The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk live and i was joined by very special guest rick smith. From drone valley. We spent a majority of the evening discussing the brand new just released dji mavic 3.. We covered a lot of ground on the mavic 3 plus rick, passed on several tips. That im sure all of you would be interested in so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety its been three years since the mavic 2 came out, and since we were, we were all at brooklyn at the douglas center and that whole experience There – and you know fast forwarding to the release last week all right in in the video from the release, and you know one of the things that i, that really kind of surprised me at first – and this is probably not not to do with a video. But actually with the release was dji usually has it available for sale before the release time? Okay, they did not have it available for sale until you heard him in the video say and now its available for sale right. I checked the whole time both best buy and djis website. Didnt have it available. That was unusual for them yeah.

It is. But again you know you and i go back a long way with dji. You remember when the mavic pro came out and how they announced it, and then they didnt have it and we all bought it, and it was like weeks and weeks and weeks waiting for it to come, and there was a big scuttlebutt with dji about. How do you release a product and not have stock on a product? You know, and i think they learned their lesson there, where it got out to the distributors early enough on this one, but the other challenge youve got is if youre a company like dji and youre, trying to build that momentum for the release to keep it as Much of a secret as you can you know, and you send it out to distributors early somebody in that distributors, warehouse or one of their employees. They know how hot that topic is for conversation and theyre, going to start up a youtube channel theyre going to take one from the warehouse open. It up. Take pictures of it so leak start so theres that delicate. Do we ship it early? Do we ship it right at the release date? You know so theyve got to kind of protect their intellectual property as well, yeah, oh yeah and thats funny. You know you know its its like, and i have to say this with some of the leaks. Okay, i think it was jasper, ellens, 27 leaks or something like that.

You know i have to say this. Some of those – let me put you this way: dji doesnt, turn their back to some of these okay, so that you know some of these get slipped out, and you know its not its. Unofficially, you know blessed kind of a thing, because you know it helps create some momentum, and you know it really kind of picked picked interest up. Um, you know in the group, and one of the things that i really wanted to talk about with you first is – is the price now one of the things that we discussed here was and – and i told people this you know ahead of time – i said unless Youre lets, say and ill use for lack of. You know a couple of great examples unless youre professional, like maybe ken or billy – and you know, do this for a living. Okay, i said: do not get the sin aversion. Okay, you dont, you number one. You need to have incredible processing power on your on your pc or mac at home. Okay, because you just cant, have a regular standard pc and expect to be able to process that, and everybody goes. Oh, it has one terabyte onboard storage. I said: do you know how fast thats going to get eaten up with apple prores yeah? You know when you do that i mean its just. You know i said i said: do yourself a big favor, i said dont even think about it.

You know people say well, i cant get that smart control. I really want to get that and i found out about a week before that the smart controller was going to be available a la carte if you will being able to get it individually. So i told them i said you know, dont be buying it just to get the smart controller. Okay and people were like. You know that kind of makes sense to do something like that. You know yeah. I think my yeah, i agree with you. So what do we got? 21, 200 for the base model, 29.95 uh for the more combination and then five grand 49.95 for the cine version, and i shouldnt talk bad about dji but im, an honest guy, five thousand dollars for a drone that im not going to render in 4k most times And that higher resolution, even for professional shoots, that i do theyre, okay with standard 4k resolution or even 1080p, if theyre going to put it up in the web, like if its for commercial advertising, its overkill and just the mechanics of the technology. In addition to that, remember, youve got a solid state drive in there, so youre right. That fills up a lot, but i would get those bits off that solid stair drive to my computer youre going to do it through the usbc connection. How long is it going to take you to transfer half a terabyte of data to your computer while that drone sitting on your desk powered up right so that transfer data is a pain in the neck? Then you get it in your computer.

You got to have a couple of gpus in your computer to be able to process that and edit that for that software, or i should say edit, that footage and then render that footage. So every step in that process takes time and if youre doing this commercially, you know we try to do six seven houses in a day. Some days you know, were doing commercial work. I cant spend 12 hours rendering that kind of footage. When i get home and then the other overarching thing is, i know its the coolest one, its got the smart controller, its the biggest baddest. You know drone on the planet, but if youre not going to use it, you now have five thousand dollar investment flying around the countryside, not that its going to go out of control and youre going to lose it, but accidents happen and you go with the fly. More, you can buy two of those almost for what youre paying for that city. So if youre, a professional photographer thats totally up to you, i know guys spend that kind of money on a lens um. But for me i i just cant recommend it for the average flyer, its just its overkill. To be honest with you, i i agree 100 and, and you know you spend five thousand dollars and if you go out on djis website, guess what you can get rick. You can get an inspire too, i mean you know it its a watered down version of it, but you can still get one so its like thats, not, but but even the inspire too, like you know, i got an inspire too.

