Ever since i did the unboxing, but as luck would have it, it seems like every time a new drone shows up. We get a solid week of rain where i cant get outside and put it up in the air, and the same thing happened here: weve had four days of nothing but downpours so todays, really the first day that weve had a decent break in the weather. Now it is overcast, so the video is not going to be that great, but i promise you ive got two full batteries in the car. Ive got a full battery in the drone. Ive got a portable battery bank with me, so im going to fly this thing like crazy in some of my favorite locations here in new jersey, ive got farms near me: theres bay, theres, the ocean im out here in the pine barrens at a secret location to Test it so ill put a little montage together of all the different flights that ive done. So you can see exactly what the quality looks like of the product and im really interested to see how it handles as well, because whenever i put a drone up for the first time, i always like to get a feel for how it responds to the joysticks. How quickly itll stop how quickly itll accelerate, because every drone has a different personality and im sure this one has its own personality as well. So anyway, enough of me rambling on, let me put it up in the air and get some footage.

So here we go all right. The first thing, youll notice, when you actually pull the joysticks down is it gives you a check, propeller installation warning so just to make sure youve got the props on the right arms and i definitely do so ill say check. Complete were good to go now down into the middle props spin up every time i put a new drone up. I get this thrill its sort of like im at the top of a roller coaster and i know were going down right its that butterflies in your stomach all right. So let me start the recording and im on the hasselblad four thirds sensor all right. So now its up in the air i got ta, say thats, quiet ill, get a little closer, thats quiet now its not like its not less loud. It is less loud, but its less annoying as well its more of a hum than it is a whistle like we used to get in some of the other drones. All right so lets see how it handles i like to put it up, put it down very responsive, so ill elevate and descend. Let me go left and right, nice and smooth, really nice and smooth all right now forward and back im going slow, because i want to get a feel for it. Man is it nice, let me fishball a little bit wow. That is quick. That is really quick. All right, i think, were ready to go, so let me send it down field here, im gon na get in the way of the drone.

Let me line it up. Okay, perfect! All right here we go, take it down, get a little drama going on here. Let me get it down close to the ground, all right and away. We go watch the tree watch the tree: okay, good, good, everybodys, good, oh man! This video is unbelievable. Now remember were getting 1080p streaming, video fpv back to this ipad and its way clearer than the last version. Last version was 720p. This is 1080p and it just looks amazing, its so crisp, all right, so im just going to go down the field a little bit further. I dont want to go too far because i got a lot of trees around me and as ive mentioned in other clips. Trees are not your friend when youre flying, because they have a lot of water content and theyre going to block that signal like crazy. So let me fly it back and just land it see if i can put it on the map. That would be kind of cool to see how i do with that, but man. This is unbelievable. That hasselblad camera is phenomenal, its phenomenal. Now i have to take a look at this im. Recording 40 im. Sorry 4k at 60 frames a second, so its pretty decent recording. I didnt go to five one yet ill. Do that on another one of the videos, but for now i just wanted to do a test flight all right. So here we come back, got my eye on it.

Coming in really hot. Let me bring her down. Jeez rick dont run into anything all right right. Over top of me, come on down buddy Music. All right, let me spin it around. That is one of my favorite things to do is to try and land it on the mat and its a big drone and its a small mat. So lets see what happens, but its way stable, very, very stable, all right im, looking pretty good there. I feel pretty darn good about that lets, bring it down a little bit see what im doing. Oh man, i dont know i think hes right on the money there lets go. Put her down come on down right on the h right on the h boom. Okay, so anyway i turned into a nine year old. Every time i put a drone up for the first time, so the flight was smooth. The video looked phenomenal on the fpv. I cant wait to see what it looks like on the sd card. Now, as i said, i promise you im going to spend a lot of time flying all over new jersey, with this thing ill put a nice little montage together. To give you a few examples of what it looks like over a field when its sunny over the bay over the ocean ill fly it out here in the pine barrens an awful lot. Ive got a bunch of farms too. That i want to fly near me that i think have some beautiful greenery this time of year.

