You need information, so thats. What im going to do with this very first video, no flashy lights or heart pounding music to get your dopamine flowing ive had this drone up in the air over 30 times so far and over the next few weeks, im gon na tell you as much as I can based on several tests, so you can make an informed decision. I dont make one video on a drone, especially a drone like this. That will cost you about the same as going to starbucks every day for two years i test the abilities and limits. So you can see what youre getting into before you buy so lets get into it and check out the brand new, highly anticipated dji mavic, 3.. Music. Hey welcome back everyone and im guessing many of you are new here. So allow me to introduce myself. My name is russ, and this is 51 drones. This channel was started with this drone right here, the mavic pro, and it was the drone that started a revolution, the greatest selling drone of all time. Five years later, we have the latest iteration of the mavic line. The mavic 3., the first thing that i want to tell you right off the bat that, as far as the design of this drone, it is truly remarkable. It is for lack of a better term. The sexiest drone that i have ever seen strong lines, stylish angles. Sleek prop arms, and this gorgeous hasselblad camera make this drone the equivalent of an aerial corvette.

If you ask me its almost as nice as this one, but not quite the propellers, are much larger than previous mavics and they have these kind of these soft rubber tips. On the end, which i believe are there to help reduce the noise level and the pitch of this drone – and i love that theyre orange its like they made it just for me – it actually weighs less than the mavic 2 pro at 900 grams. Even with this beefy 5000 milliamp hour battery, this innovative design allows the mavic 3 to reduce its wind, drag by 35 over the mavic 2 and thats. How we get the very impressive flight time now. There are three packages or three versions available of this flagship: drone theres, the mavic 3, just the mavic 3 and the controller and things like that. And then you have the mavic 3 fly more combo, which is what i have right here. And then you have the mavic 3 cine, which is the same drone, but with the ability to capture pro res video, and it has an incredibly large one. Terabyte of on board storage – and it comes with djis, newest, smart controller. Now i will tell you right now that the majority of you watching this right now do not need the mavic 3 cine. It is a professional level videographers drone and it costs much more than this fully capable mavic 3. That im holding in my hand now, if you create films for a living, then by all means get the cine but dont.

Listen to me on that. Just ask a professional filmmaker how good it is. What did you say? Return home, oh, come on come on come on come on. I got ta meet you for a video. Oh there we go hey, russ, hope everything is good and uh didnt see you there, peter here from sweden and uh, just testing out the mavic cine. I do not recommend you, try it out inside, but i just had to give it a go. Ive been actually using this drone now for around one and a half months, and this is a beast. The ability to shoot in pro res gives you incredibly big files, but its also allowing you to bring a lot more out when you jump into post and having a one terabyte built in ssd means that you never have to think about memory cards. Huh back to you, russ thanks a lot peter. By the way did you know that peter is from sweden and guess where hasselblad is from its from sweden, so they make really good stuff in sweden. Now, if you want to see his complete review ill link it right up here and also down in the video description now concerning all of the specifications of this drone, most of you have seen them already from all of the leaks, so im not going to run Through each and every one of them i will talk about the most important ones, but im not here to tell you specs im here to do some testing to help you make an informed decision.

So right now lets take a look at some video footage: comparisons. Music. All right so lets talk about this camera. First of all, we have that 20 megapixel, four thirds sensor from hasselblad with an adjustable aperture and it records up to 5.1 k, videos at 50 frames per second and then 4k at 120 frames per second. So those stats are really cool, but whats really great is that it records at a bit rate of up to 200 megabits per second, and it gives us 12.8 stops of dynamic range thats. A ton of information making low light videos look amazing and it makes the footage actually much easier to edit. You have so much more flexibility to make your final project looks so great, and then we have the telelance, which is a half inch 20 megapixel sensor with a fixed aperture of f 4.4 records, 4k 30 frames per second video and it zooms up to 28 times. Two lenses on one drone. I cannot express enough how fun that is. With the mavic 2 series, like the mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom, we had to choose between getting that zoom lens or getting the better image quality. Now we dont have to choose because we get them both next. The mavic 3 advertises 46 minutes of flight time and 40 minutes of hover time now we all know that number is tested in ideal conditions and youre never going to see them during real life use.

So what is the real number? Well normally to get a real number. I run 10 tests like hover tests and flight tests, and then i average them to get a number, but so far ive done three hover tests. On the same day with very little wind and the first two were done with obstacle. Avoidance enabled – and i got 34 minutes going from 100 down to 8 percent and the third one i did that day. I had the obstacle avoidance turned off and i got 36 minutes from 100 to 8. So i got two more minutes with the obstacle. Avoidance turned off and then on a different day about a week later, i flew around randomly in a 20 mile per hour wind about like it is today its pretty windy today, youll see that im standing next to buildings throughout this video, so im trying to avoid The wind as much as possible, but it was about 20 to 25 miles per hour that day and i flew at 150 feet right around 150 feet. I flew all over the place back and forth sideways. I hovered and i got 30 minutes of flight time, and that was, i think, from 96 percent down to 8. Now these numbers are pretty consistent with all of the previous mavic drones. You can expect right around that 75 percent of advertised flight time, but it really really does vary with conditions, especially with the wind. Now the mavic 3 has a pass 5.