I probably fly it once or twice a month if that it sits on the shelf its down here in the shop, the guy, you know its a great looking bird. It goes up, it flies great, but most of what i would do with that. I can easily do right now with air 2s. Okay, its not as great a resolution. It doesnt really have all the camera attachments and all that stuff, but 80 of what im doing commercially is totally fine with 4k even 1080p. If theyre going to publish on the web so and its a big bird, its a big deal to take it with you, everybody notices and when its up in the air. So if you fly an inspire too in a neighborhood theyre going to show up with pitchforks and torches, you know looking for the guy yeah very drone up there right, so small quiet thats. What im looking for just enough yeah, its small, small and quiet – and you know one of the things that kind of kind of um i was. I was really pleased to see that dj. I finally did got a ill call it for lack of a better term. A smart return to home system now, um, you know compared to compared to the way it used to do it. You know used to rise to the preset altitude and then just you know, make a b line kind of thing, and now it uses, you know, uses the sensors on board and it calculates and its just it.

Just kind of you know its unbelievable. What it does. Yeah and skydio really started a lot of that artificial intelligence inside the drones. Up until now, drones have been reactive, so theyve got a ton of sensors. They have certain logic inside that. If the sensor senses something itll, stop the drone itll try to go above it itll try to go around it, but the artificial intelligence is a whole different level of intelligence inside the drone. So with the dji mavic 3, it can sense up to a couple hundred yards out, a 3d landscape of whats coming and its already before it gets close to those obstacles planning away around above or over this way to get around them. In addition to that, it does keep track of telemetry, so when youre flying out, it knows how you got there and it may use that path to get home depending on how low the battery is so its going to pick the fastest most efficient path. Back to that return point, because it knows its got very little. You know power left in the battery, so youre going to see a lot more at that artificial intelligence as well, because the a pass on this thing have you flown yours. Yet i know you had one order. I havent yeah its just here. This is a real, interesting thing. Okay, i dont know how many people have ordered theirs from best buy, but best buy informed me that now it wont come until the 24th of november.

So i just went ahead and canceled the order with best buy reordered it from dji im. Getting a shipping notice tomorrow, so good ill, probably have it by the end of the week, so well. Youre gon na youre gon na notice a big improvement in the a pass that automatic. You know: uh pilot assistance, theyve gotten way better with that, its not quite the level of skydio um but again skydio. When that drone came out, i shouldnt be bragging about it, but when skadio came out because were talking about dji, but when skydio came out with that drone that the jetson chipset in there, which, if youre involved with internet of things, you understand thats the key artificial Intelligence chipset that drone was two generations ahead of anything in the sky. At that point, it was really. It was like a flying robot that its only mission in life was to dodge stuff to keep track of you and dodge everything around it. You know the downside was: it was a bit of an annoying co pilot if youre a flyer, because you you want to do something and its second guessing you wherever youre going um, but dji is not quite there yet, but this drone, the brains inside this drone, The chipset inside this drone has the potential to be pretty close to what skydios doing with the automated features. The one thing skadios still got going for it, and i was kind of hoping it would show up on the mavic 3 is theyve, got that trinocular vision.

Where theyve got three sensors and with those with those three sensors, as opposed to two binocular sensors, they can get a much cleaner, look at a surface and obstacles around it. So its a little bit its like chess versus checkers in a lot of ways when you have the third sensor in there yeah. But you know, i think its fine. The way it is mavic, 3. yeah and – and i and i agree with you – you know – and one of the things about the mavic 3 – that that just you know, just one of the things that jumped out at me was the battery okay. I i cant say enough, and you know – and i know when i youve had us on weve, had you on before and, and you know, theres only so much. You know and im gon na paraphrase you from from when you were on theres. Only so much you can do in a confined space with that battery, with with the cells, i dont know how they did it rick. I do not know how they did it. A couple of things and ive had a lot of conversations in the background, because this thing first showed up. I had no briefing documents it showed up. I think you saw the box, it was just a white box, it didnt even have lettering on the box and basically it showed up, and i had a couple of pages of briefing documents and and when i read through them, i had a million questions about okay.

46 minutes really, with this kind of battery its lipo technology wheres the magic. What are you doing here and what it comes down to is, if you look close when you get yours, the props are different, so the props have little rubber edges on the end right. At the end, where the that sort of airfoil whip up is on the hard props thats there for efficiency, so it settles down those eddy currents coming off the end of the props they built in better motors, better asics, the engineering and the chipset is better. So what theyve done is taken pretty much the tightest package i can get for a lipo and made the entire drone way more efficient to drink less electrons when its flying, which is really the key, because i talked about energy density on the channel and it becomes This law of diminishing returns, where you can pack so many electrons into a battery, and if you want to put more in there, it gets bigger and it gets heavier. So that means you need more energy to fly the drone you can see where thats going so they hit the pivot point. I think on this one, its perfect at that 46. youre not going to get 46 minutes but, as i said in the first clip i kept thinking to myself, i got to bring the drone in and change the battery and id look down at the controller. I got 35 percent left and im its just felt so unnatural to have it up that long yeah, you know and and you know and and i care back to the spark.

