The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content. With that lets begin. The other night i hosted rotor talk live, and i was joined by mr ron braun and mr marcus crawford. We spent the better part of the evening discussing all the new updates regarding the dji mavic 3. Pro, including the fcc grant id release information pictures from the dji mavic 3 pro and an update on which app the dji mavic 3 pro possibly will be using so without any further ado lets roll that clip in its entirety all right its time all right and Like i said, we got a lot to cover here. Hopefully, ron and marcus will join me shortly, but were going to get started because theres a there is a lot to cover with this update. Okay now. The first thing i want to touch base with here is yes: lets go ahead and share the screen here now. Dji updates go for app ahead of mavic 3 launch version 4.3.46, okay, Music. The app is currently used to fly the mavic 2 pro and zoom, as well as older drones, such as the phantom 4 pro it also. It also does the inspire 2 as well. The updated version of dji go 4 app is 4.3.46 hoarding ddgi. The update adds support for ios 15 and fixes certain issues and optimizes overall app quality.

We havent recently seen any updates for the dji go for app is djis. Newer. Drone models are all using the fly app. The last update was eight months ago here. So during the launch of the original mavic mini and brooklyn, and he meant to say mavic pro 2 in brooklyn in the fall of 2018. dji employee, told me that dji fly app was the way forward. The go at go4 app was too complicated to keep working for older and newly introduced dji drones. Furthermore, the go4app was considered not to be user friendly, although it does offer more options to fly. Your drone and change settings versus the flyout, the dji fly. App interface was designed to be simplified and intuitive compatible for mavic mini mavic air 2 dji mini 2 dji fpv, dji, air 2s, dji mini se, says dji. So what do we make of the go for app short of the mavic launcher is scheduled for november? The 5th is the update simply needed to keep the go for app functioning? Well, the latest ios and android, or will the dji mavic 3, actually use the go for app and is there a split between what app is used for consumer drones versus the more professional drones that we use the go4app, or will we see an updated version for The dji fly app to unlock more features and make the app more suited for drone pilots who will fly the mavic 3 professionally.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the dji go 4 app ahead of the mavic 3 launch. Okay, that is a lot to digest there guys okay thats a lot to digest, and i wanted to wanted to present this to you guys to kind of get your thoughts and see what you guys think on this: okay, um yeah g boy, hey g boy! Welcome glad to see you tonight im, not a fan of the fly app compared to the dji go 4 app uh. Supposedly a fly app will be getting a huge makeover for the mavic 3. um. I hope so maddie because it needs it all right um. It is an old co base and let me speak from a programming standpoint, because ive been an i.t for 30 years. I was a developer for a long time and, as you know, i do software quality assurance testing right now. Its an old code base and maintaining old code base is its difficult and its tedious and its very time consuming to make those changes um. I will say that, on the other hand, it might be easier for them to insert the mavic 3 into the go4 app. All right, as you know, the smart original smart controller used the go4 app so um. You know for that. You know now yeah its been since been updated, but is this something is dji gon na i i kind of here heres my thoughts on this okay.

They can go either way on this, but my thought is theyre. Probably gon na go towards the fly app and, like maddie said i think theyre gon na go its gon na have a huge makeover for november, the fifth so stay tuned for that um. You know, while there are some things i like about the fly, app the go for app, you know. I see the one thing that i like about the fly app compared to the go4 app. Is you didnt have deep menus? You didnt have to go down three menus to find something i think, thats a good feature of it all right. The go4 app, however, gave you more options to do things so and and heres heres another another. You know some food for thought all right. The fly app is geared toward consumers. Okay, your your your mavic minis or you know, is now your minis um, your mavic air twos, your air, 2s, okay mini se. Those are all consumer drones. All right, strictly, mavic 3 is going to be its a borderline. Its a you know, you want to call a prosumer drone, its going to be between professional and consumer. So what app does dji choose to use on this? Okay, it remains to be seen all right. Um maddie may be right. The fly app may be getting a full makeover for this, but they could still go with a go4 app. We dont know we dont know and what are your thoughts on that ron? Welcome bill, i i did.