0, which comes with some pretty lofty claims of being able to navigate complex environments. The omnidirectional thats hard to say the omnidirectional obstacle sensing on the mavic 3 allows users to fly worry free in places that you normally wouldnt try to fly a drone. These multiple vision, sensors, supposedly work with this new visual computing engine and then dji developed a new algorithm to detect obstacles in all directions. Now i havent truly tested this like hard before today, so lets take it over here and see if its actually as good as advertised okay boy, i got ta get in shape. Hiking around this place, im at a youth camp and its huge and im walking all over the place, but anyway lets see the uh lets see how good this a pass works and uh lets go here. Take off all right all right. I got the screen recorder on im going to walk along with it, and so the audio youre going to hear is coming from my screen recorder now, so i apologize its not gon na sound, very good, all right lets. Let it get out ahead of me here. A little bit and first well just give it a simple challenge. Well fly right at that tree. Look at that goes up and around were just going to keep pushing forward, see what happens im not touching the left. Stick im pushing straight ahead on the right. Stick goes around the pine tree, wow very cool.

All right lets. Um lets turn this way and lets go right into that tree right. There lets see how it does straight ahead into the tree god i hate doing this okay going around good good up. Oh yes, oh good, thats, so scary, okay, whats it gon na do with these branches. What are you gon na? Do? Okay, going to the right going up? Oh man come on, oh yes up and over wow. Okay, you guys. I am thoroughly impressed. Lets turn this around. Let me get over here and get around, so i can see where its at you got to keep your drone within visual line of sight right all right. So there we go im gon na go down again im just gon na fly right into those trees. Im gon na go ahead and hit the record button, so you guys can get some 5k footage here there we go all right its going to cut through there. Oh okay, now its going to go up and around okay thats good nice, very, very nice, okay, im gon na wave at you here here we are lets, bring it down here. All right lets walk straight ahead or fly straight ahead. Im just going to walk right behind it, just going to hold try to go down this trail here there we go Music, okay, im pushing straight ahead and its not moving right now so im going to back up and now im going to go straight ahead.

All right, not bad, got hung up just a little bit there. Okay and lets turn this way lets head back over to the camera. All right lets fly straight ahead here. Lets do one more shot at these trees right here. Okay, okay goes up and above very nice wow lets head over to these pine trees and check those out lets see what happens. Lets go right in to the pine trees, see where it goes. Oh, my gosh, okay, its deciding its deciding it cant get around it. What are you gon na do and im pushing full ahead on the right? Stick its not going anywhere, so we have to reset a little bit now. This might be a little bit too challenging theres, just really nowhere for it to go so. Um here lets get up to the higher elevations and lets fly right at the trees again wow very nice. Oh my gosh, you guys that is impressive. Okay uh that thats really really good, really good. All right lets bring it down and lets talk about this after 30 flights over 30 flights. With this drone since ive had it, nothing has impressed me more than the obstacle avoidance and the a pass system. It is im not going to say the s word, but you know what im talking about its as good as i i wouldnt say its better than but its right on par with that technology and uh its just so good.

Im gon na test that further im gon na do when i do the active tracking video im going to include some of the apas 5.0 because they kind of go along together, but very, very good, well done dji! So lets talk about o3 plus or basically occusync. They dont call it ocusync anymore, but its the next version of ocusync and its claimed to get up to 15 kilometers of transmission range or nine miles, which is insane now that doesnt mean that you should fly a drone nine miles away. What it means is, if you have unobstructed view between the controller and the drone, that signal should be able to go that far, but if youre flying around obstacles, i wanted to double check this this morning. This is actually a launch day, but i wanted to make sure that thats true when you have obstacles it doesnt matter, if its occusync 1 or occusync 10 youre still going to get transmission interruptions. If you have trees and buildings, and things like that and its true, i live in a valley theres a lot of trees around here. My signal strength was the same as the air 2s and the mavic 2 pro, so theres no difference when youre flying around obstacles. At least i didnt notice any difference but out in the open. Yes, youre not going to see a range test on this channel, but i flew a little bit to see how far it would go over the water that day and it got farther than anyone needs to fly.

A drone ill. Just tell you that youre just going to have to trust me on it but um, but if youre flying around trees or buildings, i really havent noticed a difference. Now. Im gon na do more testing one of the tests that im gon na do here. In a little bit, i dont have time to do it for todays video, but im gon na fly with my iphone and then im going to fly with the triple tech im going to see if theres any difference in the transmission strength. So is it going to be any different, well find out so watch for that video now? Another thing that i want to. Let you guys know that when we got these when we got this drone, when all the people that got it early to test it out, theres a lot of things that we werent able to test the 4k 120, the auto exposure bracketing the master shots. The active tracking those things arent ready yet were waiting for a firmware update, so hopefully they come real soon and when they do come im going to test out. All of that so be sure to subscribe. So you dont miss all of those assessments now another feature that i was very interested in testing when i saw it is that the mavic 3 has improved positioning precision, meaning that it can hold this position better than previous models now. This is very important for things like time, lapse, videos and long exposure, photos, and things like that.

