – oh my goodness, 58 power, and we made it. Congratulations lets uh pat ourselves on the back lets zoom into this boat. Real quick. This is so cool zooming in oops just got dark. That was weird huh. I cant get them in view because were turned down as much as possible, but look at this were to the sea so first time and that first time is with the mavic 3 to the c. So i think im going to be returning around now. Well, just absorb this beautiful sunset for a second and uh ill. Tell you what lets kind of keep it moving turn around. Look at that shot! Oh my gosh! This is wailea. Look at this theres mckenna over there, so guys from kula to um, kihei and wailea. With this drone, look how fantastic that is so im gon na start heading back 55 percent – i mean you know we dont want to push our luck too much just look at how far we are thats, fantastic, im, gon na go into the map and just make Sure im following the correct route back, okay, so it looks like yeah, were heading in the right direction.

Weak signal still have a weak signal, but my goodness this occusync, i havent, seen a hiccup the whole way. Just when i was turning, it seemed to slightly kick up and look at the low light of this camera. I mean look how beautiful this is focus in here. It really makes the street lights just pop automatically its doing all this. You know so um yeah. We got down to about 50 percent just about 52 here and im still going the same speed as i went out and now we are cutting down in our mileage, so that seemed like eight nine or ten miles. My gosh, i cant, do the math in my head right now for how many thousand feet that was, but i will have those uh milestones popping up. You know so at least you guys can see whats going on here um. I just i just cant believe this thats just fantastic. I really do, though, want to see that um. I am heading back in the right direction, yeah, so we have a straight line. If i go straight here, it looks like were gon na, be perfectly intersecting. You can see where we turned around. We made it to the ocean again, just fantastic, just the absolute farthest, ive ever gone, okay were getting into shaky territory. 49 power. 48 power lets hope to heck. This thing can return guys um. I dont really want to switch into sport mode because it seems to me like theres, no wind.

If i switch into smart sport yeah its going to go faster, but potentially, if theres no wind behind it um, i may just lose it. You know what i mean. So i really want to just make sure im facing the absolute premium direction i possibly can just getting back into the vacant areas here so yeah maybe turn a little bit to the left just a tad. So we are not um Music using battery power unnecessarily. Man yeah this thing will go halfway across maui, awesome man, so, as you can see, heres my location, whoops yeah, i didnt stream in those maps. But so, if you, if you just um, are at your house guys and you wirelessly – attach your ipad. If your ipad doesnt have like you know cellular wireless, you can just do this for wherever youre going to fly just zoom around and it will save these in. But as you can see, i didnt zoom in far enough on this portion of the map to save that, because i didnt think i was going to be flying from this location. I thought i was going to be flying from that kula park location up there. Okay, so i pulled as you can see i pulled in if i zoom way in i pulled in all the maps over here, but if you dont do that same motion for places that you dont think youre gon na fly thats what it does, it just gets All um gray, but uh sorry im just zooming around just kind of want to show you again where i am so its just right outside of the highway there switching back into camera, and you can see the low light mode here.

Gon na switch back into the compass just by pressing that little icon, so yeah getting a little nervous, but just the longevity of flight time on this thing is unbelievable. Oh my goodness staying at excuse me. Staying at um 300 feet 299 feet. The whole way lets pitch this camera all the way down. Okay, i know im using just a ton of power doing this, but im still in uh the zoom camera mode. Remember so, im going to zoom into the ground whoops! Oh, i just pressed go home now. I just canceled it: okay press the wrong button. I pressed home instead of uh function, and now i want to zoom in just to the dry lets see how good it is in low light and zooming in so oh man once it reaches that digital. Did you see that you can still see the ground, but it got really dark, so youre not going to really get good zoom once it surpasses four times, zoom see good light horrible, too dark to even see anything so keep that in mind always finding the little Um tricks and stuff in these flight tests, so anyway guys here we go. I want to go back into the map, real, quick and just see where were at see. If i have to adjust. Oh, my gosh, are we going to make this jeez? At least i mean im used to the drone, you know the battery power going down so much faster.

It says we still have 12 and a half minutes about to fly so and were going the same speed that we came out so, i think, were gon na. Be okay, i mean what i may have to do is just um. You know, uh cancel the forced landing and just really try to hold this thing up, because we still got a ways to go man crazy ways to go here. This is going to be a long one. So remember this is this thing can fly for supposedly about you know, man are we gon na make this im not even halfway back yet, and i got 33 power. Oh man, another freaking, nail biter spartan, my french, maybe im going to stop recording Music on that zoom camera and get out of the zoom camera. I just press the binoculars and that switches to the other camera and im going to start recording on the other camera lets see how the ground looks on this one. There we go looks pretty much the same to me. If you guys notice any difference. You know comment down below in the uh the comments. If you see any different in between the two videos, i just recorded the binocular mode, just clicking on the screen again and the regular camera mode, so just switch back into regular camera mode. Okay, im going to turn it a little bit to my right because, as you can see, were kind of going off our line a little bit.

This should be good, though our signals getting good again. We got three orange bars on the rc, so just amazing. The technology that dji is coming up with yearly is really leaps and bounds. Anything ive ever seen as far as their link connection how long their drones can really fly for a quadcopter. You know a multi rotor, so just unbelievable wondering why that there we go. I was wondering why i wasnt pulling in the imagery back to compass back to imagery yeah. I guess its just set up at a bad level looks like it. Kind of tries to zoom in is what it does when you click back on the fpv watch. What happens to that? Mini map starts to kind of zoom in man. I dont know if were going to make this. I got 8 minutes left to fly. I really dont know guys. I mean we might not make this. I might have to go walking tonight things. I really dont want to do in this pasture, but it says we still have 25 power, so maybe were just gon na make it. You know if you go 25 percent times four thats 100 percent and were right at a quarter coming back, because if you calculate a quarter to get where we are now going out, another quarter to get to the ocean a quarter to get back where we are Now and then itll be another quarter to get back home so hey, maybe i calculate it right, maybe well.

