The latest prices theyre gon na make you broke, lets talk about that today now, since that last video ive been away for a couple of days and the specs dont have change. So these look to be pretty much nailed down. So the spec of it looks phenomenal. The drone is going to be absolutely amazing in three different versions which we touched on on the original video, but the price. Unfortunately, the price was already expensive. The actual price of it has gone up so were going to be talking about this now and just to let you know that this drone is going to be mega expensive, its going to make you broke so youre going to have to either just give this a Wide berth or sell, literally everything, im gon na break it down the actual up to date, rumored prices in euros in uk and dollars even in canadian. So well talk about that very soon but, as i say, the leaks change all the time. I only follow and read two leaker accounts and one of them jasper, 27, is normally really accurate and fantastic for him. Updating this all the time so november 15th is the rumored release date for this drone. So not long now, not long to sell everything. So people around the world are looking for money down the back of that sofa selling everything questioning christmas, its absolutely ridiculous. What dji are thinking and its going to put this drone pretty much im thinking away from the consumer market into professional? Only so, as i said, lets now get on and look at these mental prices for the three versions of the mavic 3 pro.

But first this video is sponsored by soundstripe. This website is where i get all my music and sound effects from it allows you to use over 6 000 licensed music tracks and over 55 000 sound effects, which you can then publish anywhere. This means you can monetize your youtube channel and used licensed music from soundstripe. Ive got my own playlist on here. If you want to have a look at the songs, i use its super easy to download a track. You just click download and then drag it onto your editor. If you want to check it out, theres also, half price off your first month lets get back to the video so its going to come in three versions. The base model, which well talk about the fly more combo, which is going to have a few extra batteries, nd filters and some extra propellers and then youre, going to have that top range model, which is a cine premium model, its going to come with a version. 2, smart controller, so thats, probably a 700 controller alone, its going to have pro res video format, which weve seen the latest phones now its a fantastic quality format, so youre going to get the best quality theres, no doubt about it that that top range drone is Going to be phenomenal, its also meant to have two terabytes of actually integrated storage, so thats good. But there is one ridiculous problem and this is going to be the price, and this is what im saying well talk about this in a second but its just going to really question about your ability, because the the prices and the rumors seem to be all locked On now, nothing really seems to be changing so that base model was suggested to be sixteen hundred dollars, unfortunately, that sixteen hundred dollars looks like to be just for the actual drone only just like if you buy the dji fpv drone doesnt come with the controller.

Nothing else its just going to be for the actual drone sixteen hundred dollars, so the base model price in euros is meant to be around about the 2150 euro mark thats for the base model thats for the drone, the controller, the battery charger thats it its a Lot of money, so if youre interested 2150 euros, thats going to be 2 515 835 uk pounds or 3179 canadian dollars for the base model, now youre not going to want the base model, youre not going to have a fantastic drone like this and only have one Battery, even though its got 45 minute flight time, youre gon na need more batteries, every drone needs more batteries, no matter what it is so youre gon na want the fly more combo, its gon na probably have two or three extra batteries and some nd filters. So as a minimum, youre gon na need this, if you want to pick it up, how much are you going to have to have in your pocket to buy this well in euros, 2, 900 euros uk that could be around 2475 pounds 3’9 dollars for the fly More combo thats a lot of money for this drone when you think back now, when the dji air 2s, i know were not comparing it, because this drone is going to be phenomenal, but that drone you know around about a thousand dollar mark for that fly. More combo on offer, you know, thats a good price, because thats a phenomenal drone lets talk about cine premier model dji come on.

You know, weve just got a lockdown right, this cinema behavior model. This is going to be the best one. The one you want to buy its going to be the one you want youre, going to see its all over youtube, its going to have the best okay, how much euros four thousand eight hundred euros for the cine premium model dollars. Five thousand five hundred dollars uk around about four thousand pounds for the sydney premium model and canadian 27 million on joking 7097. Canadian dollars you try as a consumer as a hobbyist as a weekend flyer now somebody just likes to have fun with their drones, who maybe who loves flying the dji mini 2, maybe youre thinking about buying that dji r2s. Maybe youve got a 2 pro. Maybe you just love drones, but you dont make any money from this its, not your business, its, not your job. You know you dont love it that much, but you do love drones, say: youve got a family, say youre, just on your own and youre working. You justify seven thousand canadian dollars five and a half thousand us dollars, four thousand pounds: four and a half thousand euros to your family, to your partner to you to your bank, your bank manager, your mortgage broker. You know its just gone away from the reach of most people to just professionals or people with a hell of a lot of money. Dji should make their own drone mortgage 30 year payback on this.

I i cant wait for this drone. I cant wait to test it, but to recommend it to you guys out there you guys who have a job who work, who just love flying their drones, who just want really good footage, trying to recommend to you to go out and spend 4 000 pounds of Dollars or canadian of your familys money or your money is going to be such a hard sell its i really im struggling. This is gon na sit, though right into the hands of other drone makers, so skydio ortel. Now is this time you have got the technology. You make fantastic drones already. This is the drone that people want spec wise. You could make a drone like this for a consumer price, two thousand pound price and people will buy that and that will this an auto three, for instance, scadio. The best active track out there at the moment make another version, and that will sell, because this, although this is going to be phenomenal, trying to get this in the consumer actual market is going to be such a hard sell. Thats alone. From the last video i talked about, uk europe youre not going to be able to fly this after january 2023. If we dont have a c classification, ive already discussed that im going to discuss it again, but its really frustrating at some of these prices. These, i are thinking we are just all millionaires, unfortunately, were not so these it is frustrating some of these prices and they looked pretty pretty much accurate.

So i still wouldnt recommend going out selling. I know a lot of people are. If you want to then happy days, youre gon na have the best drone out there, but its so much money and to recommend to you and always try and give my honest opinion what i would do and what i would recommend to you guys and i would Tell you the good and the bad and the the drone is going to be phenomenal, were all going to want it when we see this in the air but to actually justify to you to go out and buy it. I just cant at the moment. I think its a crazy price.