So i want to check that out right now with a very simple test, i brought my air 2s. I brought my mavic 2 pro and then the mavic 3, and what im going to do is im just going to launch from this circle i made in the gravel. I forgot my landing pad – thankfully thats all i forgot so far today, but im just going to launch from that circle. Im going to go straight up in the air and im going to let it hover for about five minutes its about 20 mile per hour winds. Today, hopefully, the wind noise isnt, bothering you too much, but i think its a good day to test this out because were going to see how that gps locks on and how well, these three drones stay hovering in that position and then im going to bring it Right back straight down, im going to see where you know it lands if it lands back in the circle or if its way off or whatever so were going to compare the air 2s, the mavic 2 pro on the mavic 3 and were going to start with The mavic 2 pro right now all right. This got a little bit too long, so im going to go ahead and do a voiceover for it. So here is the mavic 2 pro i pushed the stick straight up to 200 feet. I let it sit there for five minutes, put push the stick straight down and it came landed about eight feet away, so that one did not perform very well.

Here. Is the air 2s same thing lifted it up and pushed straight back down after five minutes and it landed about two feet away? You can see, i forgot my landing pad, so i had to make a little circle and then next here is the mavic. 3 same thing straight up its about 20 mile per hour. Winds pushed the stick straight down after five minutes, and it landed almost right where the air 2s did so about two feet away from where i took off from so overall. I think it did quite well now. Is this a scientific test by any means? No, not at all, not even close, but i just wanted to see boy. The mavic 2 pro got way off, uh and and again this is not scientific, so it could be due to many variables, but i just wanted to see how well it held position in a 20 mile per hour wind, and it did quite well, but the air 2S did just as well. Okay, some of you are probably wondering about active track 5.0, and how good is it well im actually going to be doing a separate video on that its a dedicated video just for active track and then im going to add the obstacle avoidance on there, as well As i just mentioned, so if you want to see that youre going to have to subscribe, so you dont miss it, but there are just too many things to show in one single video – and i dont want this to get too long.

So i do hope that youll join me to follow the journey of seeing everything that this drone can do. Im still gushing over the obstacle avoidance, its so good, hey one thing you might want to consider, because this is probably the most expensive drone that you will ever buy in your lifetime and thats the dji care refresh plan and what that is its basically an insurance Plan for your drone and it covers pretty much anything accidents, collision loss, water, fly, aways and theres, two options: you can get the regular care refresh plan and that covers two losses in one years time or you can step it up to the dji care refresh plus Plan and that covers three losses in two years and the biggest benefit of the plan now is, if you dont use it during your term, you get an extended year of manufacturers, warranty so thats totally worth it. So if you want to learn more details about the plan, ill put a link in the video description, you can learn about the pricing and the restrictions and the regions that are covered now. Theres. One thing that needs to be talked about that most of you havent seen any leaks on yet other than pictures, and that is this bag. This bag that comes with the mavic 3, is extremely well built and its thought out and im kind of mad about it and ill. Tell you why in just a second but whatever design team that came up with this needs a raise, because it is wonderfully done, its extra heavy duty, its almost military type, canvas with beefy components and its its actually so good.

That im gon na give it its very own review, video, so nice job on this dji and the reason im upset about it is because its really good its going to prevent me from making videos on storage solutions for your mavic 3., like i usually like the New card side cases gpc, makes great cases theres all kinds of great aftermarket cases out there, but this is the first time that im excited about the bag. Ive never used the bag. Thats come with a fly more kit when ive bought in a drone and before this one, its really really good so watch for that video. Now there are two things that i really am not a fan of on this drone. First of all, they went away with that traditional gimbal clamp and they decided on this harness or bra apparatus. It really brings to mind a certain movie that im certain most of you are familiar with. Now i get the concept and its actually not that hard to put on once you get used to it, but the bad part is that sometimes the propellers dont stay tucked in like they should and when they slip out they flop around a lot. I wish they would have made this little bump right here, just a little bit bigger to hold those propellers in. Secondly, the micro sd card placement on the back with the usb c port is the card slot and to get it out, you need to have at least somewhat of a fingernail, and the worst part is that the card goes in upside down, which means you are Unable to snag that little ridge to be able to pull it out, which means you need to pinch it to remove it, and that means that you need two longer fingernails now and i hate even the slightest amount of fingernail on my fingers.

So thats going to be an adjustment for me. I just wish they would have put the card the other way around. Then at least you could grab that little ridge, oh well! I guess you cant have everything right. So is the dji mavic 3 worth all of the years of anticipation? Should you upgrade from whatever drone? You have right now. Well, thats, only a question that you can answer for yourself. My mission with these next few videos is to help you decide by demonstrating as much as i can. Is it an amazing drone? Yes, it really is its fast. It flies longer than most people needed to its stable. The footage is incredible. The safety features are next level, so yeah its a pretty great drone subscribe. If you want to take a really deep dive into this drone ill be making tutorials and comparisons on it until you guys get sick of it. If you do decide that you want to buy it today, you just cant wait. There is a link down in the video description where you can do that hit the thumbs up.