I mean i just clicked when i didnt even hear any. The pre show chatter uh, but i do want to welcome everybody in out in the chats tonight see a lot of the uh, our good friends out there in the chat i see lloyd, the grumpy vlogger out there. I hope judys doing well uh. You know so. Uh, yes, judy is doing well. He posted that earlier, so good good. I wanted to drop that by you were starting. What are we talking about? Bill were talking the mavic 3 and were talking originally um. You know theres. A lot to talk about here were talking about the go4 app and the update, and now our good friend maddie is reporting that the fly app is going to get a huge makeover for in time for november the 5th. But you know i was trying to point out the pros and the cons of of using each app for the mavic 3 um, because you know we think of the mavic 3. You think of it more as a prosumer type of a drone. It kind of falls in between you know, professional and consumer, and you know the professional and would probably call for something like a go4 app with deep level menus, but more options available. So you know its a coin toss at this point right because we have. We all assume that the fly app was just designed. You know for uh, more hobbyists, like uh, you know for the mavic mini series and the mavic air series of drones.

We never realized that it would, you know, maybe we dont know yet take over and be the the only app uh i mean the go. A lot of us assumed to go forward was done, but now that they gave it a refresh made it compatible with ios 15 – maybe maybe not so now, yeah and i dont well, i dont know if well have any confirmation for sure which app will work with The mavic 3, until maybe that launch date of um what is the fifth bill? Yeah itll, be the fifth, so yeah youre right ron. We probably wont know up until that day. In that time you know theres theres, no theres really been no hints. I mean experienced guys like you and i have experience flying both apps yeah. It wont be a big deal for you and i to jump either one but theres a lot of people that are newer to the hobby that we are built. They only have experience with the fly app, so them all of a sudden have to switch. The go4 app could be a little bit of a wake up call whatever very true so yeah so thats. You know its a coin toss as far as far as thats concerned, so i think thats something we kind of want to stay tuned to um. You know what dji is going to do with this its going to be interesting, um. You know and hey put out a pretty good article about that.

So i mean thats, some pretty good food for thought as well. I mean, and not only dji but ill tell when their nanos come out and lights come out. They will have a special app for those too. So its not just dji all tells me follow the same track where they may have an app geared more towards their professional drones and an app more geared to their uh consumer hobbyist. Drone so well see well see. Well, i dont know: if you saw today, i think you probably did um hey put out an article and aerial photo from mavic. 3 shows high dynamic range in detail, and i dont know if youve seen any of these well. You know why dynamic range is the full wording for hdr yeah. So uh you know they it look. It looks authentic and in everything that he was talking about in the article 1.7 megabit jpeg file its a resolution, four, nine, forty, ninety six, twenty four, sixteen its 72 dpi uh its, not a raw image, so its hard to determine the flexibility of the photo to Allow for manipulation in the post. It has look at the balance, colors and dynamic range, no blown out highlights or shadows. Your aerial photo seems to be an hdr image. With a lot of detail. It was processed on board the mavic 3. um, now heres another one with a little bit more more detail, and then it goes into um.

That apparently was just maybe holding the cam holding the drone still and taking a picture. This is a tibetan yak and then down here it looks like that original shot from what they said in the article there was a panorama: okay um and they kind of took some detail but, as it said, um, obviously this is pretty high up, but the details Are the quarter feet bill yeah? That is not 400 hdmi. Remember folks, thats the only uh us regulation that not thats, not a world regulation yeah, see – and i think this was over in tibet, so which, which is a very mountainous reason region and the the detail on. This is fantastic uh and i think its the real deal. I i suggest you guys read the article um, you know, i i i think it i think it looks fantastic, i think were in for a real treat ron yeah and you know i mean i know the high end guys are going to shoot raw photos and Edit them all in lightroom and so on, but for a lot of the audience they they want that in camera process, super good, looking jpeg and by what you just scroll by bill. It looks like this will deliver a real nice photo uh again right out of the camera. Again, i know camera guys like laura, who is in the chat hes taking all his hes taking his five exposures and you know doing all his blending and coming up with something.

But i mean it is important for a lot of people to have good in camera. Uh photo processing, and these do look uh quite deny now, of course, most these photos usually built. You know have a lot of you know dynamic range in the photo itself, so they make, for you know a good image. How you really see a good camera is those you take a picture of something its, not real, vibrant, see how it does with that yeah in youre, exact, thats, a great point ron, because you really find out how that camera works and how it behaves and and For a lot of people i mean you know, i know for you for me for marcus for some others, you know we we can play around with iso settings. We can play around with filters, you know we. We know, we know enough to be dangerous. You know as far as as far as thats concerned, but for for lets say for like a new level hobbyist or somebody thats not been around drones, thats going to get something like this. They they wont have to do a thing. Okay, take some of these pictures and it will come out incredible yeah if they have a high end phone like iphone or samsung or whatever yeah yeah, exactly exactly so um. You know one of the other things here, of course, um and let me pull up the article okay now. This was real, interesting and i saw this on drone dj today and i know you know weve been talking about how i how ive said – and i said last night on drone nation and by the way, thank you guys for having me on, and it was a Great show, and if you didnt catch it, please watch it.

