com now to round out the modes on the new focus track on the mavic 3 ive already talked about active track as well as spotlight. If you guys havent seen those make sure you check the links above as well as down below in the video description, the last one i havent gone through. Is this one right here point of interest and if you guys have seen or used point of interest on dji drones before this will all be familiar with you guys? But if the mavic 3 is your first drone and you havent flown a dji system in the past, this might be a little bit new to you. So i just want to show you point of interest on the dji mavic 3. and if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats, something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified when i post new videos now, like i mentioned, focus track, contains three different modes: active track spotlight as well as point of interest in this video lets go through point Of interest and for you to activate focus track, you got to get the drone up in the air, so lets. Take this thing up if those arent familiar with point of interest. Basically, what it allows you to do is do a full orbit around a subject.

It could be a person, a building anything that youre selecting here on screen. Itll then, mark that point or mark that person, and then you can do an orbit around it in either direction, and you can also choose the speed that you want to be able to go around another thing. I did notice with focus track, as well as all the other ones the active track and the spotlight is that youre not able to use 5k on these types of intelligent modes youre only able to go up to 4k at 60 frames. A second also when it comes to some of the profiles, youre not able to shoot in d log, so youre not able to have some of these settings that you would normally so when you are using something like focus track. You have some limitations there im. Actually, here at a football field near my place and what i want to do is actually select the center of the football field as my point of interest, and what you want to do, first of all is make sure that theres, not any tall trees or anything Thats going to be in your way, because, even though they have optical avoidance on it, you still want to be as safe as possible. So look around see if theres any power lines any taller. Trees are some pretty high trees over here. So you always want to make sure that your drone is higher than all of those objects, and i am shooting at 4k at 60 thats, the highest frame rate you could shoot at as far as the focus track modes, so im going to shoot at 4k.

At 60. my white balance lets uh set. This 55 looks pretty good for white balance, so i will lock that in there i do want to have a double my frame rate, so im going to go. My shutter speed set that at 120 and that looks pretty good there bring that up to about 200. That looks pretty good okay, so now we are locked in as far as the settings go so now that when the drone is going around in the circle, ideally my settings should be all locked in there. So youre not going to see any fluctuation. As far as my exposure goes all right, with my exposure all set up, what im going to do is now draw on the screen a box around the middle of the field, just like that and right by default. It puts you into spotlight, but what i want to do is point of interest, so im gon na hit point of interest and then im gon na hit go, and this one is gon na. Take me uh to the right. So what im gon na do now is adjust that and you can adjust the speed by that little arrow here right now, its going at the slowest it can go, make sure i hit record its going a slow uh, a really slow speed right now. I can actually increase the speed by pushing that towards the right, and the thing is right now because im in point of interest, its just getting the center of the field.

But if i want to adjust the gimbal camera angle, im able to do that. So what im going to do is im going to pull the camera down or adjust the camera gimbal down. So i want that center to be the center of my screen and there you go so what is happening right now. Like i mentioned, it is going to go all the way around and whats great about. It is that if i want to adjust it, i want to go a little bit further away. I can actually pull it back just a little bit as you can see its pulling back and if i want to go a little bit higher because theres some tree lines here lets go a little bit higher and when you do that it does create a little Bit more dynamic movement, which is really really nice, and if you want to create a little bit more dynamic movement, you want to go a little bit faster. Let me increase the speed just like this and then one thing thats great about the mavic 3. It does have a pretty good speed on it, even in some of the intelligent flight modes, so really cool, looking shot here with some shadows in the back all right. So i have it at full speed right now, its going about 28 miles an hour and ill just let this thing run do a couple laps around it just to make sure i have everything in there and i already have one thats a little bit further away.

So ill do one thats a little bit further away and then ill also do one thats a little bit lower and a little bit closer next. What i want to try doing is seeing if i can go more of a top down shot and im going to bring up my iso a little bit getting a little bit dark. I want to see if i can go more of a top down point of interest. Let me circle that m right here in the middle there. It is point of interest that and lets go the other way this time, and i want to see how much how close i can do almost looking straight down, because it might be a pretty cool shot. This way yeah it is oh thats, really cool, and here i am testing it out point of interest same thing but im above the subject – and i really like this one, because this type of perspective is a little bit different. So now you can kind of cut these into multiple shots, so you have the wide view. You have a little bit of a tighter view here. So i think experimenting with different angles and point of interest will give you a bunch of variety. You know just a variety of shots for you to use all right, so what i want to do now is see if i can do point of interest on a moving subject, which will just be myself.

What i want to do is select me so lets see here, select me and there you go. What i want to do is make sure im also higher than any of the trees here or else i dont want to run right into the trees. So lets go a little bit higher here, bring it back and lets see if i bring this back even further. Ive got some power lines over here. Okay, now hit point of interest, hit point of interest and lets, take it nice and slow, because i dont know whats going to happen yet and what i want to do is actually start walking and lets see what happens if i just walk and do point of Interest all right well so far so good looks like it is following me as im walking now. What im going to do is im going to speed it up, because in order for it to get in front of me uh its got it its got its got to make some moves. Oh lost me on the trees and lost me on the trees, all right. So here we go, we have point of interest and what i want to do is actually make this thing go a little bit quicker because if im walking, it needs to be able to keep up with me, or at least ahead of me. So i do need to put it in a faster mode, all right im behind some trees lets see.

If it can find me up lost me there see if we can find me again. Oh, it found me after the trees, thats pretty good okay, so we are still going see how well itll track me its getting lost in some of the artwork down there. All right still tracking me and the thing thats cool is that im just walking and its going to ideally keep making some circles around me lets go even quicker. Its got some trees here whenever its going to lose me or not. Well, didnt lose me because i was able to open up all right, so it does track you if youre just walking and doing a point of interest. The thing is, you need to bump that speed up to fast, because it needs to be able to catch up to the subject, which is me so there you go using point of interest works. What you need to do is just make sure that the uh tracking is labeling, you correctly, so it has me as a person on there and what im gon na do now is just walk over here, and let me just do a quick, jog and see if Its able to at least keep up with the jog well still can keep up with the little jog all right. So when it comes to point of interest, it looks like it is able to track the subject i mean its pretty straightforward. Itll then make a pin of where that location is and do the circle around it.

I did do one where im just walking and if you are walking pretty much at that slow speed and you put the drone into the fast mode or basically the quickest speed for it to continuously go around. It should be fine. Itll, then catch up to you. Do the circle around it, however, when you do a couple things here, when youre jogging or youre doing something thats moving, the thing is for you to continuously try to be in front of you if youre going too fast, then its not able to make that turn That point of interest turn and itll start to lose you because itll start looking down and ideally its still trying to make that circle. So from what id tested a few times here, it was able to track me if im just walking, but once you outpace the circle, then it starts to lose. You im going to continue testing out the point of interest, the spotlight and the active track and give you guys a little bit more of an update after i just run through a bunch of different scenarios with it. As always, if you guys got some value from this, video dont forget to hit that like button and also dont forget to subscribe, hit that bell to be notified. When i post new videos, this is also sassio with ill see you guys. Next, video take care.