What features am i excited to check out first, how they perform for me? What im planning to do next and generally just to share the emotion of flying with a new drone for the very first time with you all so todays video is no different. I just got the mavic 3 fly more combo in the mail this morning. Just a couple of hours ago, i was so eager to charge all the batteries and start flying, so i can record my impressions and share them with you with that being said guys, i want to hear back from you. I want to know what you want to see with the mavic 3 on this channel in the upcoming weeks. I have a lot of ideas, but im always open to your suggestions. So do let me know in the comment section below before we get to the video in case you dont know im currently running a 100 000 subscriber giveaway to celebrate this huge milestone that were going to hit any second now. So if you want to have a chance to win some great prizes, including an insta360, go to dji mini 2 and some other really cool prizes check the link in the description to sign up for the giveaway. And i wish you the best of luck. Okay, ready to take off it is quite windy, so well see how the mavic 3 will cope against the wind, so lets go im shooting 5k in 30 frames per second in normal color profile, and everything is set to auto for this test.

I immediately see that i need to tweak my settings a little bit for my yo for my pitch all the gimbal settings, but i will do that a little bit later. I just want to see the quality first and uh just take a look at my surroundings. It is very, very windy, however, as you can probably see, the sea is just beautiful and of course, i need to start recording. Otherwise i will miss all these beautiful views so lets just start recording. I noticed a little bit of latency on my screen when i fly. However, i need to address the fact that just the screen is just crystal clear. I definitely dont like this yo, the the play of the yo, its just too smooth and uh. It has a lot of expo so ill need to address that um as soon as possible. However, i am really loving. Let me just disable the auto the exposure warnings right, so i did play a little bit with my yo smoothness, so i fixed it, and there is something that i want to show you here, because its its really really beautiful. We have some strong wind warnings on the screen, but for now i dont, i dont, think its a problem. I see the mavic going down very very quickly, its very impressive uh because of that descent, speed, uh but check this out. This is the statue of poseidon that i really like, and i want to to shoot a little bit, so i will go a little bit down, so i can do a little bit of a rotation around it now switch to cinemate because it is quite small, so Ill need to be very precise around it.

I have direct visibility with the drone from here, so check this out, thats just fantastic. You know what i will switch now to slow motion and ill try the 4k 120, because i think this thing will be even more impressive when you shoot it in slow motion. It is absolutely beautiful. You know what i am going to night now: try to switch. My camera to d log, so i can really test out the possibilities of this vlog mode. It is super flat. They definitely need to add this a lot that they give you the chance to see how well exposed your image is. Lets switch back to photo mode now i want to take a few photos of this poseidon statue and im really impressed by the battery life so far, because it shows that we are on 84, so im just gon na go a little bit closer. I see my drone so its all good im not too close to the to the water yet so lets snap a few photos the best way to do it is, if you catch a wave right when it hits the statue and take a look at this shadow And just wan na i wan na get this shadow from the side like this, its super crispy. The quality is just insanely crispy on on my screen. Right now, im really impressed by that. I notice it a lot so lets just switch back to video im going to remove the d log for now.

I just want to see how things will look like in normal color profile wow. I can actually hear the drone im just so impressed by how how smooth everything is – and i do get some warnings on my screen. But for the most part, everything is just insanely crispy and i love the fact that im shooting a normal color profile, which normally i dont do, but i have the feeling that i will be doing that a lot more on this drone. Because of how good it looks straight out of the camera, i think its time to to finally try the zoom camera lets switch back to video and check out this area with the explore mode. So now, 28 times zoom is supported. Lets start recording and start zooming. Two times seems great four times a little bit less. I can already see how sharp the footage is, but not in a good way, seven times 14 times and now 28 times we can literally see if there is anyone on the balcony here on this building. We can see that and now, if we go back wow such a massive difference, i really think this explore mode will actually come in handy. Sometimes, when you want to take a look at the environment and you dont want to actually lose some of your battery life and you want to to see if its worth going to that place, you can use that zoom, but lets try it in the other direction.

One time two times, i actually really like the look of the two time zoom. I think this will be the maximum zoom. I use the four times yes, but you start losing some quality, so im not really sure about that. Seven times is good, too ive seen some people using seven times zoom as well, and it doesnt look that bad, but 14 is just so so zoomed in and 28 youre already peeking through the windows of those people, and you can see the vibrations, because the drone Has some micro vibrations some jitters when its staying in one place? So of course the image is moving around a little bit, so yeah im im really quite impressed by this zoom. To be honest, i know its uh, something like a little bit of a gimmick, but i think ill be using it at least the two times zoom. I will use thats for sure. I i really like that so ill disable. This go back to normal video. Just record a little bit more of these waves because i just think they are really impressive. Looking today, i i like this weather a lot when its that windy and you have a lot of waves, just makes such a big difference yeah. I definitely need to dial in my sensitivity settings on this drone because uh, it is smooth dont, get me wrong, its very, very smooth, but its unexpectedly smooth. So sometimes you dont know what to expect.