Okay – and i i said, god bless the spark okay, you know it did what it did and it did it well, but the but the real achilles heel of that drone was was the battery life. Okay, youre up there youre getting a good shot. You know great video, youre, shooting some good and then next thing you know you hear you, you see the beep and youre at 15 and you got to come back and you know it was just. It was a killjoy. It was one of those things that was just like, oh, but you know what this is. One of the things that im really excited about with the mavic 3 is the runtime on this. Okay, because youre up there, you know, say, for instance, okay uh here in tampa. You know one of my favorite spots to go shoot is the skyway bridge because its very extremely photogenic, okay and it does take its a little bit of a jog out there and it does take some battery life to get out there. But, conversely, you know its not one of those, you know i i did it with the original mavic pro, but by the time i got to the bridge. Okay i had i had i had calculated. I had i had maybe 30 seconds of run time. While i was there and then i had to flip around and come back home, it wont be like that with this and thats.

What excites me about this is it gives you more time it gives, you know ill call, say, content creators or you know, videographers. It gives you more time at the place. You are focusing on to shoot. Okay right – and i cant say enough about that wreck no im with you, 100, its sort of like when youre uh, the analogy ill use is maybe youre a hiker and you want to get to the p because thats the view of the valley thats, really what The money is all about getting up to the top there, so you can enjoy that beautiful view of the valley, but if it takes you two hours to get up there and youre exhausted, you only have 10 minutes at the top of the peak to look down In the valley, then, you got to hike back down before it gets dark. Thats sort of the challenge with the battery is that you want to get out on target as quickly as you can, but have as much time on target as possible because thats the whole mission is to get there and get that beautiful footage on target and having A longer battery life is a wonderful thing, theyre also for my money, theyre more resilient too. For some reason, i i feel, like i dont know, i dont see the decay in the battery. If i leave it around a while itll still discharge, but i dont have that ive only flown it.

I dont know 50 60 times on one particular battery, which is the one im metricking. I dont notice a decrease in the capacity for charge. It doesnt get lazy like some of the other batteries do where it charges to 100. You get it in the field and all of a sudden, its down 80 just flying two minutes now. I know its brand new and all, but that there is a pattern of decay to batteries that you can tell a good battery from a bad battery in lipo. Yeah and its you know its one of the things for me. That just got me got me excited and i i was actually expecting the batteries to actually cost more than they did. I mean you know were talking about on a 2100 drone and, and you know, and again the engineers on dji, they did a fantastic job where they put the battery okay. I i really like that they really really kind of hit a home run with that wreck. I mean you know, the whole design is just beautiful, ive got it right here, youve seen the bra the bra holder, a lot of people are laughing about that. I actually like it a lot because the the previous versions had that stupid, not stupid, but that little plastic thing you had to kind of fiddle with to get it on there always popped off in your bag. This isnt going anywhere and theyve got a magnet holding on up top, so you can pop it off, but youre right about the battery.

I mean the way. This thing is designed its just a beast. I mean it looks. It looks cool if youre into that kind of thing, but its just it looks like it needs business. You know and the battery in the back again the way that slides in there thats got to be thats got to be 40 of the body, its just the battery, just the cavity for the battery, so thats a beefy battery and the other thing you got to Remember bill is that dji doesnt make these batteries right, nobody does they. They send them out to companies that build batteries, and a year before theyre going to release the product theyre going to say to them. Look we need a battery. Its got to look like this. Here are the specs to design the case heres the capacity we want the battery. We want a very efficient lipo battery and then the engineers at dji consider that power plant and they have to design the electronics to be as efficient as possible against that power plant. One other thing that they didnt really talk much about. Is the arms like if you look at these arms theyre incredibly thin when i first saw those im like oh man, this is going to be a very fragile drone. I probably shouldnt say this, but ive actually run into a tree with this already once where i had the sensors off, and i was goofing around trying to get this perfect shot.

This thing took a spill from about 30 feet up landed in sand, but still it hit the tree pretty hard, not a scratch on it. I mean its its very, very uh durable, but the beauty of this is again aerodynamically, thinner in the air, less resistance than the bigger arms that stick out, theyre wider out youve got bigger, props and again those rubber the rubber endings on these props are really you Cant see it in the camera, but this orange part at the end is rubber and that again, at the end of that prop with the plastic props, is going to vibrate like mad when its going through the air. This kind of softens that a little bit so those eddy currents that would normally develop at the end of the prop that slow it down and waste energy are going to be gone because its going to settle that down. So every aspect of this from the ground up has been a design uh challenge for him, but i i know i sound like i rave about these guys all the time, but i appreciate good technology and man the engineers at dj. I nailed it with this one. Yeah, i i i have to say that and – and you know one of the things that i try to remind people about, is you know you you need? You need a drone, and we had talked about this, and somebody brought this up, and this was great because you know the price of the uh of the mavic 3 and somebody said well.