We will be good because we did turn around um a little bit before 50. So i got my fingers crossed im, not gon na stop. Recording you know you guys are probably like stop recording youre using battery power im, not gon na stop recording sorry, as you can see, im just holding my um ipad up here in the pretty much dusk. The sun has just setted and uh, you know were gon na, be flying a little bit after the sun, set it, but thats okay, im seeing a little white light down. There lets just inspect this kind of interesting as we fly over well. Just look at it see that little white object could be a water tank or something i just want to check double check. My map good to double check this just to make sure youre going in a straight line. Going back looks good. You can see. I went a little bit to the left. I think, because my thumb was i was nervous and i was holding it a little bit to the left but um. You know this is where we want to be over there – yeah, not too enthused with this ipads uh gps capability, maybe its getting interfered, but i am not over there up up where that blue dot is. That is not me, sorry, im right there, where that h is so anyway, uh biting my nails right now, even though theyre not at my face in my mind, im biting my nails um.

How did we pass over that white thing? Oops, sorry there it is. It looks like just a tub: somebodys got a irrigation system for their animals, thats, just a white tub down there like a trough. This is all just farmland, probably something youd be more keen on seeing in like australia, so dang dry, but nope. This is hawaii. The gimbal is not crooked, guys thats a mountain going up there to the right at a very pretty steep incline so again that ambient light you know pretty irritating. Even though i have all the sensors off its still saying that 26 satellites now in our arse low battery, okay, really watching thats coming out of the controller guys see if i turn the uh ipad volume down Music, that does not stop it. So i dont think we can turn that off. Maybe if i just hit power one time just tapped, it turned it off for a second but turned back on. So i really just want to watch my height, you see over there on the bottom left. I wish i really wish you could turn this beep down thats just entirely irritating 13 power man holy smokes. Should i switch into sport? What the frick should i do? Music, it seems like the battery power is going down. Faster man come on baby, just make it just make it jeez. Okay, the beep is not helping. Thats like giving me extreme stress, come on and turn my head to the right.

Just a tad come on, you can do it. Music, oh Music, low battery landing. Oh, i was pushing up while it was doing that oh crap, its coming down im pushing up a little just to maintain its altitude guys. Maybe i shouldnt have pushed up that much jeez! Oh, my gosh, its coming down Music im trying to hold it right around 300 feet, but im just trying not to burn too much battery power. You know – and i might have to go and find this thing were back to like 33 miles per hour, because i am pushing still pushing forward on it. Come on just make it home just make it home, please. I think its zero, its gon na try to start landing so im gon na try to get up slowly as high as i can really slowly come on man. This is gon na, be another freaking nail. Biter, like crazy, come on come on. Six percent come on baby, come on its telling me critically low Music im just slowly trying to get up there so that when it does force me out, i have that you know that little bit of um time to just come down lets try to get up To 1400, almost okay maximum back to the video okay. Now we cant even see where we are because its getting dark. So, as you can see, my height is going down. If i dont hold up on the stick: okay, oh geez height 150, pushing up on the stick.

We got. We started to get a little bit low there, so im pushing up again whoa dont. Do any stupid movements like that two percent guys look at that up on the top right come on and now im pushing the altitude stick all the way up: okay, just trying to squeeze any last bit out of here. I have lets zoom in here. Oh man jeez, we might just make this holy smokes. I can see it. Okay, i see your lights. Mavic come on in come on zero percent, guys its still letting me push it up. Yay. Okay, this is a zero percent return. I cant believe its still letting me do this. This is fantastic. Switching back in we made it no way. Hey there, we go it just turned on its lights and its still letting me push it up. Man just fantastic geez. Louise see i can still push it up: im gon na catch it from the bottom here, real, quick grabbing it holding down on the controller jeez critically low. Stop everything stop recording turn this thing off. Oh, my goodness, quick turn it off quick, quick, quick, geez guys. I really thought we were gon na lose that man there we go so mavic 3. Are you as um crazily nervous, as i am just out here in the in the pasture? You know this is insane so the mavic 3 okay lets talk about it. Real quick before my camera dies, phenomenal got all the way out to the ocean.

The farthest ive ever gone with the dji product and probably any drone, except for you know my my 4g parrot disco, modded plane, so impressive man, the mavic 3, if youre looking for range and just the amount of signal, theyre pumping out of this thing and still Able to fly that long ill go ahead and have the flight time up guys of how long that was and how many miles it went total that must have been something like eight or nine miles, man. That was crazy, and i just want to say thanks for tuning in and really stressing out with me on this flight. Um still have more to do with this, when the tracking is uh working youll, be able to see the active tracking and stuff so im going to do a video of that when it is working. I already did kind of the flight test. You can check that out since the active track wasnt working. Yet i just followed my son through the trees just manually, steering it, and it did avoid everything go ahead and check that out on my series for the mavic 3 and where you can get the mavic 3. Of course, um go ahead and check the links down in the description down below ill. Have those links down there, so you can check all that stuff out and what i use in my reviews, i mean im loving the ipad mini 5., even though the ipad mini 5 was on the controller hanging over the antenna.

You saw that link, even though it was almost zero. I could still control it and i could still see the fpv fine, so phenomenal just keeps getting better and better. They just need to really get that advanced, active track and all those quick shots and stuff working on this, hopefully uh soon.