So you need to tweak those settings to your liking. Fortunately, its very very easy to do, and i really like the fact that they give you the chance to tweak your settings in all different modes in sport mode in cinema and also in normal mode as well so thats. Something that i definitely plan to to fine tune, depending on the situations where i plan to use those modes. Normally i dont use cinema too much, but i plan to to fine tune it in a way, so i can use it a lot more from now on and im actually looking around to see the drone yeah. I see it now. It looks like a giant bird coming down im really really impressed by how quickly this drone is going up or going down uh. It picks up speed very very quickly, as you can see going from 15 or so meters up to 50 meters is just in a matter of seconds, which is a big difference compared to the autel evo2 pro, which ive been uh using for quite a few months. Now and im kind of used to that speed of ascending and descending, but now we have it a lot faster here and excuse. My my flying is not very smooth right now, im just trying to explore and once again im not recording anything. But let me just do a little bit of a droney, because that looks really really nice. In my opinion.

So far, i dont see why i wouldnt use this normal color profile. It looks very, very good, im a huge fan of d log, but i plan to to seriously test it out in a future video. For now, though, i am just very happy with what i see on the screen with the normal color profile and also with the automatic camera settings which i dont see a huge change in the way the exposure is being treated. You dont see a sharp movement from darker to lighter environment. You dont see a big difference in the shutter speed or the iso, of course were not switching the light as much but still ive used. Quite a few other dji drones and ive seen how they treat automatic camera settings and sometimes its not really realistic, to use those settings because they are going to damage your your footage in a way that looks very unprofessional. But here everything is really really smooth. Those changes in the video are really not very visible, wow im, just really really mesmerized by the quality of the footage that i see on my screen im just looking at it right now, without even flying just looking at it, and even those shadows right here in The middle of the screen, just the dynamic range, seems great. I will explore manual camera settings in a future video. I have a lot of work to do with this drone so really excited, and now i think i will land so i can do a couple of product shots.

Give you guys some b roll that i will use for this video and then ill meet you with my final thoughts of the mavic 3 after my very first flight right, so you just saw my very first flight with the mavic 3. After that, i flew a little bit more, but what i can say with absolute certainty is that im really pumped about this drone. It exceeded my expectations in in terms of smoothness in terms of flying capabilities. I was really impressed by the speed of this drone by the fluidity by the smoothness of just the general flying experience was just great now. I have to say that i need to explore a lot more when it comes to d log mode on this mavic 3. I really want to film in manual camera settings with some nd filters in d log. I want to be able to to record in different conditions. I know that the iso is locked when youre using d lock to 400 or 800. So i want to see how that will pan out in different conditions during the daytime and of course i am going to perform a night test as soon as i can. Probably tomorrow so stay tuned for that, if you want to see those videos as soon as they come out on the channel, make sure youre subscribed from what ive. Seen after examining the footage, i can say that it looks really really crispy. The zoom capabilities are not something that i plan to use a lot.

However, i do notice sometimes when youre using the zoom features, you have some really crispy shots that are actually very much usable for my type of shooting. I did enjoy the 4k 120 frames per. Second, however, i think i will stick to 5k 50 frames per second for the most part, as i dont really feel like, i will be shooting something that requires me to slow it down that much as you tend to lose a little bit of quality when you Switch to 4k 120, so 5k 50 frames per second, is probably going to be my slow motion speed and for the rest, i will just stick to 5k 30 frames per second and finally, im really impressed by the standard color profile, which is really usable now in Previous dji drones, i was just not a fan of the colors, even on the mavic 2 pro. I was just not very happy with the standard color profile thats. The reason why i always always always chose d log m on the mavic 2 pro, but here on the mavic 3. I think, depending on the occasion depending on the shooting location, i will use every now and then i will use the standard color profile which to me is is a surprise. I i didnt expect it to be honest. As for the flight time, i didnt really pay too much attention to that. I didnt calculate how much time i spent in the air, but for the fact that i got a lot of footage with this drone and i didnt use all of my batteries.

I can say that i am very, very happy with it as usual. I will have to test a lot more, so i can say more about this drone, but my first impressions are extremely positive, which, to be honest, i really wasnt expecting after watching a lot of other peoples reviews. I was ready to be negatively surprised. However, i was very positively surprised by the general feedback of the drone and the general experience that i got after flying with it a couple of times already with that being said, guys, thank you so much for checking out todays video stay tuned for more videos with The mavic 3 and make sure youre subscribed if you want to see them first as they drop on the channel, make sure you join my 100 000 subscriber giveaway. If you want to have a chance to win some really cool prizes, this is mike from grow supremacy.