If you didnt get a hubsan xeno mini pro. If you didnt get a um, a feed mini um, if you didnt get the other hubsan mini um, you know you know, you know it adds up. If you didnt get the the the femi x8 sc 2022 right. You know these kind of things. You know it adds up, and these are drones i mean you know, god bless marcus and ron, especially marcus. I mean you know he. He takes these out and hes tried these well what his his with the femi mini rick hes, had hes on his fourth one from fema wow wow. I mean you know its its so its its he. He hes very persistent, okay and uh. He he wants to get these to work and i dont blame him, but one of the things that somebody brought up is you know. Well, you know youre buying. All these you know thats a good chunk of money towards a mavic 3.. You know right yeah. I had a guy the other day, sent me an email and he was complaining about the prices. A lot of people have an opinion of what it should cost. I dont know how you come up with that because for me, if i want something the company that built it gets to price it, and if i dont like the price i dont buy it, i buy something else, because consumers can vote with their dollars. So i would never, as a consumer, pretend to say thats too expensive.

How do i know its too expensive? If i cant afford it, i just wont, buy it ill, buy something else um, but what i was trying to get across this person i was talking to is they said. Well, i got this from. I got that trying to get this drone. You know i uh this mavic 3 is way too expensive and i said to him: sell those other drones. Why do you need four drones? What can those other drones do that this guy cant do in a single drone? If you really want this drone youll probably get a thousand fifteen hundred bucks out of all the stuff youve described back so youre. Looking at a six seven hundred dollar investment to get up in the air in a mavic, 3. yeah right, yeah yeah, you cant and you cant – you cant beat that and then you know the the thing is you know you want to be able to get to Your your destination, you want to be able to come back. You want to have obstacle avoidance, you know, you know you want something thats going to check all the boxes and then you want a quality camera. Okay, because you know one of the things that frustrated me. I had a themi x8 sc 2020 and one of the things that frustrated me was, you know, it seems like femi could never get a level horizon in their drones. Okay, it was like a constant battle with firmware updates, getting it taken care of you know, and then next thing you know that horizon tilt.

You know its like. I do a flip about and you know and it tilts and then i do another flip and then its right and im like no. You know what i want something thats going to work consistently out of the box: okay right thats, one thing that, and i went back and i took a look at how much i paid just for the just for for the for the drone for the mavic 2. When um three years ago, okay – and it was around fourteen hundred dollars without the imore, okay and and im telling people – okay, a six hundred dollar increase for this uh. You know – i said, think about this. Okay, because i did major in business in college. Okay – and you know we had to go through a computer simulation of running a company, and you know spending money on marketing, advertising, research and development, everything all right and the technology, you figure the leap in technology from a mavic 2 to the mavic 3. Okay, its a pretty doggone, big leap: okay and thats 600. I think its easily justified rick yeah. I would agree with you, i mean you could point to some of the developments theyve had and some of the other drones right. There theres essentially three categories now for dji in the consumer: space theres, the mini category, theres, the middle category and theres, the pro category, which this is part of the pro category, the middle category, the air 2 air 2s kind of dominates that space and the mini Mini 2 whatevers coming next will be in the mini space that small category in the mid category theyre similar airframes.

When you look at the air 2s 80 of the engineering for that airframe is pretty similar to the air too same thing with the minis right. If you look at the mini the mini 2, the mini sc theyre reusing a lot of core technology, molding plastics, all the things that theyve got the suppliers are lined up. The colors are pretty static, so theres, not a lot of money invested in that. When you look at the mavic 3 and compare this to the mavic 2 two and a half years of development engineering, an entirely new airframe, a new camera system up front completely designed from the ground up with hasselblad um, you know everything about this is: is a Moon launch kind of a development and then having these teams work on all this stuff independently is great to get obstacle avoidance, working and better escs and better propellers over here, because theyre, the propulsion people and you get a battery group over here, then you get all Together and it has to fit into a package and then actually work with the software, its a miracle, these things take off. So when you tell me that its more expensive, i expected that im not saying its, not an expensive drone. It is, and ive said that to everybody whos asked i think its a very expensive drone, but for what it does and for what youre getting the ton. The ton of tech theyve built into this thing to me justifies the price and, if, if its too expensive – and i know it is for some people – look at the air 2s and if thats too expensive, look at the mini tube if thats too expensive.

