The long awaited update to the mavic 3 is here, and that is what im talking about today: Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones, and many of you will know the frustrations ive had with the way the mavic 3 was rolled out last autumn with So many missing features and some pretty shaky flaky handling when the obstacle avoidance was set to bypass, resulting in that very, very jumpy response to even the slightest of touches um. Well look in december. There was an unexpected update and that gave us a fair new list of features. Now we have the hugely anticipated major update, giving us practically everything that was missing with this beast. It is a huge list to be honest, in fact, i cannot recall ever seeing a release note with so many features on which i shall put up there when i finish editing, but the main ones that are of interest to me are the addition of quick shots For the automated shots like rocket circle, helix and asteroid dont really know why we didnt get them in the december update because they enabled master shots back then, but anyway, weve got quick shots. Apparently panorama mode in high resolution burst: shooting mode theres. Also, the option of to set the standard return to home now with a minimum return to home height. Now this was a real concern to a lot of people, as the advanced return to home made its own decision about how high to fly back in return to home mode, using its obstacle avoidance, which to me was far from fail.

Safe, especially if there were power lines and the like, so brilliant, brilliant feature, there theres also a fair bit updated to the camera settings as well, including the log preview in the color display assist feature as well. Theres also changes to the rc pro. If you have that, if you bought the um, the cine version of this – and there are also some minor bug fixes – and i am hoping that one of those minor bug fixes – is the jumpiness of bypass mode that i mentioned earlier, because that was a real issue. For me – and i really do hope – they have listened to some of the feedback so truck load to test today, far more to be honest than i can do in a single video. So today, im just going to be talking about how to update, and i want to get out there and test the new features once its actually updated. First, off youre, going to need to update the app both ios and android are on the dji fly app notice, be on version 1.5.8. It should prompt you to update that when you open the app, but if youre on android running an unapproved device, you may need to go to downloads and download the app manually and manually update it. Remember you also got to enable installation from an unauthorized source. If you are in that boat, once thats done, you need to switch on the mavic itself and connect to the remote so go to the three dots top right.

When youre connected scroll across to about and scroll down, click check for update on the firmware, it should come back within a few seconds and prompt you to update, make sure youve got good internet connection and a full battery as this ones. A pretty meaty update over 300 megs me personally. I always do these updates in the comfort and warmth of my own home. It can easily take up to 10 minutes to download and it can take another 10 to 15 minutes to update the drone itself and if youve got the rc pro. As i said, thats another update, so you could be hanging about for over half an hour. So get it all done in the home, um and uh yeah there. You are anyway, look um thats what ive been doing for the last half hour uh. This is all updated. Im gon na go out and test these main features right, lovely chilly day. I think four degrees whats that uh 38 40 degrees fahrenheit but uh its, not windy its, not raining, therefore, its good to fly so look one of the first things you want to do when you are um when youve done an update is to make sure that Uh all your settings havent been changed a lot of the times they dont change them, but i know theyve made some changes to the return to home uh feature as well, so just run through make sure that everything is, as you would expect it to be.

So, like i said, uh with advanced return to home uh im, not a fan of that im going to be going for straight line, return to home, thats a standard return to home, and you can set your return to home limit to whatever you want now. I havent got any trees higher than about 30 meters around me, so 50 meters is going to be plenty so thats, a nice uh, a nice uh addition there brilliant to see the dj, obviously listening to some of the feedback that people have been sending them, because A lot of people were very unhappy about that return to home situation. Subject scanning thats a new one, theres so much i want to be playing with over the next few weeks with this. So suddenly it feels like christmas and uh again and ive got a whole lot of new toys to play with so really really really good fun going to advanced gimbal settings. You have got the advanced gimbal settings. These are incredibly important on how to smooth things out. Ive done another video on this. You really want to get the speed down and the smoothness up. Youve got three sets of uh settings, normal sports and uh cine mode. Uh have a little update good for you, so uh do check that little video out. If youve not come across those one of the other really useful things that you have, though, that was introduced not so long ago, as i said in the december update under advanced, you have the exp settings, and these are again really really useful for adjusting how sensitive The sticks are when you just start to move them and again did another video on that incredibly useful uh to play around with those settings to try and get things as smooth as you can now lets just have a quick go through jpeg plus raw.

