I look very, very quick video today, because one of the things i noticed the other night when i was filming the moon doing my low light test for the mavic 3 was just how good the mavic 3 is at lifting its gimbal and filming above the horizon. Most dji drones allow the gimbal to go anywhere between 15 and 30 degrees above the horizon, and some of the models have got a little toggle in the flyout for you to switch that off, because many people dont actually like to go above the horizon because more Often than not, youll get propellers creeping into the top of the the frame which obviously will ruin the shot. Now, what i noticed the other night is that not only has the mavic 3 got one of the largest angles for lifting the gimbal above the horizon. It can go up to 35 degrees. I think the mavic 2 pro could only go up to 30 degrees, but crucially, it can actually maintain much of that upward angle, even when in flight now. Obviously, when the drone is stationary, if theres not much wind its going to be pretty much level as soon as you start flying forward it pitches and, of course therein lies the problem, because in order for the uh gimbal to maintain the the same angle, its got To move up as the drone pitches down now on the mavic 2 pro you can see here, i was doing some testing this morning and the moment you start flying forward.

Unfortunately, the gimbal will pitch down because it because it cannot maintain that upward angle of the gimbal, whilst the angle of the drone is pitching forward and pitching down now lets take a closer look at how the mavic 3 has been engineered, and you can see here How its actually been engineered to have quite a large gap between the gimbal and the um, the top of the drone. Now one of the other things that the mavic 3 has got is an electronic gimbal lock. So i cant actually move the gimbal to to show you, but you can still see that, as the drone is going to pitch forward, youre going to still have quite a large angle of attack. And what that actually means is that when you fly forwards as long as youre, not flying too fast youre going to be able to maintain quite a good upward angle now, why would you want to do that? Well sometimes, some of the view is above you like clouds or going through trees. So you can see here flying along an avenue of trees. You can then get the sun streaming down through the branches, and this is a shot that you simply would not be able to film on almost any other drone, but mavic 3. As i said, it allows you to keep this angle very much up into the sky, whilst youre flying along under the trees. Now a few points, if youre going to be filming this sort of shot, do you need to take a little bit of extra care? You want to try and align yourself so that you are in line with how the drone is flying away, because the drone can be veering off slightly.

And, of course, if your gimbal is pointing up into the sky youre, not necessarily looking forward to where youre going things, dont always go smoothly, and you can see here. I did have one slight accident, but um im actually doing another video on this, because it was the a pass the the way the drone actually maneuvers around some of the obstacles that caught me out so anyway. Um, yes doing another video on that, but the mavic 3 lives for another day. You can still see a little bit of the mud from from the crash earlier on, but um yeah, one change of props uh gimbal. Fine, like i said, doing another video on that and ill put the link up there when i publish it, but anyway for today, as i said, very, very quick little video, its an interesting feature and one that you would not really have been able to do on Any other model drones, so it is a nice little bonus feature if you like that, ive discovered on on the mavic 3. um, as ever.