It was a great evening welcome bill thanks for coming on last night, ray kelly right, good feedback, ray kelly was fantastic last night having him on um and looking forward to his meet up coming up. Now. This article on drone dj talks about, could supply chain chaos, disrupt mavic 3 pros, launch, okay and and ill invite you guys to read the article, but one of the things that i i i i was kind of formulating some thoughts after reading this article today, ron And where i think the problem is going to be is going to be this digi. I has an initial supply already sitting in the warehouses: okay over in california, new jersey, atlanta, chicago theyre, in there theyre in their warehouses, already theyre ready to go all right, and i know you know, the big boxes have probably got an initial supply as well like That amazon has their union strategically placed around the country too, exactly okay, where i think the prob, where i think this is going to come into play, is probably going to be. Maybe lets say a month down the road, okay and its getting near christmas. All right – and you know lets – say: mavic 3, okay, uh uh and im gon na say this its going to be like the mavic original mavic pro all over again, okay, theres going to be its going to be an explosion. All right, dji is going to be selling these, like hotcakes theyre, going to be coming out, left and right all right, where i think theyre going to run into a problem ron and sooner we closer we get to the holidays.

You know if they get they dont get the supply chain issue solved by then were going to see another mavic pro not having not having them in stock kind of a kind of an issue like we did back in 2016., not because dji hasnt produced them, but Because of the supply chain issue that potentially could be going on right now, yeah yeah, so uh kind of what youre saying is uh. You know if you dont uh, if you dont, if you bet, if you wait around the order of whatever you may be, maybe six weeks like the uh original magic wand. But i do want to point out. I read the same article. You did outdrove dj and not thats a good article. They they laid out the whole supply problem and the ships and so on and everything they have in. There is what you read in all the publications, but i mean that article was just delays of shipping in general. They didnt have one detail in that article, that was to dgi supply chain or anything in particular bill. So i mean they. They could well be right, but it was all just speculation, especially as how it applies to the dji. I agree 100, but i mean it make. But again i i still agree with you. If apples having a slight delay of getting their iphones out everybodys in trouble or whatever you know, i mean – and i would i kind of want to say your words for you.

If you really want this mavic 3 be ready to order on day one. I agree 100 and thats and i think thats the message that you know. We need to be ringing that alarm bell loud and clear. If this is a drone that you have wanted, you know get your piggy banks ready now, okay, get it get. You know get your get your buy button finger all lubricated and ready to go, but who i feel sorry for bill is the people that arent sure and they want to sit back and watch all the billy kyles and aldrin and stashes, and all the big channels Get all their reviews out, they want a city, sit there and study those reviews bill, and then they want to make up their minds. But then, when they go hit, the buy button, itll say like uh, backed up for six weeks. I feel bad for those people that that arent sure and want to see the reviews exactly exactly not everybodys, not everybody has their mind if they want to. They want to see what it can really do, and i and i dont blame those type of people. If youre going to put this type of money out, you want to be sure dont you bill yeah its funny. I dont know if youve seen laurens comment right. Um im not ordering a mavic 3. Laughter got it got a lot, got ta love that humor from lauren thats good that thats a good one.

One of the things that i found today um. You know, i think i think we all know: um, henrik tech, drone, media, okay, great channel yeah, great guy ive talked with him several times, chatted with him several times, hes a great guy, and definitely if you havent subscribed to him. Please do so now. He put out a video, and i want to im going to show – and i have i dropped it in the in the description for you guys to take a look at now. What he is saying is: okay, read the title: dji mavic 3 has no cx label, confirmed by fcc database, good or bad news for you uh. Does it carry a c mark or c class identification label, as this will have a high impact? According to the new esa easa, eu drone laws – 2023, okay um, you know, and what that means is, you know, is it will it fly over in the european union? And if you watch his video apparently this means its a no go for the european union. Okay, um and he you know he explains in there and he does a great job on this as well um. You know why he says its not djis responsibility, um, you know its more on and its not the fccs responsibility. Okay, um so, and i highly encourage you to watch this video. Of course you know my friends overseas. Please want henriks a great channel subscribe to him.

