In fact, its in the title lets go so yeah weve got the brand new dji. Drone no surprises, you know what it is. You just dont know what it looks like right now. I dont know as well. Yeah you dont know so that this can be a real surprise reaction or maybe not too surprised, but its in this bag. Theyve provided this bag. So youll probably get this. When you get a fly more combo or something isnt, it yeah. I think one of those packages where you get everything thats the filters ill show you the boring stuff. First thats the filters. It comes a little case. The case is nice thats useful h for hasselblad thats, not really cool, no protective case to stop you from dropping and scratching them. Nd8 scratched, nd8 thats, two lenses yeah. These are extra propellers, just in case we fly into a tree or something at high speed. No thats, not the new mavic 3 leicester, 2 suspenseful music. Now, oh this controller. Oh the battery, the big battery, oh thats, the battery yeah wow, its big isnt it compared to the mag 2 battery. There we are boom, its got some kind of its like bondage suit it doesnt look too different. Does it whats the difference very similar, looking thats a two on top and thats the three? But the eyes are bit different: oh yeah, its got more obstacle detection there. You go its got got on the top mavic 2, even going on top mavic 2 go uh ir sensor on top, but now you have a nice that so its optical rather thats a urinal sensor, im not sure its one of those, but anyway lets waste.

No more time and prepare for the flight, one thing is its got different, sound brand, new, sound, listen to this. I think its better its not too alarming, because not everybody within a 50 meter radius needs to know youve just switched on your drone. Very asian airport kind of thing screw you screw you too. Where do you all the aerial bits are? Oh, that doesnt help control. You wont be able to see anything without that? Oh no! No! You already see anything with a cracked screen whats wrong with you. No no go on twitter. I dont want to tweet its not the time or place to tweet. You know just in case actually its a bit sandy isnt it stuff it lets. Do it should be fine aircraft taking off moving surface. No, i was holding it man. So yeah thats the same control as the uh air 2s air, no air, 2 theyre all the same. Oh they sound, quieter, dont. They totally different yeah before hes funny like a robot mosquito, the old one were taking off. The edges of the props are actually made of a softer material, making a bit safer for the trees that you crash into, but, as you can hear its quieter too thats really quiet – i mean its good to have you know quite a props. You dont want to scare things off right. It sounds less annoying as well. It does. Fang is just a bit lazy, yeah yeah its not as high pitch yeah.

This is on 4k 60 in a minute shes trying to zoom, hey zoom in just pinch. Yes indeedy. It can zoom too no, oh! No. What am i doing? We dont want that there we are four times seven times and then oh okay, okay, i guess some of that is, is digital right, its like those hollywood films, its like those hollywood films where the satellite zoom in on somebody boom. Oh, you can see all my paw patrol and spider man stickers, obviously for sheer image quality its much better when youre not zooming in all the way, although it looks good enough up to some time, zoom its just that for the best quality you cant beat the Main camera so yeah, a big part of that is the bigger four thirds sensor that its packing. The extra resolution larger sensor provides some eye pleasingly nice sharp video. The view feels quite a bit wider too so zoom you can only go up to 4k. Well, one thing this has got also is 5.1 k. There we go 5k 25. Oh, hang on youve got 5k up to 50fps wow thats, pretty cool its just for cropping isnt it and that added extra bit of crispness thats. What it looks like it looks mighty. Fine, as you might expect from that big fat center flying in the sky, see, can you see the text yeah? Can you read that check that out? The 5.1k allows you to punch in a little with your publishing in 4k or quite a bit more for 1080p.