When this hit the market im, guaranteeing you theres going to be a lot of mavic 2s up for grabs that are going to be reasonably priced, that people are selling second hand same thing with the air 2s. You know theyre going to upgrade to a mavic 3.. So keep your eyes open. I mean ive, never been a bigot about what i fly. I fly everything from the cheapest. You know 40 drones. I put those up all the time in the house all the way through this or an inspire im, a huge fan of people flying what they like. You know, theres theres, no such thing as my dad can beat up your dad over drones right. We can have that argument, but at the end of the day, lets just go. Fly lets just have a good time and go outside and fly the drones and have fun exactly. You know, and you know one of the things rick is. You know and and ive said this before and and im glad im glad you mentioned this here. Okay, its, like you know, you know, people say: oh well, you only fly dji and i said well, you know what maybe you know you need to go back and start taking a look at some of my videos because ive ive flown a hubsan xeno ive flown Too ive flown a fema mini ive flown um. You know ive ive flown the um femi x8se 2020.

You know i have other drones besides dji products, and i think what one of the things that i encourage people to do is if they can afford it, to get some of these drones and to find out okay and compare because a lot of times people. You know they they have this. They have this. You know idea that when they spend their money for that drone, they want. You know, you know a hubsan or femi. They want it to be like a dji drone and its not okay, i mean you know and ill get and ill. Give you a real quick example here: okay, when hubsan had their launch for the for their for their mini drone yep, i dont know. If you saw that it was a disaster yeah i did. I did. It was too early. They shouldnt, oh my god, flight time. The risk they were taking by putting that toronto for 40 minutes on a live broadcast for the benefit they got out of that proving it could fly that long. I dont know who decided to do that, but it wasnt a good move. No, it wasnt and it was just, and it was you know, and besides the fact it was unprofessional, i mean i just thought you know just you know its like, they would say something in chinese, then they would say it in english and you know it was Just wow, okay, all right! Let me let me take their side for a second, because i have reviewed their products.

Ive gotten pretty close to some of the people at hubsan and im, not defending them im. Just trying to explain where theyre coming from theyve been both femi and hubsan have both been sort of. I dont want to call them toy drone manufacturers, but on that lower end of the spectrum, as far as what theyre building with the drones, they started off with a lot of fixed cameras without gimbals, they moved into the gimbal space. Moving from fixed camera to gimbal is its its like youre inventing things from scratch to try to get a gimbal stabilized now theyre off the shelf things you can buy to help with that, but you still have to build it, an engineer and build software behind it. So theyve now gotten decent stabilized gimbal drones that they can use um now theyre trying to move into what ill call the prosumer space so that that xenomini pro was really their first entree into competitive drone. In that sub 250 gram space now ive got. I dont know if i told you, but i got the new se. I havent reviewed it yet im going to tear into this a little bit. This is their answer to the original mavic mini right, so its a less expensive uh xeno mini pro its a xeno mini sc, so theyre trying theyre trying to do things in that space. Um youve, probably already seen theyve got something coming out in the mid space.

Thats going to compete with the air 2 air 2s, purportedly with a four third sensor on it, so thats going to be an interesting release, but getting back to their development engine. You a lot of this stuff, isnt intuitive its not like smart people get together in a room, brilliant engineers, and they come out with a drone that works its its. It works. A little got to be tweaked got to be tweaked got to be tweaked and dji has gotten to the point where they can reuse. A lot of the tech. Theyve got the same engineers working on the new models, so you cant beat that tribal knowledge of how we got to this from the early days of the phantom 2 right. So theyll get there and i ive said before love them or hate them, and i like them all im not going to pick on them. I fly the skydio ive got it behind the little. So i got back theres a parrot. Bebop ive got the other anafi in the other room i, like them all um, but competitions. A good thing like having another company, lay out a drone in the mini space to say you know what were going to take a shot at you with this. You know mini pro. People at dj are going to look at that and go well its not quite a mini 2, yet but thats kind of scary, theyre getting close right and if they release something in the mid space with a four third sensor.

Everybodys going to take notice, so i applaud that kind of brave lets take a shot at the market because thats millions of dollars of investment and yeah there was a little sloppy in the launch. Their marketing teams are getting up to speed, theyre, not a dji, but you know: djis got two big buildings in china that they own and they build robots and cameras and gimbals, and you know all kinds of things. So its really dave and goliath kind of debate. Well, you know, and you brought up a good point rick, because competition is good. Okay, when you know when dji puts out a product – and i think you know part of the thing was – you know with femi – and this is something ill ill answer – they – they wanted to beat hubsan out with their mini drone thats why they put theirs out, and It was just it was. It was another disaster from the get go yeah but and conversely, i have to say this: hubsans customer service is really kind of hit or miss, but femis theyre, very responsive im, really impressed because marcus is on his fourth femi mini. You know and theyve responded to him and theyve gotten him back the drone quickly. I mean its directly from china, so theres! No, you know theres no really point here in the united states, its directly from china and yeah, and i was impressed with that yeah. I i think you know its hard.

