So focus track includes active track mode. Spotlight mode and point of interest mode to engage this feature. You simply swipe your finger across the subject that you want to track on your mobile device screen and the drone will place a green box around the subject. And then you wait a few seconds and hit go. This begins the tracking feature. So the first thing that i wanted to test out is to see how fast it could track an object in active track mode. The mavic 3 can track humans, bicycles, boats and vehicles, and i think motorcycles as well, but those five things and thats it. It will not track an suv like a four wheeler or side by side or anything like that. Ive tried it many times and it just does not track it. So what i did is i took the drone out into open space and i used my pickup as the subject now. As far as the tracking goes, it performed very well when it came to staying locked onto me and one thing that i really noticed right away. That i really love is i like the ability, having the option to be able to tap on the screen and then change direction as its in flight, its really really cool the one bad thing about that is, if you have clumsy or really fat fingers, i think It might be a little hard to get the exact position that you want, so im, not sure if that could be made different or not, but its the the icons are very small, so its kind of difficult for maybe some people to be able to tap where They want it to go now once you tap on a direction, an orientation, it does take a few seconds to move into position.

I think the algorithm has to kind of figure out whats going on and there were actually quite a few times when it didnt fully move into the orientation that i wanted it to. So i would hit you know right side, and then it would just continue to follow me on the back side or the front side, and it would just kind of slowly move over there and eventually it would get over there, but sometimes it didnt go all the Way sometimes it stayed at kind of an angle: okay, thats good switch to the right Music. It looks like you, cant, be going faster than 25 miles per hour, or it wont work so right now, im going 26 and i slow down to 23 and then its able to switch over. So it looks like 23 24 miles per hour is about as fast as you can be going for it to change direction. But the biggest issue by far was almost every time that it seemed to have a mind of its own when it came to the distance away from me like when i set the active tracking, i set it to a certain distance in a certain orientation and as Soon, as i hit go, it always wanted to move in closer to me, go left side and then im going to hit, go and watch what happens all right. It comes closer. I dont want it to come closer. Why is it? Why is it coming closer and then, when i tried to use the sticks to move it back into position where i wanted it to it? Didnt respond right away and i finally figured out that if you need to hold the stick for like five seconds and then it slowly moves to where you want it to go.

But then, as soon as i let go of the stick, it moved back in closer to me, so that is definitely something that the next firmware update needs to address, and i hope that comes real soon. So the next thing that i wanted to see is how fast i could go and have the mavic 3 keep up with me so last spring. I did that with the air 2s. I tested the max speed with it and i got up to about 27.5 miles per hour maximum. So i had high hopes that the mavic 3 would be even better than that, because it can go faster than the air 2s not much faster, but it can go faster. However, after several tests against the wind and with the wind from the rear and from the side, the maximum speed that i got with the mavic 3 was about the same as the air 2s a little over 27 miles per hour and even in sport mode. It made no difference thats the maximum speed that it could go when its tracking, so it seems like the resources that are required for tracking just dont, allow it to go any faster. So the next thing that i tested was how the active track did. While i was riding on my varla eagle one scooter and again it tracked me just fine like it kept me locked on all of the time, but the mavic 3 just has a mind of its own when it comes to deciding how close it should be to You i dont want to have just me in the frame.

Sometimes i want to show the area in which im traveling i want to show the environment. You know if youre making a project you want to show the overall atmosphere and the environment and the mavic 3. Just doesnt allow that right now it always comes in closer to you, so there were a few times where i was kind of frustrated with it, and there was even one time when it almost had a seizure when it was trying to decide where to go like It was going all over the place and there were no obstacles around so there. It takes a little time for it to get into position, see how its just kind of trying to decide where to go to theres. No look at that see how its moving around just im, not even touching the sticks. You guys look at it. Okay lets turn this way and now its okay. Now its just going all over the place im, not touching the stick, im not moving and there its holding steady so im not sure what happened there, but it was uh. It was pretty interesting. So the other thing that i wanted to test again was how it performed in a wooded area. Now, if you watch my mavic 3 crash video ill put it right up here, you will see that i did push it just a little bit too hard like. I expected it to do well, but i wanted to see how well it did in really tough situations with all kinds of little tiny branches and its my fault that it crashed.

