For this to be that perfect flagship, foldable drone and lets discuss those today now, this drone is expensive. Lets not forget that this one cost eighteen hundred and fifty pound, and it goes all the way up to five thousand dollars for that city premium model, so its not cheap. Is it a consumer drone? Well, you can pick this up as a consumer by far yes, its the best drone flying experience by a long way. I have the dji air 2s, and this is better, but if youre spending 5 000 on a drone youre not going to be just that. Hobbyist flyer flying on a sunday afternoon, so this drone for the price point needs to be spectacular and perfect, no matter whos flying it a consumer or a pro. Now, the first one is relating to return to home. I havent done a full video on return to home on this drone, because, quite frankly, i dont trust it, and the issue is: is that at the moment, its using intelligent return to home this new return to home feature? What this does is this maps the quickest route from get to a to b, to get back to you now that is good and intelligent, but it also depends on your location, so the old classic version of return to home. You would set your return to home altitude lets just say, for example, 100 meters, so i would always recommend setting it higher than that tallest object where you are the tallest building, for example.

So you its going to be here if you lose signal or you just need to get it back to you – the drone will then climb to the altitude youve set and go across and then land at you and itll just go in this kind of formation. Now, what it does it doesnt do that. So if you set your return to home altitude at 100 meters and youre 50 meters in height, it will come back to you and decrease on its way back. It wont increase to the set altitude. Itll come back intelligently. Now, depending on the location thats great, because it enables the drone to get back to you quickly, its not wasting time increasing going to that altitude, youve set, it could be windy. So these are good examples of it, but the downside to it is is if youre in an area say in the field and youve got power lines, this isnt going to go over those power lines automatically like youve set it to, it will go towards them and Then youre then dependent on the obstacle avoidance, realizing that, oh god, theres some power lines in front of me and then it will then go over them and come back to you thats quite risky isnt it. I would be much more comfortable if im in an area where theres some really tall buildings to go right. I need my drone to come back to me at 100 meters in height, the tallest building is around about 60 meters, so i know its got a 40 meter clearance on that guaranteed.

If i lose signal no at this time, it will just come back to you. The way it deems to be the fastest way of getting back thats just too risky, especially when this drone is not cheap. If this crashes, although it shouldnt crash its just that element of risk and a risk we dont need now, the only way of getting this classic return to home is when youre at night at night. It doesnt do the intelligent return to home, because the sensors have a harder time of deeming whats in front of it and working, but there is no toggle switch within the menus. So i would like that to be added. Do you want intelligent return to home or just another version of the old classic? I dont know what the name would be, but just that you could then set that accordingly, okay, so this one isnt ready just yet this is going to be out in january, and this is relating to the active track. There are some niggles relating to the sensors and thats always going to affect the active track, so if youre flying the drone – and it detects an object and its within this safety bubble around the drone, the drone will then reduce the speed so like on skydo drones. It has a safety bubble of about one to two meters, anything more than that it will go at full speed within one to two meters. It will reduce its speed on this drone around about four meters.

It has a safety bubble around it. So, if youre within four meters of an object, this will reduce its speed to 10 kilometers per hour, which is pretty much walking pace. This means, if youre in an area where youre trying to track something, lets just do the example of a car weve seen this scene in so many hollywood films, where its occur on a really short narrow lane, trees, either side of it. And then the drone is tracking the car behind it, its a lovely shot and youre within four meters of these trees. This drone is going to then be going at 10 kilometers an hour, and we have no option in the settings to change that. The only option you have is just to turn the sensors off altogether, which we dont want. Now i hope once the active track does come out at the end of january. This will be sorted, but you can see if youre trying to track something, not just a car, say a bike, someone on a bike or a scooter or a skateboard and youre, just tracking them at the side of it. Youve dragged the square around them. It detects that there is trees and theyre on a path, its only going to go at 10 kilometers an hour so that shots wasted. We need an option within the settings, so we can have a reduce this safety bubble around the drone to say one to two meters like scadio does or another option to have this safety bubble, but still go at full speed.