Even dji gets knocks for their customer service. Theyve gotten a lot better over the years bill. You got to remember you and i go back to like a lot of your viewers, go back to the early days of drones, where we were sort of putting them together ourselves and flying rcs back 20 years ago that were gas powered this. This technology, uh in a decade less than a decade, has gone from experimental kind of interesting cool stuff too wildly sophisticated and the markets exploded. So company, like dji thats, for by any measure the leader in that space right 80 percent of the market share, went from a small company that was designing. One drone one model: a drone to a company that designs a ton of stuff, and you have to keep up with your service people at the same time, so their support services have to scale their distributors have to scale. So i think, were you know: were a year or two away from them becoming along the lines of an apple or a samsung or a ge, somebody that can respond to a phone call. When you make the phone call, i think their online are pretty responsive and i think femi and hubsan are you know a little behind the curve on that theyre going to get there, though i think yeah, i think so too, and you know its like a stay Tuned kind of a thing because i think theyll get there and you know they.

You know competition is good because it helps everybody and and the consumer wins. When theres a lot of good competition out there yep i like the xenomini pro. I thought it was a great drone. I flew it a lot. I got a lot of grief for it too man. There are a lot of people that are angry at hubsan. When i put that clip up, they came out of the woodwork at me and im like dude. I didnt try. I didnt design the drone im just reviewing the drone im being honest about what i see, but they were coming out swinging and im like wheres. All this hate coming from i didnt, do anything im just reviewing it. Oh yeah, i have a. I have a mini group on facebook and wow yeah, its very heated on there. Let me it is. I had no idea what i was stepping into with that one but anyway. Well, you know one of the things ive been getting a ton of questions about is the smart controller, okay and the the the compatibility issue yeah. You know hey kesterlu, finally, put that to rest. Today he put an article out on drone xl. That said, the original smart controller is not compatible. You know with the mavic 3. yeah. A lot of people are not happy about that. Well, i kind of told people rick, and i said you know i said, think about this. Okay, the new smart controller is ocusync 3 or os3.

Okay, the original smart controller is os2. Okay, you know its like apples and oranges, its not going to work. Yeah im smiling because um ive got a clip coming up on it, but ill give you some hints here. So when you think about the technology inside the smart controller, really what its doing is its communicating with the drone over some kind of telemetry some type of uh transmission topology, i should say, but its all, based on wi fi 5.8 gigahertz. So what djis done with their ocusync technology is layered an algorithm on top of that wi fi carrier 2.4. 5.8 – that does amazing things. Itll shift frequencies either side. Itll keep track of the frequencies that are going on its gotten way, better on keeping track of that and keeping the drone in sync but fundamentally occusync, accusing two occasion: three are all riding on the same transmission topology same frequency band. The only difference is how they move the data from the drone back to the controller for telemetry control of the drone and reporting back, what its doing, but, more importantly, its streaming, the video. So, with the smart controller, i think my personal opinion youre not tripping over the occusync 2 connection, youre tripping over the streaming of the video. That controller is built on android five years ago, the processor in there cant handle 1080p streaming. So if i was a dji, if i was in the engineering department id say, you know what lets build a bi modal into that controller, the smart gen1 smart controller, where itll transmit we can fake the occu sync 3 thats, just an algorithm.

We can download firmware to do that. Its really the streaming of that video at 1080p, just like with the r2s lets, knock that down to 720 and let them use their gen1 controller thats. What i would do – and i dont think technically theres much thats going to prevent that now it doesnt work im, not trying to say it works. It doesnt work, but i think its less the occu sync 3 and more the streaming of that video back to the controller thats tripping it up just like if you had the ipad mini 5, if youre trying to use an ipad mini two or three you cant Handle the dji fly app. It just cant handle processing that live stream coming back it trips over itself, thats the same thing with the smart controller. I think that 2s was about as far as they could stretch it. You know, i agree, you know and one of the things that kind of surprised me and you know a lot of people were kind of hoping that you know with a controller, even though it was pr you know it was, it was leaked, it was going to Be uh like, like the air 2 air, 2s kind of type controller that they would have the telemetry data that was on the original mavic pro, because a lot of people really like that, including myself, okay, yeah and and then we saw it, come out and im. Like hmm, you know, you know, youre paying youre, paying this a nice penny and breaking a big piggy bank to pay for the mavic 3 and youre, getting the same smart controller as like the air 2 air 2s.