Please do so and please watch this video because he explains it pretty well. So this is something to stay tuned for um. You know. Is this a temporary thing? Is it something thats going to change over the course of time? I dont know um, but still kind of are they are. The new eu roles were even more confusing than our roles. Yes, theyre even more confusing and hes put out another one that talked about even with like the mini 2 that theres going to be restrictions on being able to fly the mini 2 uh coming coming. I think in 2023, so um theyre getting real strict over in europe um. As far as far as thats concerned, i mean its really theyre really clamping down and why theyre doing this, i have no idea ron. I have absolutely no idea well um you. You have that fcc uh database thing up there. I dont think we talked about the show last night, but i saw what maybe at the show that theyve even discovered the uh, the the fcc uh thing for the smart controller. Yes, i did see that i did. I did see that as well and see okay, you can see theres a c here. Okay, uk ca um see some other information here now. One thing here: okay now this is this is a good. This is some good information here and we kind of talked about this a little bit last night.

Now this is from from the fcc grant id database. L2P is the mavic 3 cine. The l2a is the mavic 3. only the l2p was tested since, according to the declaration from the applicant, the electrical circuit, design, layout components used. Internal wiring and functions were identical for the above models. The difference between the l2p and the l2a is the memory is different. L2P has one more ssd than the l2a okay, one more ssd than the l2a, so they has two and the a has one. I mean whats that saying i think, thats what thats saying so more. I think that i think were gon na have a lot of memory on there ron thats, really kind of a kind of a signal for that. My guess – and this is just off the top of my head – okay now, if, if theres two on there, my guess is, it would be probably 500 in each one for that, so maybe were getting it, maybe 500 for storage. I mean you know, think about it. I mean its its its a possibility. Yeah well think about it. If, if hopsick could put 128 of internal storage in theirs, why cant dji top that right bill, yeah, yeah and – and i think and i think they and i think they will um okay crypto man 5000 just reported theres no panel to approve the new c label Requirement: okay, thank you for clarifying that so um yeah thats going to be very interesting, just kind of see where that goes um as far as thats concerned so yeah.

This is, if um, if theyre, not able to sell the battery through in europe, because these restrictions it may that make that more units available for other countries bill yeah that could be that could be very possible as far as far as thats concerned um. Now i wanted to go ahead and bring up now. This is what it looks like. I know, because i had some questions on this. This is actually what the filing looks like on the fcc grant id database um, and you can see it. It takes a lot. You kind of have to decipher because not a lot of it, you know you dont exactly you dont see mavic 3 immediately through a lot of this information here: okay, um, you know, youll see coming down here: original equipment, original equipment, um itll list. The frequency ranges for this, and this is, if youre an electrical engineer, this is going to be right up your alley. If youre, not its going to just be double speak to you as far as im concerned now, heres some application forms the applicant information. Fcc id person is a technical contact, long term, confidentiality in a short term short term and long term do apply to this um. I wanted to go down here test firm information. This is who actually tested it, equipment, authorization, waiver grants – and here – and here are the grants that are actually listed for this. You know permission to access.

Okay, you can only go so far on this. Okay, some of that information is blocked. You you cant, even you cant, even see it, and i you know i wanted to go through this, just to kind of show you guys what some of this information was interesting to see bill and i wanted to pull up was trying to find. Oh, i want bill clinton up for a second. I want him great pitman, a happy birthday. He says hes got to go for his birthday dinner uh he night, everyone, so big, big big, thank big, happy birthday to our friend, greg pittman and yeah. Greg pittman contacted me. He will be at spin up on uh november. 6Th awesome well happy birthday greg from all of us here. I hope you hope you have a good one, um im, not finding the links that i wanted to find on this um, because youd be able to see now with some of them. They protect them and it looks like its protected on this one. I think theyve locked some of the things the other day i was able to bring up a couple of pdfs and im not able to find those right now, and i dont know why um yeah access denied access tonight, theyre locking things down huh yeah, they locked They locked this down since this, since this came out because they know it got hit a couple million times since then yeah and that and thats why they do that now you know, i think, were going to see more information come out, not less as the days Go on, i think, well, see some more pictures.

I think we may even see a video or two um of the mavic 3. question of the day.