The dji air 2s one when it did track that went a lot faster and that didnt have this really large safety bubble around it. So dji can do this, make it happen so relating to the camera. Weve got different profiles: weve got normal, which is h264 and h265, which look brilliant and weve also got d log now d log is that flat, color profile its 10 bit its the best quality, because im gon na have to go and color grade it once you Color grade it, the footage will look great now in pro settings on this remember this is a consumer stroke. Pro drone 5 000 drone weve only got iso 400 or 800, no other options of iso to change. Why, in every other profile you can change the iso from 100 to 6400, but in d log, 400 and 800.. Now i believe hdr video is also going to be released in january, so thatd be great to see. Weve got that on the d drive air 2s. So thats good, but certainly in d log. You know a lot of professionals who will fly this for commercial work, wont use normal profiles, wont use h264, h825 itll, be d log, all the time so and they wont use auto. So in pro we need more settings and more options, and that will bring me on to another point about the drive fly up ill leave that to the end, okay, so the next one is relating to waypoints.

Where are the waypoints? I mean waypoints are brilliant. They allow you to program a automated route of this. You can sit back, you can have a beer. The drone will do all the flying for you im. Joking obviously, but waypoints are a brilliant tool and its only going to be in hyperlapse, like on the dji. 2S only available on hyperlapse, why you know the mavic 2 pro didnt have waypoints. When it first was released, it came with a firmware update. This needs waypoints tripod mode. I love tripod mode on the all generation. Dji drones its perfect for be able to fly through those really small areas: small objects: you can turn the sensors off here. You can put it into cine mode, but because its a powerful drone, it still moves fairly quick for the drone of this price. We should have everything it shouldnt be held back on features, they shouldnt be oh yeah. It might come in a future release. It should have everything lets bring some more to this, so the next ones, relating to the rc controller, now ive not bought this. Yet im. Still debating, but my flying combo is the dji mavic 3 and the mini 2 is a perfect combination, but currently the new controller. This pro controller will only work on the dji mavic 3.. It wont work on the mini 2. So if i take this with me in the same bag – and i fly this, then i want to go and get some shots with.

This ive got to then switch back to the old controller. I cant use this new brilliant high brightness controller. It makes no sense. I mean a firmware update can solve that 100 make it happen now. The final point relates to the dji fly up, so this drone lets not forget is expensive, but its the best foldable drone that ive ever flown the camera is amazing. The flying experience. Everything is fantastic, but there is no point having the best drone out there. The best flyable experience going if the software is limited and the dji fly up, although its good and compared to competitors its the best one. You know the menus are nice to navigate around. It all looks really nice. The fly up is okay, but its very basic and lets not forget. This is a consumer stroke pro drone. So if youre a pro, you want to have full control over this drone youre in control of it, you want to have complete control over both the cameras and to be able to do what you want with this drone and the dji fly app, prevents that, because It is limited this shares similarities within the fly up to the mini 2, a 500 drone. The menus are pretty much identical to the dji air 2s, a 900 drone – and this goes up to 5 000. For this drone and youre still using the dji fly app. The old dji app had a lot more control over it.

You could control a hell of a lot more of the iso. You could change it all the pro settings. The old app was much better. It was buggy yes, but the dji fly up, although its its got rid of it. It looks nice and the menus are nicer from a pro standpoint, its not as good the telephoto camera. I love the zoom camera on here, its brilliant, but its only limited to auto 4k, 30 or 1080p 30, its bizarre frame rates, which means from using it for a cinematic perspective, which you could do with that seven times, zoom youre gon na have to be using It in auto all the time in 4k 30. that needs a firmware update to sort that put everything into this. This is the flagship this is going to be around for a number of years, its a fantastic drone, but let the software also be just as good. So i hope you found that helpful guys if you did new around here like subscribe, will be awesome. Weve just hit seven million views which, for a small channel, is outstanding im, so thankful to every one of you who have watched these videos its great to see. We do everything tech on this, its a really busy time of the year. If you want to go and pick the best foldable drone up, you want, you know ill link in description below, and this is a beast it. You know it gives you enjoyment to fly it this and the mini 2 perfect.