So i have all the information and all the pictures, even picture of the box. So please stay watching the video until the very end Music. So first lets talk about the release date right now, the poster – and it might not be the real poster. However, you know all this leaky information it is leading towards november, and one poster from just ellens twitter account and a lot of information came from this twitter account jasper ellen, so thank you very much, so 15th of november seems like the most likely date so far Out in the rumors, everything is a rumor. Nothing is confirmed so now lets talk about the drone, so we already have pictures of manuals. So all the specs are out already so im gon na show you all the pictures that we have so far and also read out what we see in specs, so the take of way would be around 920 grams, because this is a beast of drone. So its not going to be super light, but this is like the emperor of the drone. So next duration time will be around 46 minutes. The working temperature minus 10 degrees celsius all the way to 40 degrees celsius, so you can probably take a beautiful winter time. Shots and in terms of camera and camera certainly looks very, very special, two separate cameras in one camera module. So in here you can see there are probably going to be two sensors.

One is full telephoto camera cmos, half inch effective, pixel of 12 million pixels and theres going to be a wide angle, camera and thats probably going to be a really exciting camera because it is going to have the four thirds cmos sensor and with effective pixel of 20 million pixels, so in terms of telephoto camera field of view, will be very narrow, of course, 15 degrees. The aperture will be fixed at f 4.4 and the wide angle camera will have the field of view of 84 degrees and with the variable aperture between 2.8 to 11 and in this special camera module. The zoom lens will support seven times optical zoom, and there is going to be four times: digital zoom, so hybrid zoom will enjoy up to 28 times and one twitter account. They talked about support of ssd or one terabyte and pro res, but this spec seemed exactly the same as whats offered for the max range of iphone 13. So, im not sure whether there was a little bit of confusion there, whether thats, actually for iphone or its offered for mavic, probably not for maving, not one terabyte internal, but now lets really enjoy indulge into the outlook of the drone body, the drone body foldable. You know very similar design as what we had seen in the predecessors in mavic range. However, one thing to note is that the number of obstacle sensors have reduced, because now they are put at the sides so in front the usual.

You can see the obstacle sensors at the front, but its sort of at the side and at the back, rather than having separate side sensor and back sensor, they now have the sensor just at the corners, but i think that should give a good 360 degree obstacle Sensor, along with whats on top as well as well as at the bottom and the battery, it is at the bottom and you can take it out from the bag. You can also see the indication of how much battery is left by the number of lights. Out of four and in terms of batteries in the rumor, it says 5000 mah and with the flight time of 46 minutes so quickly in the manual. How mavic 3 is being described is that it is equipped with an omnidirectional obstacle detection system, an infrared detection system. A fully stabilized three axis gimbal, with a tele and wider angle, camera that can capture a 5.2 k, video and 20 megapixel stills dji pro technology, such as optical avoidance and intelligent flight modes, hyperlapse active track, quick shot panorama and enhanced pi assistant. So, along with all the leaks on mavic 3 theres, a lot of information about the new rc and it seems like we are gon na get a new smart controller, but the rumor also says it should work with the previous smart controller as well. So now lets take a look at the new smart controller thats going to be out in the market.

So what the manual says that dji, smart controller version 2, it features o3. The latest version of djis prop ocusync image transmission technology and it can transmit real time. Hd, video from the quadcopter camera up to a distance of 15 kilometers, the built in 5.5 inch screen with 1000 cd m2 high brightness has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and the remote controller is equipped with a wide range of quadcopter and gimbal controls as Well, as customizable buttons and has a maximum running time of 3 hours, and as you can see in this diagram, you can of course charge both the drone and also rc, with included usb type c cable. So now lets talk about the package. What you will get and what you will pay for it and, according to jasper, ellens twitter, you see this table and theres gon na be three different combinations. One is just drone by itself dji mavic 3, and the second is the usual. The fly more combo and the third one it seems like were gon na get the cine premium combo. So when you just buy the drone by itself, you just get the drone and one battery included, as well as a fairly standard rc that weve seen with you, know, air 2s and so on and in terms of fly more combo, you would get more spare propellers As well as two more intelligent batteries and, of course, the battery charging hub to charge it all at the same time, but actually one at the time and also an nd filter set as well as a carrying bag.

How about cena premium combo, it seems like there is actually two different versions of the drone, so one is mavic 3 and one is mavic, 3 cine and thats a little confusing. Are we going to get a two different camera modules, just like what theyve done with mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom, but that i think we have to wait and see and it seems like in dji, mavic 3 drone. You would get even more nd filter set, so finally, the price and, with such camera huge upgrade in terms of camera, the zoom and so on. You would definitely pay for more, but actually the price is not too much more from what we had seen in the past with mavic 2.. So what were guessing is that for the drone we would pay 1600 and thats just about one hundred dollars more from mavic 2 pros release price and, of course, with fly more combo. You would pay around another, like you know, 500, 600 more, but ive already bombarded you with the flying photo the box, the real box photo and also a lot of pictures from cg rendering. So i think you know we have pretty much. You know 95 of the clear idea of what were expecting to see with the latest the premium drone from dji. So im really excited to see what kind of technology we will see in the future. So please do stay tuned and ill.