Theyve cut the fields back and they just look phenomenal, but anyway, im rambling on. So if you stay tuned next, thatll be the montage that i put together and then ive got other clips coming. So if you want to stay tuned to the channel for those, because ive got a lot of stuff coming on accessories and how the application works and comparisons between the mavic, 3 and other drones on the market, to try to give you all the information you need To understand if this is the drone for you, because one of the reasons we started the channel was to help other flyers better understand the technology, so you could make informed decisions and thats really what this is all about, so im lucky that i got it early. I love testing these new products. So if you have questions you want me to answer about this drone or any drone really drop me a comment below and say to me: hey rick. Why dont you test this part of it and ill put a clip together and test it for you, but anyway thats it for today so enjoy the montage and until next time, happy flying Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music! Do Music, Music, Music! I hope you enjoyed those video samples and i did try to give you a good variety of different locations and different flying conditions. So you can judge for yourself just how well the mavic 3 was able to handle all those different scenarios, because remember youre not always going to be flying on the perfect day with beautiful sunshine, streaming down and white puffy clouds floating above your head, theyre going to Be a lot of days like today, where its pretty overcast and itll be winter days, youre going to want to fly as well and youre still going to want to put your drone up in the air and capture.

Some amazing footage, so its important to understand. If your drone can handle all those different lighting scenarios and the reason the mavic 3 does so well in all those situations is because of this gigantic camera. On the front, with a 4 3 sensor inside, which means youve got a bigger sensor, you can capture more information, which gives you a lot more options later on when youre adjusting your footage in your editing software. The other thing i did want to mention is that zoom on the top of it is absolutely amazing. I cant get past the fact that i can be so far away from an object and pull in so tight on it with great focus so that 2080x hybrid zoom to me is just amazing, because when im flying in scenarios like this, where theres wildlife, i dont Want to get too close and scare the deer away or scare something else away. I want to stay up at 300 feet and pull in nice and tight on that deer or that snowy white egret or that mallard duck or whatever it is im looking at, and that zoom allows me to do that. Its absolutely amazing so dji again in their brilliance, put two cameras in here. That lets me flip between the four third sensor and the zoom and and i love having both in the camera. The last thing ill mention is the stability of the quad. Now i flew into a bunch of different scenarios over the lake there was a pretty stiff wind coming my way you could see ripples on the lake.

I was a little worried about putting it up over the lake, especially down low, like that, but it handled it perfectly, whereas other drones i fly, i would have been a little bit sketchy putting it up in those conditions, but this one handled it well, it didnt Get any high wind warnings, it didnt wobble, all over the place, it flew straight, it flew stable, came back just nice. Everything was good with it. So, im very comfortable with this drone in a lot of scenarios that i wouldnt fly a smaller drone or other brands of drones, because ive had situations where the wind kicks up and the drone is a hard time. It becomes a struggle trying to find its place in the air and find its way back with this one. It handled it perfectly, and i think what djis got here is. I said it before its sort of a blend between their commercial drones. Maybe their inspire series that level and their consumer drones. It fits perfectly in that goldilocks zone between the two, where ive got amazing footage because of the camera. Ive got perfect flying control over the drone and stability in the air and and the 45 minutes of flight time is an absolute bonus because i kept thinking to myself. Why am i bringing it back swapping out the battery, because im conditioned to think about a 20 minute battery flight, this one it was up in the air, and i had to keep looking at the battery indicator to see.

No, i still got 40 left. No, i still got 30 left it. Just doesnt seem right that it stays up in the air that long anyway, im having a ball test on this, and i promise you ive got a lot more clips coming im testing. This ive got a lot of other high tech gear that were going to be talking about over the next couple of weeks. So if you havent subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone valley, family wed love to have you part of the family, because youre not going to want to miss some of the stuff were coming up with. We have the 12 days of drone valley christmas coming up as well with a lot of giveaways. Everybody gets real excited about that and in general i just love technology like this, and i love talking about it. So if youre, a nerd like me, make sure you stop back subscribe to the channel, so you dont miss anything and well be here with cool stuff like this and talking about all kinds of technology to keep things exciting anyway, thats it for today.