Thank you. So i have reset the camera settings i can see, so you definitely want to be checking your camera settings and making sure that everything is as you want it to be. I do like a little bit of peaking. Uh did another video on peaking. If you dont know what it is very, very useful, uh, okay, that seems everything checked, so lets get the beast up into the air and see how we get on right. One of the first things i wanted to test was the jumpiness. So when we put the obstacle avoidance into bypass mode, i found it very jumpy before lets see if theyve done anything on that Music. Well, what do you know looks to me so here we are in bypass mode with the obstacle avoidance on very slight. Now, if i flick it, okay does a little bit of a jump and a little bit of height increase there. But crucially now, if i just tap it gently, look at that smooth as anything lets put it back into off quick flick. Does that and a slow flick? Oh, look at that: brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, go back into bypass mode, tiniest, touch, absolutely brilliant, so it looks like dji have listened and have updated the settings thats one of the minor bugs im really really chuffed about that, because that was making this a very unpleasant beast To fly to be honest, and now when you have the obstacle avoidance in bypass mode, you can still have super smooth movement.

Look at that, brilliant god! I do love it when things start working properly, right, okay, lets go for a quick, quick run. All right lets have a little play with some of these uh quick shots and the like. So first of all, lets have a quick look at what has been enabled so, like i said, we should now have master shots was enabled before in the um december. Update now weve got quick shots there. We are look at that droney rocket circle, helix, boomerang and asteroids, so good fun and uh nice to have them finally enabled now. I havent really got too much space here. So i think what im gon na have to do is do the rocket, because thats, the only one where im not gon na hit so lets, do that one yep meat there we go. The rocket works right lets, have a quick look. What else we have got panorama lets go up a little bit back a bit got the uh sphere wide angle: vertical go for the 180 thats, always quite nice isnt it so try and get a little bit more its, not exactly going to be the nicest uh Panorama a bit of a grey crap all day, good to see how it stitches things together, because, obviously, when its facing down uh the ground is a lot brighter than when its up in the sky. Looking up in the sky, with a bright cloud so ill.

Be very interested to see how well it manages to uh blend all the different photos together, thats the color display, assist in d log. So without that, you can see how grey this grey day is looking, but put that on, and you start getting things a little bit more natural and what else have we got looks like theyve also made changes to how the uh camera settings are adjusted in pro Mode as well, which is fantastic because they were a little bit difficult, the sliders were very close to the bottom of the edge of the screen, which made life very difficult. If you had big fat paws like mine now, when you actually go into adjust anything, you see, look youre getting all of this little pop up, very, very good, very intuitive, a big improvement. So youve got the adjustments for the the iso and the shutter speed that all just pops up as well, the eevee, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant theyve really made some decent changes here right well, uh. My first impression is very very, very pleased there. Theyve obviously listened to a lot of feedback. They have made some very good adjustments, love the way the uh pro camera settings are now laid out far easier to use, rather than the sliders along the bottom im gon na have to do a little bit more uh. Looking about because some of the features i thought we had, i couldnt immediately uh see in fairness.

There were so many features. This really was just a test to make sure the firmware worked nicely and, crucially, to see whether or not they had adjusted how things behave in bypass mode im. Incredibly pleased that they have fixed that that really was a bit of a bug bearer of mine and it handles much much better with bypass mode enabled. So a lot of very good features enabled there anyway look ive got truckloads of stuff to be testing over the next week now so, but um a brilliant, brilliant update. It now brings this to its rightful place. I think at the very top of the list of models that dji produce um, it was disappointing to have half of the things not working.