Its not all about resolution and case, though color is just as important theyve still got this collaboration with hasselblad. It does sort of mean that its got a special color profile, hasselblad special magic. I think the colors look great. This is just a regular picture profile, not log and those greens look nice and everything looks natural. I think it was some of the older djis. I didnt quite like the greens, the green colors and especially as youll, be using it mainly for landscaping. Things youre not going to be using it for city: oh yeah, it shouldnt be its a little bit naughty Music, so i mean uh. What does the skin colors look like thats? What it looks like im gon na, come at your face safely. Just from there look. What the skin colors look like i mean: is there a difference between the two lenses thats, the main one i mean the main one should look really nice. This is the zoom lens that looks very similar, actually because i was thinking that maybe, when you change lens there might be an obvious difference. Obviously therell be a difference in quality. Okay, so you cant switch between the two different lenses, while youre recording. If you switch uh, you have to stop recording the battery is so good. It isnt its only on 53 now because it used to the spark and then even the even other, like mavic air. Definitely the battery will be flat already on the mavic air or something, but how is it compared to the mavic 2 thats? Why now battery life is better on the mavic 3, but how do they compare in terms of performance, its certainly easier to take filters off on new ones? This one comes off a bit easier than the mavic 2 snap weve got both the mavic 2 and the three.

So we might as well compare how they look like lets find out. The mavic freeze, main camera, can take video with up to 12.8 stops of dynamic range. The log footage is noticeably flatter with a free. Also. The 24 millimeter makes it hard to put them side by side and get exactly the same framing, but its clear that numeric 3 has this sharp and more detailed image, but on to more important questions, which one is faster in a drag race: okay, ready, yep. Three two one go: oh youre, much faster mines, much faster. It won much better yeah, although it doesnt appear to be a drastic change in shape. Maverick for apparently has 35 less wind drag than mavic 2, which probably helps it accelerate a lot faster. So to change the name for it, i think they called it ocusync before some something its now uh o3 plus or something maybe its different things. This to do is a transmission. It goes further, just better yeah, just better, because we are talking about the live feed here, of course, its not related to the actual video youre shooting yeah, because youre shooting 25 frames per second, but the live feed is actually smoothed out super smooth. Then we dealt your tech, its got obstacle, detection every every direction now and up to 200 meters, which is quite a lot. They always improve. The safety theres got apex 5.0, its trying to go a different direction.

Im just pressing forwards, thats, pretty smart ill, give it that way, yeah thanks to all those sensors theres protection in every direction. Basically, and when you ask it to bypass objects, it does quite an amazing job of it. Okay, im just going to go straight at it. It goes up, so all you do is just forward yeah im just going forwards, thats pretty smart, because before that dji got obstacle avoiding from p4. I think phantom 4 that it will stop at an obstacle, but apex is like it will go past it. It will find its own way thats way. Good. I tell you and just so you know this is what the mavic 2 is like enabled. Okay, now i go forward on the stick, so it go up wow, no, its, not its a danger danger it dont stop. Are you really careful? I cant trust it. So no lending it money or letting it look after your kids, then, oh, my back is it. Does stop? Stop? Okay, okay, i mean thats the funny thing. Isnt it, the the beginner drones, the the entry level ones. They dont have any senses that hardly any senses no senses. You crash it. You crash it yeah this one, its got loads. You cant crash it, which is just as well, because these cost quite a bit of money dont they you dont, want to crash it. But if you going to get this drone, you probably shouldnt no rely on it slowly.

No because sometimes it cant, maybe it cant, detect some kind of like uh electric wire thats, too small for it to detect. But i think its especially good for when its tracking, when its tracking, when youre walking something like that. Yeah that you are not on the controller or when its do, that kind of like quick shot yeah, you told me hello at the time of filming the active track, 5.0 and quick shot bits werent available, but along with the 4k 120 and 1080 200 fps, it Will be available on a day of launch theres a maverick 3 cine that offers 10 bit d log apple pro res 422 hq videos with a max bit rate of 3772 mbps and one terabyte of built in ssd. The downside is going to cost a hell of a lot more. I havent had an opportunity to test one of those, but despite the pre launch firmware not having all of the features to test out. The non cine version is already mightily, impressive, not just with what theyve put into it zoom and a bigger sensor main camera. But for the really top quality video you get from it an increased safety as it turned out, those extra props were not needed. I could quite easily fly through a load of trees and not have to pray that it would come out unscathed. Touching the branch slightly you know, some people taking their dogs out for a walk were taking a drone out for a walk, was fun, walk the drone its a new thing.

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