I guess this was everywhere. Apparently theres been tons of leaks with the new dji mavic pro 3. Coming out, i know many times, people would say: oh these kinds of leaks are controlled. I actually wouldnt doubt it with all that news about the autel stuff and now all of a sudden, this yeah, but basically theres a lot of details, although with that said, maybe it wont be called the pro anymore. Just from some of the leaks you can see, it seems like theres going to be three versions based on this manual leak: anyways. It has the dji mavic 3, the dji mavic 3 fly more combo and the dji 3 cine premium combo. So it seems like the main difference there would be. The cine premium. Combo comes with a smart controller thats what it would seem like anyways. Now with the two pro there was actually a big deal about the fact that it had a one inch sensor. So it would be really good for things like nighttime and all that, apparently, with this one, it has a four thirds sensor, thats, pretty huge, actually thats, closer to what a lot of cameras actually use. So if thats, true anyways and the performance is there, it could be a big game changer and apparently there is one with a telephoto lens as well, where it will have best of both worlds. I guess you could say – and you can see for the specs for the camera says sensor for the telephoto camera cmos one: two effective pixels, 12 million wide angle, camera cmo, s43, effective pixels, 20 million and for the telephoto cameras.

This field of view is 1535 mm format, equivalent 160 mm aperture, f, 4.4 and the wide angle one says field of view: 84 35 mm format, equivalent 24 mm, aperture, f, 2.8 and f 11., so itll be kind of interesting to see this type of setup. I guess: will this give people a lot of flexibility? I guess in terms of capturing things that are wide just overall landscape and as well close up as well, apparently in the manual too, it shows that it uses the dji fly app. It makes me wonder why the fly app, not the dji go one. The assumption would be. This drone will cost about sixteen hundred dollars just for the basic model and then all the plus and stuff will be a lot more expensive. Apparently, the cinnabundle too should have an ssd built in, i guess, drive within the actual drone. I guess thats always useful. Just in case you forget, like the memory card and all that and the release date itself. According to these anyways, it seems like itll, be about november 15th, so thats still a while off, but at the same time again, i wouldnt be surprised if this was a planned leak, just with all the announcements from other companies, its been almost three years too. In terms of the two pros and stuff coming out, so would you upgrade with this model when it comes out for about lets just assume dollars? It shoots 5.

2 k, video about a 20 megapixel and 12 megapixel sensor. Would you actually get this one? I guess if you were waiting for a drone or for some people, i know theyre still waiting for even bigger ones. For example, like the phantoms i dont know, if they pretty much buried that and just going with the more portable stuff, i wouldnt be surprised if the next drone after this would be like another mini. I know in terms of the larger drones you can actually start pre ordering things like the sony air peak drone, but thats really expensive its gon na be like over ten thousand dollars, or something like that. So would this be an option for you if youre looking for a new drone or potentially an upgrade one? Although one factor i didnt really get out of reading all these manuals, because in some places and like the us theyre going to have more strict guidelines in terms of drones requiring something like a remote id, and i didnt really read anything like that in any of These manuals, so it makes you wonder if thatll be a completely separate, i guess tech so to speak kind of like theres, all those other patents that we saw where maybe they have something else that you add on to it afterwards. So that way they can use it for all of their drones in general, but that will be a factor too on whether or not people, i guess, will jump at buying a new drone because its quite an investment, if youre going to spend that much money.

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