All right, so here are two smart controls. Im going to put you to the test: heres two smart controllers: one of these is near 2s and the other ones from the mavic 3.. Can you tell the difference between them? Nope, you cant theyre, exactly the same now. Why would you do that? You do that to lower the cost, because if i have to redesign a controller, people are complaining about 2200 bucks for me to tear this down reform it put new molds together, pour plastic put a display in there yeah its good. I can do it but im going to raise the price by 200 bucks and then no ones going to want it to drone because theyre going to be like well its too expensive. So i agree with you that would have been good to have it in there. I kind of expected to be honest with you. I call this a gen 2 controller, remember the old black ones, with the mavic and some of the smaller drones that was the gen 1 to me. There was actually one before that with the phantoms, but lets say this is the gen 2. I really expected a gen 3 to come out. That was a modification to this for the mavic, and i dont know this to be true, but i wouldnt be shocked if there were other mavic, 3 versions coming, so it would be cool to have that for the whole family of drones, but anyway um.

I think they did it for cost thats my two cents just to keep it similar and not have to redesign it. You know one of the things that ive been telling people is, you know for me personally, and you know we discussed this before the show um. You know you know getting a triple tech tablet was a no brainer for me because of the sun. Here in florida i mean its just something you know, even in the winter time, you know the way it the way it hits youve got to have something out here in florida, its just its just absolutely brutal without it, and especially in the summertime okay. Now, conversely, you know up up north um, you know its its, not so bad as, as you know, as far as the light is concerned, but one of the things that i wanted to ask you was, you know, and a lot of people ask me you know With the smart controller, okay, are we going to get more smart control, new smart controllers in the future? I said. Obviously i said yes, i said because you know one of the things that ive been preaching since day. One on the channel rick, i said: dji does not waste an ounce of technology. Okay, you know they carry it from a to b to c to d yep yeah. So i think, with the smart controllers, i mean theres a its sort of a again im bimodal on this one right.

I like it, because i fly a lot of different drones. I like getting on site and having one device. Thats got a screen built into it. That i charge it its with me, i dont have to worry about that. I forget the cable that i charge the phone and not charge the controller is the compatible application on there. Its not working whats, going on so smart controller for me is open. The drone open the controller and youre flying right, so commercial work, i said the early on is all about time. If i can do seven jobs in a day instead of six theres extra money in my pocket right, because this days only so long suns coming down. I got ta get as many as i can, so this is a lot quicker. The downside to a smart controller, which a lot of people have pointed out, is that this is a universal device, so i can fly all these drones with it just by snapping it into a controller, and if i trade, my drone out, i dont have to worry About going from a two to two s: smart controller doesnt work: i bought the mavic 3, oh, that smart controller, doesnt work, so theres theres catches on both sides of that. But my bigger question for you – and i havent got an answer on this. Yet maybe haley hey answered this, the new controller, how backward compatible? Is it um thats, a good question you buy the new controller.

Can i find my 2s, my mini 2? Can i fly all my older drones, or is it only mavic 3 forward? Thats a good question thats. That is a very good question: yeah, because youre going to drop that money right, you may have other drones yeah, i mean you know and it makes sense because you know i justified getting the original smart controller because i said – and you know – and i had heard Whispers at the time and people were talking about it because its ocusync 2.0 and the phantom 4 pro v 2.0 zoku, sync 2.0 – that was going to work with a phantom 4 v 2.0 and sure enough. It did okay, you had beta firmware for that didnt. You yeah i had i had i did. I did the beta test for that and yeah it worked flawlessly and then you know the convenience of being able to have the biggest thing about the smart controller is convenience. Okay, because you know all i got to do – is that that screen flip it over boom done okay, its ready to go. You know and, like you said, i dont have to get a cable on. I dont get a mount out its all ready to go, but you know my mounts are always mounted anyway, so you know its its not its, not like its a huge effort to to get that controller up and running. You know yeah. The other thing i wanted to mention too was um.

The this is an interesting thing. Ive been doing a ton of testing on this i tend to. When i get new technology, i go down in the shop and im gone for days. You know my wifes upstairs youre coming up for dinner. No im downstairs working leave me alone, so im testing the hell out of everything. So with with the new controller um, the dji fly app loads. As you know, on the smart controller and the dji fly app was updated to work with the mavic 3. on the smart controller. It doesnt see that in the aircraft management screen now, what im interested in, moreover, is that the dji flapper app is developed by these guys over here. The smart controller came out of the display division thats a different version on the smart controller of the internals of the android running behind it, im still curious as to why they wouldnt at least give me a wounded version of it to work with the mavic 3. On the original smart controller, you know because again its not its, not the connection topology theyre tripping over its just the ocusync three right, so i dont know well have to see where that goes. But im im like a pit bull with that, because if, if its physically impossible, i get it if its technically impossible, i get it, but if its both of those are possible, then why not give it a shot? You know its not like theyre, not old users.

