Now three of them are over my shoulder. One is in a raging river somewhere, and the other is too big to put in the background. So ive learned some lessons along the way that i really think i could help you not have to learn the hard way so lets go Music. Okay, so i prefer the sandwich approach, uh, good stuff at the start and the end and then in the middle, so lets get stuck into it Music. So one of my favorite things to do with the mavic 3 right now is use that zoom lens yep. It has some limitations in low light and some halo effect with lighter colored objects at a distance. But if you use it in the right way, you can get some amazing shots that you just cant get on any other drone or handheld camera and check out this zoom up shot, youre, getting a really narrow but detailed view, but youre revealing more as you fly And the background moves slower than the foreground, giving you that epic parallax effect also, i love the ability to get really detailed shots from a distance. Now you can see here that im shooting past some trees to get that depth, but also, if you get up close to things like my scrambler here, you can generate things like this pull focus effect where the focal point changes midway through your shot to reveal the Subject, these are things that i was previously considering: spending up to six grand on a handheld camera just to get, but now i can do it with my mavic who needs ground dweller gear like that Music, okay, so lets talk dynamic range right now i really enjoy Playing with changing light in my videos, so, where possible, i try to get some dappled light through the trees like you can see in this video, and it makes for some really interesting shots like this one of the best doggo in the world.

So in this shot you can see the city lights pretty clearly its got a little bit of noise up in the sky, but for the most part, its pretty good. Now i havent run this through any noise removal. Software ive just played with the exposure and shadows etc. So you can see how good it is with minimal tweaks, almost straight out of the camera. If you switch to zoom mode, though its still good, but just not as good as the main lens, and you do start to generate quite a bit of noise and notice when you get those really big sort of lens blooms, especially around brighter objects, because its trying To differentiate between the darker and the lighter sort of pieces of the picture, Music, okay, so the next thing i love about the mavic 3 is the battery life and, having had four other dji drones, now, im, always really conscious of how far away the drone is. How long its going to take to get back and just limits what you can do, but now ive got a solid 30 minutes of flying time, its kind of mind bending how long that is when youre used to being efficient. Now i can actually kind of meander around explore the surroundings and then, if i feel like it, ive got enough battery to get the shots done. Heres a recent hyperlapse that i got with the mavic 3.. You can see the battery life is still above 20 minutes.

The entire time and thats on a really windy day after id already spent about 10 minutes down low, getting some shots that you saw earlier through the trees and that sort of stuff. So that was all on one battery and i still had about 20 left by the time i landed so yep. I admit this is actually fpv footage at about 100ks now, but i put it up just to show you. I know what im talking about when it comes to controlling a drone having come from flying a mavic air 2 air 2s fpv phantom. The one big issue im finding thats, really different with the mavic 3, is the unpredictable and kind of spongy controls now im. Obviously, not expecting fpv performance from the mavic 3, but i am expecting something at least as responsive as its predecessors, like the mavic air ii that you can see in this example here. So what you can see is there seems to be some sort of over compensation where the drone keeps turning or moving for a second after you release the stick and you can see what it compares to with the mavic air 2.. I understand for cinematic purposes. This might smooth off some movements and give you you know less jerky sort of film, but if youre flying the drone around you want it to react. When you move the sticks, so im mostly finding myself flying in sport mode to get the shots that i want, which comes with the danger of having your obstacle avoidance off.

So i need some sort of compromise here where its going to be responsive. Have those predictable controls, but also keep clear of trees and other obstacles, especially if im relatively low to the ground, so the other control related issue ive got is with the zoom. Basically, when youre in zoom mode, the camera tilt and drone pivot are really slow. Like you can see in this clip, i was at full speed trying to keep the rider in the shot, but the drones just too slow. Now you can fix these by turning up the control speeds in the menu, but what that does is also turns up. The speed outside of the zoom functions as well, so some sort of nice addition might be a customizable speed profile just for the zoom mode, because what you need to be able to do is still be fast enough that you can track a subject, but not be That fast, that your controls are too jerky, so i had planned to do other cons, but i actually havent had a chance to really check out the new, updated software that dji released a couple of weeks back. So i really want to test that out before i put any more cons out there and to be honest, i havent found anything else. The only small little thing that you would have picked up there is the auto focus on the zoom. Sometimes has a little bit of trouble but thats really easily fixed.

You just go to manual focus or you select on the screen a solid point and then you can focus no worries. So i really want to be able to try and see if i can get the drone to keep up with me on a motorbike at like up to 100ks an hour, because thats part of the reason why i wanted to buy the mavic, because the previous drones Ive had are just theyve been rubbish at trying to keep up, and also, i will say, the mavic air 2 seemed worse that active track. So i dont know whether there was something there, but basically im expecting that to just get better because its a software thing as long as the the solid basics are there with the hardware which its got those six cameras all around uh. Its only going to be able to get better with the software, but overall i got ta say i am stoked with the mavic 3.. I think its bringing a number of key capabilities like the zoom and the camera quality combined with the active track. Thatll. No doubt only get better with time because, like i said with the hardware, if you get that right, the software is easy to upgrade down the track. They just push out a firmware, update and then youve got new stuff that you can do in your drone. So i dont think its worth, bringing those up in this video as a critical point, because dji is trying to please its mark and get the drone out by christmas and uh theyve released that software update, so that youve at least got some of those capabilities.

Before january next year, which is you know as far as im concerned christmas come early thanks for watching and please like and subscribe.