There has been months and months of speculation, rumors mock ups and then leaks galore relating to the upcoming dji mavic 3. Drone dji is set to make an official unveiling of the drone later this week, but an early review by color b, photography, life channel on youtube seemed to have gone, live a bit too early to stay up to date with latest top stories. Make sure to subscribe to this youtube channel by clicking the button above this video, the only problem was that the video was in mandarin, while the original video was quickly pulled down it wasnt before it was copied and re uploaded to youtube these copies have since banished. Fortunately, a clip still exists on twitter. Now the mavic 3 sounds like its going to be expensive, starting at around two point: five: zero, zero dollars for the base model going up to over five thousand dollars for the higher end sign model that features one tb of built in storage and support for apple Pros 422 hq format, so what we are looking at here is a drone that is aimed at high end videography jasper, ellens of dronexel has been busy with the leaks and based on what we see in this video ellens latest batch of leaks are spot on dji Mavic 3 rumored tech, specs weight, 900 grams max flight time. No wind 46 minutes max hover time. No wind 40 minutes max altitude, 6000 meters max flight distance, 30, kilometers storage, 8gb, regular 1tb sign primary camera.

Hasselblad 20 megapixel camera featuring four thirds inch cmos sensor. Tel camera 12 megapixel camera featuring a half inch cmos sensor, sensors on mid directional. This drone will replace the current flagship. The mavic 2 pro released back in 2018.. Since then, the drone market is expended with dji releases, the mavic mini and mini 2, the mavic air 2 and the air 2s.