I totally admit that, but i dont care how good the tracking is claimed to be. Nothing can see those twigs that are the size of a spaghetti noodle like its just not going to happen, but what i did is i took it to my backyard where i like to test active track through some of my trees, and it performed very well. Of course, i was moving very slowly. I was walking slowly and it did hit a couple of twigs, but it recovered, but it made it through the gauntlet – and i was pleasantly surprised by that that spot that i took it through the other day. My air 2s could not get through, so it definitely did better than my air 2s in that situation. So the next thing that i want to mention is the spotlight mode. Spotlight is pretty nice because it keeps your subject in the center of the frame, and then you have the ability to change whatever variables that you want, including the distance, the elevation and so on. So no matter how you move the sticks, no matter how you move. The gimbal its going to keep that subject right in the middle of the screen and thats really cool, because you dont have to worry about keeping your subject in the frame like the camera. Does it all swipe spotlight all right and then you can fly the drone? However, you want and its going to keep you right in the center, so i can pull the sticks back.

I can push them forward, no matter how you move the sticks, its going to keep you in the center of the frame, and this works with a moving subject as well. I want to see if i can do this with one hand, im just gon na hold the stick. I dont think im going to try it. You guys get the idea. I will admit that i dont use spotlight mode at all, but i know that a lot of people appreciate it. The next thing that i want to talk about is the point of interest feature on the mavic 3.. It was a super nice day yesterday, so i took it out and tested it out. Alright, the last thing that i want to show you is the point of interest mode, and actually i think this is the most underutilized active track mode focus track mode that we have on the mavic series. So im gon na go ahead and highlight myself here: im gon na choose point of interest which is poi right there and then im gon na go and what the drone is gon na do is gon na start going in a circle, keeping me in focus so Im the subject now, what most people use the point of interest for is for stationary subjects like a nice building or a sculpture or a mountain, or something like that most people. I dont think understand that the point of interest can be used with a moving subject and its actually really powerful.

Like i dont see it enough, im gon na speed it up a little bit here, so you can increase the speed at which the drone is rotating. Around the subject, and then also you have full control of everything, so im gon na go ahead and lower the altitude right now, as its rotating around me, okay, im gon na pull down on the left. Stick there we go im gon na go back up on the left, stick: okay and you can adjust the gimbal. So im gon na pull the wheel down im going to move the camera up. You can also decrease the distance, pushing the right stick forward or you can increase the distance by pulling the stick backwards. So very, very powerful, uh focus tracking feature that not enough people use lets see. You know one thing: ive never tested lets speed it up. A little bit im going to see how far away i can go and have the drone stay locked on to me as a subject so were just going to gradually increase the distance wow. Oh there, it lost me all right lets, bring it closer. Oh, there picked it back up again, not too bad. Now, im gon na get closer here point of interest. You guys really really cool super easy way to get some cinematic movements so whats. My overall assessment – you guys, i think, active track 5.0 – is better than active track. 4.0 in a few ways like being able to change the orientation mid flight and better obstacle avoidance.

I also think that its not as good yet as it should be for what you pay for this drone, and i think all of you will agree with me. This is an expensive drone and it should be much better than it is right. Now a lot of people are upset because its taking so long of course, they did give us that update a month earlier than we expected it to, but theres still a lot of things that need to be tweaked. I have no doubt that they will eventually be fixed, but for now it gives us something to complain about, and it gives us something to make videos about either way. The mavic 3 is an amazing drone. The biggest issue, as i mentioned, is having the mavic 3 stay at the exact distance, from a subject that you set it to. That is vital, especially in challenging situations and then also having the ability to quickly adjust the distance and the elevation with the control sticks. While its tracking is also very important – and finally, i dont know if its possible, but i would love to see the mavic 3 be able to track at a faster speed. It would be very useful for something like a sports car shoot or traveling at higher speeds down a winding road or something similar to that. I think it would hold a lot of appeal to many fast action enthusiasts. So let me know if you found any value in this video by hitting that thumbs up button, go ahead and watch this video next, because im certain that you will enjoy it.

Thank you for watching today, everyone.