I dont like dragging these videos for too long, so if youre only interested in a specific subject make sure you use the chapters in the description, so you can skip straight to that section. If you enjoy quick and straight to the point, videos make sure you hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this one lets begin the first and probably most important thing about this. Drone that i want to talk about is the camera quality, and i can say for sure that the mavic 3 provides hands down the best quality that ive seen on any drone that ive personally used. Besides, maybe the inspire 2, but for any foldable drone that ive used the mavic 3 takes the cake. You have a big variety of different frame rates, different resolutions and color profiles to choose from so depending on your needs. You can set the right one and get the shot on the mavic 3. You have the choice between d log and standard color profile. Unfortunately, though, d log is kind of different compared to everything else that ive ever used so far, and that is because you only have two options when it comes to picking your iso, you have a minimum iso of 400 and a maximum iso of 800, meaning that You cannot ever select anything else besides these two values, thats perfectly fine. For me, though, i understand why dji had to make this choice, so they can limit the amount of noise in your footage, and i dont go over iso of 400 for 90 of my shots.

Anyway, so its fine, its really fine, my biggest problem with d log is not the lack of options between the iso values. My biggest problem is the fact that i dont see what im shooting, because when you select d log as your color profile, of course, everything is super super flat previously on other dji drones, dji has incorporated this assistance lut, which kind of shows you how your end Footage is going to look like, but at the same time it records your footage in the d log color profiles, thats, probably one of the biggest things i miss on this drone because for the most part, especially if youre filming in cloudy conditions where you dont really Have a lot of contrast between the objects, its just a pain in the butt to record anything other than that. I think d. Log is definitely the way to go if youre, one of those people like me, who always want to color grade their footage themselves. However, a big big, however, the standard color profile is almost as good when compared to d log, when you grade it its really really good in terms of camera quality in terms of colors, the hasselblad color science is something that dji is very proud to use on Their drones, so of course the mavic 3 makes no exceptions. The colors are just amazing, theyre very vivid, i would say, the footage is a bit too sharp for my taste and unfortunately, we still dont have controls over how sharp the footage will be.

How much saturation will have you dont? Have those specific settings that previously weve had on dji go 4.. So for me, even though i prefer to shoot everything in d log, i just tend to switch every now and then to standard color profile. Just so, i can see a little bit better, what im, filming and also for another big reason, as we all know, dji released this drone without any intelligent flight modes being present on the drone. Recently, though, they came out with a new firmware update which finally introduced active track. 5.0 master shots, point of interest spotlight and some other features which previously were not available on this drone. Unfortunately, though, you cannot use any of these intelligent flight modes while shooting in 5.1 k or while shooting in d log color profile. So you have to switch back to normal color profile and youll have to switch back to 4k 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. If you want to use any of these modes. For me, this is a huge bummer. I dont want to make it a big big thing, but for me this drone had to be one for the pros and, yes, some people would argue that the pros wouldnt use any intelligent flight modes. They would just fly manually all the time, and i agree. However, if you have these modes on the drone and they work so well because they do work very very well, you have to have the option to use them as you wish.

They have to help you in your work and your workflow and not limit you in any way and right now they limit you in a big way. To be honest, when it comes to flying a drone im a simple guy, i prefer to shoot everything in the highest resolution possible, so i can have some framing and cropping capabilities later in post and i prefer to shoot everything in the flattest color profile possible. So i can be the one responsible for how the footage is going to look like right now lets say i want to use spotlight to keep a certain object in the middle of the shot. I cant use d lock i cant use 5k. I cant reframe things later thats, not a big deal for some people. For me, though, its not something that i appreciate, especially after spending so much money for this drone and still, i feel like its limiting how i use it, especially if youre trying to match the d log look and the standard color profile. Look of your footage and you mix them up its kind of messy, so its not ideal if you switch back and forth all the time. So for that i dont really like the current state of the intelligent flight modes and your camera settings in terms of light performance. I can say that im overall happy with the mavic 3.. It flies very well, but i dont feel like it flies for that long.

I think it flies for roughly 35 minutes instead of the promised up to 46 and its kind of big gap between the promised maximum flight time and the real flight time that im getting so roughly 35 minutes with each battery is what im usually getting with the Mavic 3., once you get the drone in the air, its very, very smooth. All the manual flying that ive been doing so far feels very, very smooth and precise. So i cannot say anything about about that. Im really really happy about that. But i have a big issue with how twitchy and wobbly the drone gets when you start landing it, especially if you try to hand catch this drone, it gets really really messy every single time i try to hand catch the drone. It just starts wobbling, left and right. It kind of moves away from me, its trying to escape, from my from my hand, actually getting it and its really really uncomfortable. For me, its really unexpected behavior that i wasnt prepared for previously on any other dji drone. As soon as you try to hand catch it, of course, it detects your hand and it goes up a little bit and then, as you press more on the left, stick it goes down and it eventually just lands in your in the palm of your hand. However, this this time here on the mavic 3, the drone starts going left, starts going right, just wobbles and it feels very, very twitchy very wobbly and kind of like its freaking out.

So my solution for this is to set the drone into sport mode. So it can disable all of its sensors on the bottom, so i can safely hand catch it. Otherwise, if you just want to land it on a flat surface, it doesnt do any of those things that i just mentioned. It just smoothly lands on the ground and its its just fine. If you try to hand catch it, though it will battle with you, it will try to escape and it wont be very happy to do it. So, to sum everything up, the mavic 3 is a good drone, but im not perfectly happy with it as of right now, the drone has a lot of issues that need to be addressed by dji as quickly as possible, not only those intelligent flight modes, but those Customization options that we are used to having on previous pro drones from dji like the mavic 2 pro, for example, we had so many options right from the get go uh that we dont have here on the mavic 3. And if you remember, i did a video a very while back when the mavic 2 pro was first announced, and it was that the mavic 2 pro was not ready when it was announced and released here. Unfortunately, its the same situation. Dji is just playing games with us, releasing products that are just not ready for the market yet and we are theyre better testers, unfortunately, thats the way it always goes with dji products and with most products.

Nowadays, we are the real, better testers right now: testing out different features, different um things that should have been present on day, one that should have been tested by their testers, their own testers before they release the drone for the price were paying for this product. I think we deserve a little bit more assistance from dji a little bit more transparency, a little bit more help coming from them. I believe thats, something that should be present under drones, should be coming as soon as possible, and i know theyre working 24 7 when it comes to providing the best they can for this drone, but its just not enough at this point. So should you buy a mavic 3, its december 16th uh the day, im filming this video? Should you buy a mavic 3 today, i would say: wait for a couple more months, if youre not really rushing to use the latest and greatest by dji, because right now the drone has its own problems. We are also hearing some rumors about dji, including a smart controller in the fly more package instead of the regular controller that we normal people got in our packages. So it might be a good idea to hold on with your purchase a little bit longer until we know more about that as well. Dont get me wrong im a huge fan of new technology and new drones, and i love testing them out in different scenarios and see what theyre capable of i just feel like this product is still not ready, even though we are kind of given some small portions Of new features every now and then its still, not what i want it to be without being said guys if you have enjoyed this video, do, let me know by clicking on the thumbs up button.

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