Yeah, well, you know one of the big things for me. Obviously you know when it all comes down to brass tacks. You know its that the video and the camera with it. What are your? What are your thoughts about it on the mavericks yeah? Well, i i got to tell you that that step up to 1080p with the 03 on this is unbelievable, and i use that word a lot when im talking about this drone, but the 720 to 1080p. Think back when you had your first like high definition, tv and it was 7 20. – i can remember like it was yesterday and i wanted a bigger screen and i went to my wife and im like look. We got to get a bigger tv. I need a big tv and she goes well. This one works fine. What are you talking about and then i took her to best buy buyer someplace and she saw that before 4k was out. She saw the 1080p and it was like you could reach your hand into the screen and grab a fish in the lake. It was that crystal clear now. Imagine that on your display right going from 720, which is good, but its kind of blocky to a 1080p live stream, its unbelievably different and when youre filming with a better camera like this, you really need to have that clarity. To focus on your point of interest. Make sure the framings right, the colors right youve got everything set correctly your exposures right, so i think this camera is outstanding, its outstanding and the dual lensing on it clever little trick there.

I tripped over that. By the way, i put a clip together explaining how the zoom works – and i had it wrong, because i was busy testing and rushing through things, but um clever the way they did that and you you know how that works. I guess youve talked about it or havent talked about it on the channel, yeah, okay, you have or havent no, we havent talked about it. So whats interesting, im, probably uh more on everybody. Thats watched the clip already, but there are two cameras right: theres, a hasselblad on the bottom, the four third sensor, thats the main camera for it, then the camera up top is what they call the zoom camera, but the difference between them is. This is a standard one to one and the top one has got a telephoto 7x lens in it. So you cant go one to one on the top lens when you, when you go through that camera youre immediately 7x magnification and then they apply digital zoom on both cameras. So if you turn on 2x its this one on the bottom, with 2x 4x on the bottom, when you flip to the 7x it flips to the top camera, which is naturally a 7x telephoto, then you can apply 2x and 4x. On top of that to get to 14 and 28. so its clever, because i originally thought just like in the mavic 2 that they had optical zoom, where i could vary the zoom inside with the lensing, they dont its a fixed lens, but its telephoto.

So clever. On their part, to give you that wide range of magnifications on zoom and uh, the camera is outstanding. I cant say that enough: yeah thats, something im, just im, just thoroughly excited about um. You know – and i know a lot of people – and this is you know its its – not a huge thing but but but but big enough is people were saying they were having a hard time getting their sd cards out of the mavic 3.. They are – and i was i was upset about that initially, because when you open the door theres, not a lot of room, you cant get your fingers. I got these big chunky fingers. I cant get in there to get it out, but heres the trick. Just pull out the battery, so when you pull out the battery, you can grab it because theres now space. So i think its designed when you pop it out, you can easily pull it out with the battery out. But if your batterys in youre going to have a hell of a time getting that sd card out so theres no theyll pass along to your frequency, theres theres, a free tip everybody there. You go mark that mark that down. I was cursing it. I was cursing a bill im like how could they have not fixed this come on. Weve complained about it for years, but then i had it with the battery out and im like oh thats, easy thats.

The way it should be done now. You know one of the other things that a lot of people have asked me about. Is you know why and – and i know why – okay, but the internal storage, okay, you, you would think okay and ill go back to hobson, okay, because on on their on their minis, you know they have that internal storage in there you know theres, no sd card. So you know everythings on board and you download it. You know you hook it up your pc or mac and you download it on here all right. Conversely, here you know you know its a again. You know the 64 000 question is why didnt dji? You know, i know the one terabyte and i know why they did it on the city version, but why didnt they up the amount of onboard storage on here rick they couldve very easily. I dont know why they didnt either. It would have been easy to throw 64 gigs on there, its at the production cost theyre buying that stuff its pennies difference between the two. But, to be honest with you, i dont really want to use my internal storage on any of the drones im flying because that means ive got to make a physical connection to the drone so that that connection point over time is going to fatigue. And additionally, i dont have to power up the drone and treat it like an sd card reader, because thats, essentially all it is on the hubsan, is the drone becomes your sd card reader, its got to sit there getting warm on your desk while youre transferring those Files over and if youve recorded 64 gigs of data, it could take a long time over that interface.

Whats, worse, is if youre, not using the usbc youve got an incredibly slow, usb interface to move all those files back to your computer. So for me, i never want to use internal storage. The reason i like it in there is because im done and ill go out a lot of times rushing to get some filming and ill leave the sd card home and then im out in the lake 10 miles from my house going. Ah, so i can at least get eight gigs of storage and record to it, but i dont i dont – want to use the internal storage at all if i can help it yeah and yeah, and that makes a lot of sense. I mean you know. I know myself ive been in that instance, where ive gone out to get it and doing a shoot and then all of a sudden im like oh crap, you know wheres the sd card.