This is mavic 3 ive been waiting for this one for so long and finally, i have it and i want to unbox it and test it right now and plan the video but im just going to unbox right now, open it and see see this one Music. So here it is Music, we also have the nd and this remote controller. I think im gon na sell all of my previous rooms, because this is ultimate thats, pretty much. It lets open this one. I really like the color actually size. I think its a little big if i compare to mavic 2, but i think thats, why you have this big sensor. Camera now lets just turn this on and test this one and then well see you outside hey guys good morning. Its 3 a.m. Right now and we are leaving for the adventure going for early morning trek and because we want to take uh, the sunrise shots with a drone, and this is the first time going so early in the morning. So im really excited its 5. 00 am right. Now we just made it to this rajkat fort. It took us about 1 hour 45 minutes. So now we have to go to the jungle route and track till top and from there were gon na, enjoy the sunrise all good. Yes, Music is Music magical, Music, Music Applause, Music. It is so beautiful, wow, nice, Music, so guys we made it to this topmost point, and i was just testing with this battery and even in this windy condition, i was able to fly very smoothly with this mavic.

3, you know it it like handles the wind very smoothly because of this because of the weight. So i really like like this one, but i think we cannot talk here because its too windy. We need to find some other location to talk about this one. I think this is fine, but its still windy, so i have always been a dji user when it comes to flying controls, and you must have seen a lot of drone footage in a lot of my travel videos, ive used mavic, 1 mavic, 2, and now this Is mavic 3. now we see a major shift when it comes to camera quality because of the hazel blade 4 3rd cmo sensor. Now this is the first time ive ever seen such a compact drone carrying such a big sensor, and because of that, you get really crisp footage even in low light. So, like most of the time i like to shoot, either in the evening time or the morning time like you just saw, we came up early in the morning to take all those morning shots and if you have a big sensor, this can be really helpful on That this drone can shoot in 5.1 k50 fps. This 5.1 k will give me extra resolution to frame the shots better in the editing and now in 4k you can shoot up to 120 fps. Most of the time you dont need to slow it down. You know when youre flying really high, but when youre flying really close to the subject, this can be really helpful.

Mavic 3 also has one more camera. This is basically a zoomed in lens, like it gives a focal length of 160 mm, and the main four third sensor gives a focal length of 24 mm. So if you want to take a wide angle, shots youll use the main camera, and when you want to take a really close up shots, then you can use this secondary camera like you can zoom in 1x, 2x. 7X, 14x, 28x. But iso 7x gives the decent footage and you can also get parallax kind of effect, which you cant get with the mm when youre taking orbit kind of shots. But let me tell you this is really difficult to get that kind of perfect shot. You have to be very slow with the sticks when youre taking the shot, see these kind of examples that i just shot im just trying to take shots for the zoom in lens shots are really good, but it takes a lot of effort. Man, you have to move the sticks, really really slow, otherwise, im just trying okay, its difficult for you, can take Music shots. Now, when we talk about the flight time, dj claims that it gives the flight type of 46 minutes, but i think thats in a perfect situation, with no wind condition in a controlled manner. But i think in real situation you will get around 30 to 30. For five minutes i just tested this in this windy condition.

I got around 30 minutes and when i was flying in my city, i got around 33 to 3 4 minutes and with three batteries i think thats enough for most of the situation. Plus one more thing is, you should know you can charge these batteries with a usb c type and you can directly charge within the drone. Also, you can just directly connect usb usb c cable and the battery will charge it so its a its a good thing. Now, in my past i have crashed my drone quite a few times like when i was flying in the backward direction or maybe im trying to take a circle shot see this. I literally crashed this, but now with this mavic 3, it has sensors in all the directions like. Sometimes you get so and gross in taking the shot you forget about. You know whats left or right, or maybe you forget about other things – you just just try to take the shots and thats the time you crash. So for all of the situations. I am not worried about anymore, oh its windy. Again, you have to move the location. One of the things that i like to do. A lot in my travel videos is to take a lot of hyper lapses and time lapses. So, for that i have made it to this beautiful location. I can see the full city view and from here im taking one hyperlapse in the straight direction, so its gon na create hyperlapse for me in 4k and im also taking photos so that, if in editing, if i feel like i can improve the quality, i can Do it with the photos? Music whoa of the feature which i was really interested to test out is the active track.

5.0. It is the latest version and i think it drags the subject really precisely yesterday. We could not test it, so we made it to this new location early morning just to test out this one, and i can say that i think i really like it. Basically, there are three different ways that you can track the subject. One is the active track. Second, is the point of interest and the third one is the spotlight, so active track means you can lock the subject and then you can track it and you know uh its gon na track it automatically maybe youre running so the drone is gon na track. You automatically, and i think it did a pretty good job Music, and i think this is going to be really helpful, especially when you are alone. So you can drag yourself like one of the shot. I really like is to just stand in the middle and take a circle shot around me Music. One of the question that i get a lot is like what are the camera settings that you use on the drone, so let me tell you most of the time i shoot in the maximum resolution with 30 fps like in this drone. It has 5.1 k. So my setting would be 5.1 k, 30 fps and then the set profile to d log, although normal mode looks good too, but for you know extra dynamic range, you should use d log profile and i lock the exposure to plus 1.

7 if im, shooting in v And if im shooting in the normal board, i set it around to zero or plus point three and set the white balance from auto to manual like i use around 5000 kelvin and then set the shutter speed to double the frame rate. For example, if im shooting in 30 fps then ill set the shutter speed to 1 by 60, because thats how youll get the smooth look, but if youre flying really high, then it doesnt matter. So you can increase the shutter speed in those cases, and this drone also comes with nd filter, but i dont think i need to use because to compensate the exposure, i can just change the aperture from f 2.8 to f 11. and for the night time i Shoot in the normal mode, because in the d log profile or in any log profile, i guess i get noise when i color grade it later, so i prefer to shoot in the normal mode and for the iso i set it to minimum. But if i need to increase ill, just go up till 1600, so yeah. These are all the settings that i use now lets talk about three of my favorite shots that i take almost all the time in my travel videos. So the first one is revealing shot start the drone with camera facing downward and then slowly take it up, reveal the location and take a long straight shot so that in the editing you can speed it up and the shot looks really really nice and the last Shot is to take a circle shot around the subject, so these are all three shots and, along with that, i take other shots also, but these are must do shots in all of my travel videos.